J.C. Chavez, Jr. — Unacceptable

By Marc Livitz on May 7, 2017
J.C. Chavez, Jr. — Unacceptable
It's not the first or last time that a major pay-per-view event stunk to the heavens.

Sometimes, we actually hope we’re wrong and that maybe someone out there can actually change the stripes of the tiger…

The event actually took place, so refunds are simply out of the question. What could be worse than dropping a few thousand dollars on a weekend in Vegas on such necessities as airfare, hotel accommodations and spending cash? To some, the fun involved in placing a sports bet is the enjoyment gained in watching one’s wager materialize over a few hours. It’s not as hit and miss as, say, a game of blackjack or roulette. The receiving end of some poor betting can easily separate a traveler from his or her funds in a New York minute. Anyone can fall prey to questionable decisions, yet there is something to be said as well as thrown at circumstances that were somewhat under the control of the parties involved. Hopefully, very few people thought with the soles of their shoes and placed a bet on Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. before his outright theft of a few million dollars at T-Mobile Arena.

Sometimes, we actually hope we’re wrong and that maybe, just maybe someone out there can actually change the stripes of the tiger. Chavez had employed the services of famed Mexican trainer, Ignacio “Nacho” Beristain for his May 6 bout with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Beristain is the man who guided Juan Manuel Marquez to a savage knockout of Manny Pacquiao in December 2012. That was their fourth meeting, but he also instructed Marquez to coast through the last round or two of their third meeting a year or so earlier. He told him in plain Spanish that he was winning the tightly-judged contest. Marquez lost, but this is as close as we’ll ever come to placing him in the same biosphere as the despicable Julio, Jr. Most fans in general can accept a tough outing for their fighter of choice. Mexican boxing fans cannot accept anything less than a fighter going out on his proverbial shield, however and so simply not trying (case in point, the aforementioned Chavez) is grounds for scapegoating, except this is all on him.

Notwithstanding the fact that the fans who remained in their seats after Julio mailed it in against Canelo Alvarez were treated to the announcement for a possible epic fight set to take place on September 16, the joy associated with the news won’t replace the money wasted on tickets. It’s not the first time that a major pay-per-view event stunk to the heavens, yet this one was different. Why? Because it was marketed as “The Battle for Mexico” and so many people bought into it, hook, line and stinker. As previously stated, the nation of Mexico loves its boxing as well as its boxers, provided they give their all. Julio gave little to no effort at any point on Saturday night and just as planned, the red corner swept the evening. Regardless, there can be no excuses and this time, it’s not fun to be right. His English has progressed to the point where he can hold a conversation, so maybe he can implore cable providers to air a public apology just short of groveling to the paying customer. At the very least and this is no consolation, the fight fans in Las Vegas can still party into the wee hours. Of course, anyone with the guts to get into the ring deserves respect, yet Chavez showed very little, neither to the sport nor the sporting public. We as fans cannot accept not trying. If Julio simply couldn’t see the punches that Canelo threw at him, then well, that’s nonsense. He dropped his hands consistently enough to see his opponent, just before he took another glove to the face. 

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  1. Allen 04:26am, 05/08/2017

    Really, did anyone take this fight, or whatever it was, seriously. Any boxing fan had to know it was a complete mismatch as in NO CONTEST. Anyone who believed the hype is not too smart. And I hope Canelo fights GGG but why do I think it will end up getting postponed until GGG is using a walker to make it to the ring.

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