Khan Outclasses Lackluster Alexander

By Robert Ecksel on December 13, 2014
Khan Outclasses Lackluster Alexander
“I believe that I've earned a shot at the best fighter in the world.” (Esther Lin/Showtime)

If Saturday’s fight was an audition for a showdown with Floyd Mayweather, Amir Khan passed with flying colors…

Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, former WBA/IBF light welterweight champion Amir Khan (30-3, 19 KOs), from Bolton, England, totally outclassed former WBC/IBF welterweight champion Devon Alexander (26-3, 14 KOs), from St. Louis, Missouri, by scores of 119-109, 118-110, and 120-108. Khan successfully defended his WBC Silver welterweight title, but more important, he affirmed his eligibility to fight Floyd Mayweather, assuming Money doesn’t meet Manny on May 2nd.

Fighting out of the blue corner in white trunks trimmed in gold, Khan brought his innumerable skills to bear in this fight. His speed and ranginess, as well as his moxie, were more than his opponent knew what to do with.

Alexander, a southpaw fighting out of the red corner in red and white trunks, was supposed to provide a more credible challenge. But the skill level between the two men was of such enormity that the Missourian was lucky to survive.

The ballsy Bolton Bomber is not a perfect fighter. A questionable chin and tendency to lunge has led to disaster in the past. But those deficiencies, which Khan says his new trainer, Virgil Hunter, has corrected, were nowhere to be seen or tested at the MGM.

Instead, Khan relied on his superior speed, masterful footwork, lightning fast hands, and his cartographer’s sense of ring geography to befuddle a game but inadequate opponent.

Alexander has fought good fighters in the past, but none were as good a fighter, as complete a fighter, as Khan was on this night.

Authoritatively taking control of the bout at the opening bell, Khan never let his attention wander. He dictated the pace, controlled the action, and kept Alexander from mounting a significant challenge. With the possible exception of the eighth round, where Alexander landed two hard rights, Khan sailed though the fight, and looked like a pro schooling an amateur in the process.

If the fight was an audition for a showdown with Mayweather, Khan passed with flying colors. Whether he can beat Mayweather, whether anyone can beat Mayweather, is another matter.

After the fight, Khan appraised his performance.

“I think it was one of my best performances,” he said. “We worked very hard for this fight, so I knew I had to make a statement in the 147 division. I think it was one of my best performances because I was up against a very skillful fighter, so I knew not to make any mistakes. But I want to thank Devon’s team for giving me a great fight. Devon come to fight. Still, he gave me a great fight. I told you from day one I’m the best boxer and the quickest hands in the world. With Virgil Hunter, he’s teaching me when to attack, what position I should be in before I throw an attack and to be in my stance. Every time I’ve been hurt in my previous fights I was off balance. I’m getting better as I’m getting older. I just turned 28. I’m getting wiser. I’m getting better as a fighter. So I was moving my feet more. I was boxing—because I know I have great boxing skills. I have to be smart in there, not get carried away. It’s in my blood to fight. When I got hit I wanted to fight again. But then I recomposed myself and reset myself and started to box again. Look, I have the best jab in the business I believe. With a quick jab and quick hands with the speed, it causes a lot of problems to guys. I really believe that I’ve earned a shot at the best fighter in the world, which is Floyd Mayweather. I really believe Khan v. Mayweather will be huge. The UK fans will come to watch and come to support. I really believe Floyd will have big problems with speed, movement, accuracy. Let’s see what happens.”

Yes, let’s see what happens.

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  1. Koolz 10:32am, 12/16/2014

    Need to see Garcia fight anyone again.  Does he even have a fight set up for spring in 2015?  I really want to see a rematch with Matthysse or Herrera(spelling)
    I remember that Khan Garcia fight, when Garcia threw his left his eyes were shut and it just happened to hit Khan exactly where you can be knocked off balance.  I know Garcia has a strong left hook though. 
    Khan vs Mayweather
    Pacman vs Mayweather.
    I swear it’s going to be Brook vs Khan in the UK!  Khan will lose his patience and finally agree to fight Brook after being lead around by thinking he will fight Mayweather all year.

  2. raxman 07:04pm, 12/15/2014

    oh koolz - i’ll give you your Bradley point. I haven’t watched this fight from weekend that was a draw vs a second tier opponent (albeit a tough one) but you can’t rate Garcia as a fluke - You can hear the late Manny Steward say in the commentary to the Garcia/Khan fight re Danny Garcia “just like in the amateurs, he never looks that impressive but he just keeps winning” I think Garcia has very good fundamentals - I think he’s crazy father took him the technical side of boxing so although he isn’t the most talented fighter from an athletic pov he wins fights. I’d say he’s a 7out of 10 talent with 2 attributes that are 9 out of 10 that is, obviously his hook, but less recognised, and a large part of why he’s successful, he has very good balance. anyway I think Garcia is also one of those fighters who does his best work as the underdog - as he was in his two best victories - khan and Matthysse.

  3. Koolz 06:52pm, 12/15/2014

    Isn’t Bradley close to Alexander’s skills?  He didn’t do so good in his last outing. 
    I think psychology would play a big role in a Garcia fight.  I think Khan would not take it.  I admit I can’t stand Garcia I see him a fluke.

    I can see Khan taking Brook in UK before any Garcia fight.  If there is no Mayweather then Khan will want Pacman or Brook in UK.
    What is interesting is Khan will only be facing someone depending on Mayweather’s choice of who he fights.

  4. raxman 02:54pm, 12/15/2014

    koolz - I’d like to see - wait for it - its the one we didn’t see at 140 and should have - I wanna see Khan v Bradley. I think that would be a good fight - because Bradley power wise - well as I used to say to my mates that while I’d be banging out rounds on the bag they’d be doing body building weights - Bradley’s muscles are all show and no go! His power is somewhere between paulie and Floyd. having said that no doubt he’d go into the trenches and try to get inside khan and work rate him out, and given khan’s glass he may just catch him.
    on the other hand khan’s speed would give Bradley all he could muster. I just think it could be one of those classic pressure fighter vs boxer fights.
    if khan beats Bradley and Floyd beats Pac then their fight would be the logical one.
    but I’d still like to see Khan avenge the Peterson and Garcia fights - especially the Garcia fight - Peterson is probably no more relevant now than Prescott was when people were calling out Khan to take that fight. But Garcia still is. And a move to 147 is def on the cards for him.

  5. Koolz 10:38pm, 12/14/2014

    I know Khan and his glass chin.  He did have his left hand up Guarding that chin all night(Curse of the left hooks?)
    I think his combos are 1,2,3 and on three he is putting more into it.
    I still would like to see a Mayweather shot though. 
    Let’s see what happens.

  6. raxman 04:56pm, 12/14/2014

    yeah his hands were fast. a lot faster than they were vs Garcia. in fact I’d say that was the fastest 1-2-3 punching I’ve seen at around that weight since meldrick taylor - however the fact that, (and i rewatched the Garcia fight to be sure) his hands have sped up so much makes me think he’s putting less on the punches, tapping rather than punching through. he hit DA with some flush shots that did next to nothing.
    Koolz, I think you may be overestimating khan’s whiskers there buddy. I’m never one to criticise a fighters chin (i think tommy hearns is much maligned given who the fighters were who ko’d him) but khan has glass. there can be no doubt. land a flush shot and it wobbles him. Floyd has enough on his punches to break glass surely

  7. Koolz 04:23pm, 12/14/2014

    Mayweather does not have the power to KO Khan.
    Khan was damn impressive.  Stuck to plan won just about every round.
    Damn his hands are fast!  Really Fast!  Good movement, Good Defense.  Solid performance!

  8. George Thomas Clark 12:32pm, 12/14/2014

    I hope Mayweather doesn’t use this fight to justify taking on Khan instead of Pacqquiao… Money wouldn’t do that, would he?

  9. galvar 09:22am, 12/14/2014

    Khan is only good until he meets the guy with the punching power to crack that glass under his nose.  One straight from Money puts him down.  One straight from Manny makes him take a nap.

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