Khan vs. Judah Postscript

By Robert Ecksel on July 26, 2011
Khan vs. Judah Postscript
Judah and his promoter Kathy Duva plan on appealing Drakulich’s call (Chris Cozzone)

Almost everyone agrees that Judah—the new Judah, the old Judah, whichever Judah one chooses—didn’t acquit himself in a manner befitting a champion…

Is there anything left to say or write about Saturday’s welterweight unification between Amir Khan and Zab Judah that hasn’t already been said or written? There must be, because the boxing press, present company included, is still going at it. There’s no new news to report. No scoops are lurking in the shadows. There have been no shocking post-fight allegations, nothing that would warrant standing on a soapbox and beating one’s breast.

The cold hard fact is that Judah lost. He took a 10-count while on his hands and knees. And while there’s no proof and will never be any proof, he probably had enough of Khan and used the opportunity to quit.

Almost everyone agrees that Judah—the new Judah, the old Judah, whichever Judah one chooses—didn’t acquit himself in a manner befitting a champion. Judah has his coterie of fans. There are those who still cling to Judah, or to the idea of Judah, because of his nationality, his race, his Brooklyn roots, his whatever, or because he was the sentimental, if not betting, favorite. Some of them may be borderline crazy, but none of them are crazy enough to claim Judah won the fight. He didn’t. He lost, and he lost badly.

But there are issues, yes, there are always issues, and when they don’t exist they can be manufactured. In the case of Judah’s defeat, there’s the burning issue, or perhaps the dying embers of what was a burning issue, about whether or not the shot that dropped him for a 10-count was above or below the belt line, whether it was fair or foul.

The two opposing camps have manned the battle stations and are lobbing salvos back and forth in the hope of bringing the naysayers to their knees, and while things are quieting down, no immediate resolution is in sight. It’s not cut-and-dried like the Dempsey-Tunney long count (which people are still arguing about 80 years after the fact). Knowledgeable people, people who heads aren’t where the sun don’t shine, are convinced that the punch that dropped Zab was illegal and, in deference to opposing views, they may be right or they may be wrong. But the referee Vic Drakulich didn’t think so, and his pre-fight instructions to the two fighters indicate that he was clear about what he’d call a low blow, both before the fight and at its end. But even that is open to debate, which is how we like it.

Boxing loves controversy—or controversy loves boxing—and in lieu of a contest between equally matched contestants that lived up to the hype, post-fight controversy may be the only way we can vent our frustration.

Judah and his promoter Kathy Duva plan on appealing Drakulich’s call. Judah is convinced that the referee done him wrong, that he was part of a cabal conspiring to have Khan emerge the winner. There are cabals, in boxing and everywhere else where money talks, but that bird won’t fly, that dog won’t hunt. Judah also says that his apparent lack of resistance was part of a larger strategy, a game plan where he was going to let the 24-year-old Khan punch himself out before Zab released his big guns, which is patently absurd not just on its face, but below the surface.

Judah says he loves what he does and has no intention of retiring. Good for him. He should do whatever he wants. But Zab is a long way from being the boxing wunderkind who dazzled New Yorkers for so many years. In boxing terms, he’s an old man, and he fought like an old man against Khan Saturday night.

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  1. troothsayer 10:11pm, 07/27/2011

    Kistem Zab, the man beat you, I mean he really beat you up in that ring!
    I may not sound very sympathetic to your cries, but as you have no dobt seen the fight by now, you have to admit, that the lowest blow that this guy threw, struck yu under your chin, in the form of a well placed, uppercut!
    You did not think that it was a low=blow, you thought that you could fake the referee into believing that it was.
    IN the future, (if you have one in the ring), you’ll have ot be in better condition to fight than you were this time around. Oh, and fighting a lesser skilled guy, would help a great deal as well!

  2. The Thresher 05:38pm, 07/27/2011


    Good luck to you, Yank. I wish you well here, but I am done with Let me know if I can be of any help to you.


    The Thresher

  3. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:44pm, 07/27/2011

    The Thresher—EXACT on point!  My thoughts as well.  I like Molina too.  He has a Juan Diaz quality about him with a tad more zip.  Angulo’s loss to the mentally unstable Cintron bothers me.  Angulo needs to settle down and keep his cool—get some rounds in and then let’s do another appraisal.

  4. The Thresher 10:26am, 07/27/2011

    Here is what Rios thinks: “They’re trying to make [Khan] like this big, special thing. I’m not saying that I’m the best fighter ever, but you know what? I don’t see nothing special about Amir Khan. I’m sure that he would say the same about me, that he doesn’t’ see anything special about me.”

    The rumor now is a Rios-Bradley possibility—and Rios wins that one as well as he will walk through Bradley’s feather fists just as he would do some serious harm to Amir’s chin. SEE, Rios has bricks in his gloves and granite in his chin. That is a rare combination.SRR and Foreman had it but not too many others. Rios has a deceptive RING IQ and uses old school moves to gain advantage. He is also great at closing off the ring, stalking, and finishing. Rios is the NEW prime Margo only much better. And Rios is a proven veteran, not some new kid on the block.

    Khan is riding high now but I don’t take much from the Zab fight because Zab was and is shot as I said more than a year ago.

    The good thing about both Rios and Khan is that they are willing to fight the best.

    Others to watch are the very skilled Carlos Molina (the Chicago one) and Angulo who is also a monster.

    This is what the future will look like sooner than later.

  5. "Old Yank" Schneider 09:43am, 07/27/2011

    ESB.  Following the last Rios win you were asked if Rios would beat Khan and you provided a emphatic affirmative.  I think you said Rios would “destroy” Khan.  Just like we (fans) are now beginning to talk about Khan at 147 and who he might target, I thought it natural to wonder who Rios might target WHEN he moves up to 140.  Khan showed me a serious uptick in ring IQ from the Maidana bout to the Judah bout.  Based on his performance against Judah, I’m rethinking Rios/Khan as more competitive than I previously thought.

  6. The Thresher 09:19am, 07/27/2011

    But maybe at a catch weight down the road.

  7. The Thresher 09:18am, 07/27/2011

    What other site? I’m not aware I ever said that. Have you been doing some herb?

  8. "Old Yank" Schneider 07:43am, 07/27/2011

    Rios’ days at 135 are numbered.  Perhaps Khan’s days at 140 are as well.  Your awareness notwithstanding, I was operating off of a comment you made on another site that you believed Rios would destroy Khan.  I assumed when I read that post that we were both aware that Rios’ days at 135 are numbered.  My bad.

  9. The Thresher 04:26am, 07/27/2011

    Rios demolishes anyone in his way, but I was not aware Khan is at the right weight to fight him. Rios is the future of boxing.

  10. "Old Yank" Schneider 04:01am, 07/27/2011

    The Thresher—Do you still believe Rios demolishes Khan?

  11. The Thresher 04:28pm, 07/26/2011

    given Khan’s offensive

  12. The Thresher 04:27pm, 07/26/2011

    Yes, Iron Beach, I think so as well. He has flaws that need to be corrected. One thing, however, is that Freddie is an offensive-minded kind of trainer and will need to stretch to help with Amir’s flaws. Right now, I see him much better than Ortiz and I also see him as a possible threat to PBF in the future. Sooner or later, PBF will lose his defensive edge and give Khan’s offensive arsenal, that could make for an interesting intersection.

  13. Iro Beach 04:14pm, 07/26/2011

    Had Zab put forth even a token protest, a halfhearted plea prior to being counted out there might be a glimmer of doubt in the minds of a select few..he didn’t and there is none. Khan of course does have flaws, he is a young fighter and young fighters will make mistakes, but I submit to you he is much improved from the Amir that battled Maidana and he will continue to improve. That he WANTS to fight the best speaks volumes about his attitude and his desire to prove he is the best, that will to succeed fuels his work ethic and he is working with the absolute in the sport. The best gym, the best trainer, the best sparring, this KID is destined for the top of the P4P list with both Manny and Floyd nearing the end within the next 2 years.  Just one guys observation…AK is special.

  14. The Thresher 02:35pm, 07/26/2011

    “his tendency to lunge when he throws his punches..” Good catch.

  15. Robert Ecksel 10:51am, 07/26/2011

    Old Yank—Yes, and yes again. Khan fought a near flawless fight against Judah. He’s not a perfect fighter, but how many perfect fighters have there ever been: one, two, three? I hope Freddie Roach is working on Khan’s balance and his tendency to lunge when he throws his punches. Those are vulnerabilities that a fighter who has more heart and skills than Judah may be able to exploit in the future.

  16. "Old Yank" Schneider 10:16am, 07/26/2011

    I hope how Judah acquitted himself is not a distraction from the near flawless performance of Khan.  Some guys just can’t climb a mountain that steep no matter what version of them shows up.  SEE: How did Erik Morales look against Pacquiao in their third bout?

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