Kid Gavilan vs. Gil Turner

By Boxing News on July 6, 2020
Kid Gavilan vs. Gil Turner
The Cuban Hawk was 82-12-4. Gil Turner was 32-0. Over 39,000 were in attendance.

On July 7, 1952 at Municipal Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kid Gavilan, the high flying ATG from Havana, Cuba,  fought Gil Turner, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for the welterweight championship of the world. The Cuban Hawk was 82-12-4 coming in. Turner was undefeated at 32-0. Over 39,000 were in attendance, and the fight was scheduled for 15 rounds…

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Kid Gavilan vs Gil Turner Part 1

Kid Gavilan vs Gil Turner Part 2 of 4

Kid Gavilan vs Gil Turner Part 3 of 4

Kid Gavilan vs Gil Turner Part 4 of 4

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  1. Lucas McCain 10:30am, 07/08/2019

    Too bad only the first of 4 parts was available, but that was fun and interesting to watch.  The Keed could really roll and counter!  Just the era I love to catch up on—still a few years before I started following, but the echoes of my grandfather watching in his apartment sound deeply in the halls of dim memory!

  2. Jim Crue 05:24pm, 07/07/2013

    Easily one of the most exciting welterweight fights of all time. Sure wish we had films of the Kid vs Robinson!!