Killer Troika

By Ted Sares on August 20, 2013
Killer Troika
“There’s not going to be much development with him. He feels he is fully developed."

“He (Lomachenko) is taking one of the most aggressive career tacts I have ever seen in making his professional debut…”

“He (Lomachenko) is taking one of the most aggressive career tacts I have ever seen in making his professional debut in a 10-round fight with his goal to fight—and win—a world title by his third professional fight. Top Rank is 100 percent onboard with his plan. We believe in Lomachenko.”—Todd duBoef, President of Top Rank.

As the Klitschkos move into the winter of their careers, a Kazakh middleweight, a Russian light heavyweight, and a Ukrainian might well fill the void.

We pretty much know what Gennady Golovkin is all about and what we know, we like. After Russian KO artist Sergey Kovalev (22-0) KO’d Nathan Cleverly (27-0) on August 17 in a classic boxer vs. puncher tussle for the WBO light heavyweight title, we now know just how good the Krusher is.

Vasyl Anatoliyovich Lomachenko

“The contract is signed, and we are ecstatic about it.”— Top Rank VP Carl Moretti

“There’s not going to be much development with him. He feels he is fully developed. He’s ready to go.”—Todd duBoef

But now another Easter Euro professional star is on the horizon. The 25-year-old Lomachenko is a speedy and technically crafty Ukrainian amateur boxer who won the silver medal at the 2007 World Amateur Boxing Championships; gold medals at the 2009 World Amateur Boxing Championships and 2011 World Amateur Boxing Championships;  and gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics as a featherweight and the 2012 London Olympics in the lightweight division. Lomachenko, coached by his father Anatoly, wants to be on a fast track.

Back in 2004, he became European U17 champion at light flyweight. In 2006 the aggressive southpaw won the Junior World Championships, and in 2009 he won impressively over future bantamweight world champion and fellow southpaw Sergey Vodopyanov in Milan, Italy, by a resounding 12-1 margin. Vodopyanov, no slouch, won the World Amateur Boxing Championships in Chicago in 2007.

The two-time Ukrainian Olympic champion, hailed as one of the greatest amateur boxers in recent decades, is turning pro and reportedly will be based in Los Angeles after signing a multiyear contract with Top Rank, and that’s great news for boxing fans.

Vasyl is scheduled to make his pro debut against a still-to-be-determined opponent on the undercard of the October 12 Juan Manuel Marquez’s HBO pay-per-view welterweight bout against unbeaten Timothy Bradley in Las Vegas, but look for this TBD to be noteworthy. Said Carl Moretti, ‘‘He reminds me of the Olympians from the ‘76 and ‘84 (American) teams, like (Sugar Ray) Leonard, (Leon and Michael) Spinks, (Evander) Holyfield, (Pernell) Whitaker, (Mark) Breland. They were ready to face established pros from Day One.’’ (Yahoo Sports)

Lomachenko is accustomed to being an amateur world champion. The thinking here is that it will not be long before he wears the mantle of a professional world champion and along with it, a popularity that will rival that of GGG—and this also could be great news for HBO if it is able to feature him in his quest for a rapid climb to the top.

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  1. This just in 06:04pm, 08/21/2013

    “Two-time Ukrainian Olympic gold medalist VASYL “The Great” LOMACHENKO will jump into the deep end of boxing’s international-sized swimming pool when he makes his professional debut in a 10-round featherweight bout against Jonathan Oquendo (23-3, 16 KOs), of Puerto Rico. Lomachenko’s pro debut will be showcased on the pay-per-view undercard of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight championship between undefeated defending champion TIMOTHY “Desert Storm” BRADLEY, JR. and four-division world champion and Méxican icon JUAN MANUEL “Dinamita” MÁRQUEZ,”

  2. Koolz 01:25pm, 08/21/2013

    Vasyl first pro debut against a seasoned fighter so he can get a world title fast reminds me of a certain japanese fighter fighting for his fourth fight as a world title at the end of this month.(Naoya Inoue)

    Pirog, hopefully we will see him at the end of this year or beginning of next year.  He is healing that ruptured disk in his back still.

    Vasyl will probably tear up his weight class when he get’s going.

  3. Ted 10:53am, 08/21/2013

    He is the TOTAL package

  4. djata 07:44am, 08/21/2013

    technically crafty?...Lomanchenko doesn’t even have a decent jab…smh

  5. Ted 07:09am, 08/21/2013

    Koolz, but when? Time is passing him by and so are the big paydays.

    The Pirog-GGG whopper is no longer a whopper.

  6. Koolz 04:28am, 08/21/2013

    Dmitry Pirog is still going to fight. 

    I still consider Wladimir to be part of the game for couple more years.

    Will be interesting to see Lomenchenko’s first pro fight. 

    Golovkin won all the World Championships in the Amateurs.

  7. Ted 04:53pm, 08/20/2013

    The Klits set the tone.

  8. Tex Hassler 04:16pm, 08/20/2013

    One advantage the Eastern European and former Soviet block fighters have is that they know how to get in shape. They are not just 5 round fighters trying to make it to the bell at the10th round. They are also hungry to make it to the top and to the money.

  9. Ted 12:10pm, 08/20/2013

    Prov, Sergey Rabchenko is ready to break out but he must up his level of opposition. His best win so far was a TKO over Ryan Rhodes in 2012. He also needs rounds. He is not anywhere near the Troika——yet.

    Also, Cedric Vitu of France gave him all he could handle last year. Vitu is 36-2.

    The real question for me is whatever happened to Dmitry Pirog ?

  10. Ted 12:02pm, 08/20/2013

    This guy is the best amateur in decades—maybe in history. He will be a World Champion by late 2014. You heard it here first.

    These guys are not like US amateurs. They come into the pros primed to do some real damage.

  11. Don from Prov 10:07am, 08/20/2013

    what about rabchenko mr. eastern nights?  too early to tell?
    or not so good?

  12. jofre 10:05am, 08/20/2013

    He is skilled. My only concern is making the transition from 3-5 round amateur career fights to 10 rounders too soon.

  13. Don from Prov 09:51am, 08/20/2013

    can this one punch too?

    vito mortensen was lucky to survive his eastern bad steambath moment

  14. Dan Adams 08:12am, 08/20/2013

    Thanks, Ted; I’ll have to keep an eye out for Lomachenko!

  15. kid vegas 07:26am, 08/20/2013

    Sill another? These guys are coming out of there like they are being made in a factory.

  16. dollarbond 06:19am, 08/20/2013

    Interesting one.  Thanks for the information on the guy.

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