King Kong Speaks

By Robert Ecksel on February 24, 2018
King Kong Speaks
“He doesn't intimidate me,” said Ortiz. “He talks too much. His trash talk makes me laugh.”

Unbeaten Luis Ortiz is locked and loaded for his March 3 challenge to WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder…

Unbeaten Luis “King Kong” Ortiz (28-0, 24 KOs), the heavy-handed southpaw from Miami by way of Camaguey, Cuba, is locked and loaded for his March 3 challenge to WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (39-0, 38 KOs), the big bad “Bronze Bomber” from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The fight is much anticipated and the Barclays will rock. The two fighters, much like Showtime Championship Boxing, will definitely bring it Saturday night.

Ortiz is a man of few words, especially compared to Wilder, who craves attention the way a junkie craves a fix.

“He’s talking too much,” said Ortiz from his training camp in Miami. “He’s going to have to back that up in the ring. He says he’s going to kill ‘King Kong.’ He’s going to knock me out. I want to watch him try. I’m not like those other guys he fought. I’m a real fighter, tough and with a lot of experience. I’ve been fighting since I was 10 years old.”

With the exception of his title-winning performance against Bermane Stiverne three years ago, in the first of their two fights, Wilder has stopped every man he has faced. He has been blowing out challengers with ease, relying on his size, speed, athleticism and power, all of which will be on display next week. But none of the 39 men he stopped was a legitimate top-10 fighter. That, however, is about to change.

“He doesn’t intimidate me,” Ortiz said. “He talks too much. His trash talk makes me laugh. He has a big mouth. He has insulted me and has said too many dumb things. It’s just a lot of noise. I’m hungry. I’m doing this for my family. He better take me seriously because he’s going to find himself on the canvas before he knows it. I’m going to show the world who ‘King Kong’ is.”

Ortiz has some fine wins to his credit, but the men he defeated, each of them rawhide tough, is no more distinguished than the men starched by Wilder. But Wilder, who has been comparing himself to Ali of late, insists it will be an easy night. Ortiz is too slow, too old, and most of all, he’s not Deontay Wilder.

Still, say what you will about Wilder, and there’s much to say, at least he hasn’t failed any drug tests.

In his defense Ortiz said, “A lot of people that believe in me and know me well, know that I would not do anything that can jeopardize my future as a boxer. I had been taking that medicine for two years. It was my mistake not to disclose that prescription drug in the paperwork. I never thought a prescription was going to bring me so much trouble. I was taking this medicine to treat high blood pressure, but apparently it’s also used to go to the bathroom a lot and mask other things. I drink two gallons of water per day. I go to the bathroom a lot already. I never put two and two together. I’m clean. The dose they found in my system was too low to mask anything at all. If I would have known this prescription drug was not allowed, I would have told my trainer and my doctor.”

Someone should have known it wasn’t allowed. Someone should have been on top of this.

“I’m a heavyweight,” explained Ortiz. “I don’t need to make weight. Why am I going to go to the trouble of taking an illegal substance that makes you go to the bathroom a lot? I have no need. I simply didn’t know it was banned. If I would have known, I would have said something to my trainer or to the doctors.”

This is an important fight for Wilder, no less than for Ortiz. The winner goes on to bigger and better things. The loser reassesses where he goes from here.

“Every fight I’ve had in my career has been important. The key is always to avoid thinking that it’s win or die because that can put you off center. So the way I see it is that this fight is important for me because I have to win it. And I’m going to. It’s a world championship, but for me it’s just another day at work.  My only goal is to win this fight.”

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    Alfonso…..your comment is indecipherable/ignorant.  Just like the ones you made back when you were using your former screen name (Irishwhateverthefuck).  U-no the what I’m talking about….

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    Much rather see Parker and Ortiz pull upsets than to wait Goddamned forever for Joshua/Wilder to percolate or marinate or whatever the fuk you want to call it! In fact… much rather see Wlad come back and whip Big Baby’s ass to a frazzle!

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