King Kong Wants Anthony Joshua

By Robert Ecksel on July 30, 2018
King Kong Wants Anthony Joshua
King Kong's last fight might have been a bit of a letdown. (Scott Hirmano/Showtime)

“I’m going to ask the government to put me on disability,” said Ortiz, “maybe that way Joshua will fight me…”

Saturday night’s brutal second round execution of Razvan Conjanu at the Staples Center in LA was a thing to behold. Granted, 6-foot-8-inch Conjanu, with his 16-4 record and 9 KOs, had no business being in the ring with Luis Ortiz, but discrepancies of that sort never prevented a fight from going forward, even when the result is a foregone conclusion.

Conjanu to his credit made it through the first round. He kept his distance. He focused on not hitting and not getting hit. But when the opportunity arose in the second round for Ortiz to pull the trigger, he did it with aplomb, a modicum of grace, and the deadly precision of a sharpshooter.

Ortiz’s fight against Conjanu might have been a bit of a letdown, especially after his thrilling fight with Deontay Wilder last March in Brooklyn. But he showed the world, much as Wilder showed the world, that serious fights make serious fighters and that talk is cheap and often meaningless.

“In my mind, King Kong has not been defeated,” said Ortiz after Saturday’s bout. “I don’t feel I lost against Deontay Wilder.”

Wilder dropped Ortiz three times before stopping him in the 10th, after barely making it out of the seventh round, with some help from the powers that be. But Wilder proved that however ungainly, he can beat a top-5 heavyweight, so long as the New York State Athletic Commission is in his corner and willing to bend the rules as it sees fit.

Ortiz would like nothing better than to get another shot at “The Bronze Bomber.” But the likelihood of that happening is slim to none—and Kong knows that as well as anyone. What with all the ducking and dodging that goes on in the sport, Ortiz is looking elsewhere for a live opponent with a title or two to spare.

“I want to fight Joshua,” said Ortiz after his fight over the weekend, “but he only fights boxers he’s sure he can defeat. I’m going to ask the government to put me on disability, maybe that way Joshua will fight me.”

Joshua first has to get by Alexander Povetkin, his WBA mandatory, before he even thinks of getting it on with Ortiz. But even if he beats the Russian, for which there is no guarantee, Ortiz isn’t on the short list of fighters to fight next. He’s on the same list as Wilder, the list of fighters too dangerous to fight at the present time without jeopardizing the investment.

But the clock is ticking for Ortiz. He’s almost 40, if not older, and he deserves another shot at a heavyweight title, whether he ever gets one or not.

“Whatever comes next I’m ready,” he said. “I’ll keep on going. I won’t shy away from any challenge. I’m ready.”

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  1. Your Name 01:42pm, 07/30/2018

    King Kong will be waiting a long time for Lady Joshua because Lady Joshua don’t want to get her little nose bloodied. The same with Wilder who can offer Lady Joshua billions and there is no way that Lady Joshua will get in a ring with Wilder. Lady Joshua will keep on fighting easy marks until the British get tired of the same show.

  2. Kid Blast 12:23pm, 07/30/2018

    Go for the biggest payday and then retire to some warm tropical island and smell the roses.

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