Kiss Today Goodbye

By Clarence George on July 1, 2013
Kiss Today Goodbye
Golovkin is a plausible and likely candidate for a word too easily bandied about: Great.

Of my all-time top 10 middleweights, I can think of only two Golovkin might possibly beat today: Rocky Graziano and Marvelous Marvin Hagler…

“Anyone who still thinks Golovkin is ‘hype’ is a dipshit. There’s really no other way to put that.”—Doug Fischer

No reason to be in lockstep agreement with Doug Fischer. I asked The Ring‘s associate editor for his opinion of Carmen Basilio shortly after the death of the much-lamented middleweight and welterweight champ. According to Fischer, Basilio is “one of the 10 best welterweights of all time,” but not a great middleweight. “He had the right style and mentality to deal with a 37-year-old version of Robinson (who was still a monster) but he fell short against the top middleweights of the late ‘50s/early ‘60s that he faced (Gene Fullmer and Paul Pender). He beat Art Aragon, Gaspar Ortega and Don Jordan at middleweight, but those three were blown-up welterweights, which is what Basilio was.”

If you’ll forgive the piratical language: Bushwa! It goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway: Basilio is among the top 15 middleweights of all time (I have him at number 11), as well as an all-around best, who participated in five consecutive Ring Fights of the Year (against Tony DeMarco in ‘55, Johnny Saxton in ‘56, Sugar Ray Robinson in ‘57, Robinson in ‘58, and Fullmer in ‘59), a Round of the Year (the second round of his 1953 bout with Kid Gavilan), and was Ring‘s Fighter of the Year for 1957, the year he took the middleweight crown from the great Sugar Ray.

I also disagree with Fischer that those who persist in denying Gennady Golovkin’s quality are best described as “dipshits.” But with that necessary tug of the forelock to civility, Fischer’s assessment of the power-punching Kazakh is very much on target.

I’m a pretty good judge of horseflesh, at least when it comes to boxers, and I submit that Golovkin is a plausible and likely candidate for a word too easily and lightly bandied about: Great.

“GGG” has yet to warrant the appellation, to be sure. He hasn’t faced, albeit through no fault of his own, fellow titlists Sergio Martinez, Daniel Geale, and Peter Quillin, or even Felix Sturm or Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. All good fights…and all wins for the Kazakh. Martinez is too decrepit and Geale too feather-fisted, as is Quillin, who couldn’t finish off Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam despite six knockdowns. Sturm is past it and Chavez sports a clown nose. 

Given that those much-anticipated bouts have yet to take place, it’s too soon to add a fourth “G,” for “Great,” to Golovkin’s moniker. In fact, of my all-time top 10 middleweights, I can think of only two Golovkin might possibly beat today: Rocky Graziano and Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

Graziano, who practically destroyed the highly touted Billy Arnold, and a veteran of three all-out wars with Tony Zale? Hagler, who successfully defended his title against the likes of Vito Antuofermo, Roberto Duran, and Thomas Hearns?

Well, if not today…

Point me toward tomorrow.

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Carmen Basilio vs Tony DeMarco II (Fight of the Year 1955)

Gennady Golovkin vs Grzegorz Proksa HD

The Greatest Boxing Fights of All Time - Johnny Saxton vs Carmen Basilio in 1956

Gennady Golovkin vs Gabriel Rosado

Carmen Basilio vs Sugar Ray Robinson I

2013-03-30 Gennady Golovkin vs Nobuhiro Ishida

Sugar Ray Robinson vs Carmen Basilio II

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  1. Clarence George 01:56am, 07/05/2013

    Right you are, Kid.  But Golovkin won’t wind up folding like a cheap suit.  He’s Savile Row, er, Canastota material down to the last fiber.

  2. kid vegas 09:21pm, 07/04/2013

    I agree with the author’s sentiments. Its too early to put this guy in the Hall of Fame. At least that’s the feeling here in Las Vegas

  3. Clarence George 02:40pm, 07/04/2013

    Tom:  My own view is that, generally speaking, the new breed of boxer can’t hold a candle to those who came before, mainly because they don’t have the experience and because boxing had been a tougher game.  Exactly why I’m so excited about Golovkin—he’s a throwback, who reminds me very much of Tony Zale.

    I don’t think Golovkin has reached his peak, but perhaps in the next year or two.  And will he still be outstanding in five years?  Probably not.  Boxers tend to have a short shelf life…guys like Jersey Joe Walcott are the exception, rather than the rule. 

    Martinez would have proven a formidable opponent, say, three years ago, but not today, not against Golovkin.  But, as I said, I don’t see the fight happening.

    As for responding…anyone who takes the time and makes the effort to comment on one of my articles (whether he agrees with me or not) deserves an answer, and I always try to provide one.  And with a smile.  Hey, why not?

  4. Tom 02:16pm, 07/04/2013

    one more thing i forgot about Martinez.  yes he is very much past his prime with all the injuries, but I really don’t see Golovkin losing to a guy who fights with his hands down.  he brings it with a ferocity rarely seen and doesn’t “spar” so to speak like it seems Martinez likes to do vs opponents which makes his hands down style effective.  I’d lean heavily towards Golovkin with a big advantage to win a fight NOW.  Back in Martinez’s prime i guess vs Williams perhaps?  maybe a different story but again, i think those hands down vs a power puncher with very good boxing skill sets off alarm bells.

  5. Tom 02:08pm, 07/04/2013

    really appreciate the responses.  I always wonder when considering all time greats how eras really play in.  were the older eras better because guys “fought everyone” and were “cut from a tougher cloth”  or are the new guys better with their advanced diets/ training, and history to learn from etc.?  tough to say.  However one thing i do believe is that every boxer/ fighter has a prime.  If you look at every boxer considered to be great you will find a prime where they were dominant and times before and after where they were not quite that.  with that said, has Golovkin reached his prime?  i suppose only continuing to step up in competition will tell the true story.

  6. Clarence George 01:11pm, 07/04/2013

    Sam:  I think Martinez will avoid Golovkin because he doesn’t want to go out on a loss, especially one that will cost him his crown.  The Argentine is just too old and injured to have much of a chance against a phenom like the Kazakh (though a few years ago could have been a very different story).  In fact, I think Martinez should retire sooner rather than later—that knee of his is no joke.  Not only will it hinder his performance in the ring, but a third injury could prove crippling.

  7. sam 1969 12:41pm, 07/04/2013

    Agree with you Clarence about GGG but my paesano Martinez didn’t run away when Paul Williams was the most avoided boxer in the world, I don’t see why now he should be avoiding GGG, first if the Kasaj fights again and this time for example a more serious opponent (I thought Macklin had more pepper honestly) who knows, I don’t even know what happened to James Kirkland or Lara or Martirosyan and he doesn’t loose then the fight against Maravilla is gonna be a world attraction that means a lot of money and at this point I don’t think Sergio is gonna hide anymore, first because he’ll be the underdog (every time he fought in that position won) second if he loses is gonna be the best of the best so its not against anybody and third, somebody commented here the other day that in order to get a devastating punch GGG has to have both feet on the canvas if you run like Macklin backwards but you don’t punch like Martinez does you are cook, I saw the an irish guy without any jab or anything to stop this GGG but that’s normal the irish was just another step in the kasaj record, the serious part start for him next match.

  8. Clarence George 01:24pm, 07/03/2013

    In fairness to Martinez, for whom I have genuine regard, his attitude toward Golovkin is more realistic and respectful in this interview:

    By the way, I don’t think “Maravilla” will ever agree to face “GGG.”

  9. Clarence George 12:50pm, 07/03/2013

    Thanks, Tom.

    Perhaps I wasn’t quite as clear as I needed to be.  I didn’t mean to imply that Golovkin couldn’t beat Duran or Hearns; in fact, I think he probably could.  My point was that I’m not convinced that he’s yet earned the honor to be considered an all-time great middleweight.  As I wrote in my article, I’m sure he couldn’t beat, at least as he is today, 80% of my top 10 list.  But the fact that he might very well beat two of them—Graziano and Hagler—speaks volumes about the Kazakh’s quality…and potential.  I don’t think we’ll know for sure until at least much further along in his career if his name should be mentioned in the same breath with that of, say, Harry Greb or Mickey Walker.  But between you, me, and the lamp post…I think it will be.

    With all sincere respect, I’m flummoxed by those who persist in contending that Golovkin is a hype job.  The position is indefensible, in my opinion.  It’s one of the reasons my article didn’t take the approach you outlined—detailing Golovkin’s boxing assets has been done to death and has proved futile in persuading the doubters.  Hey, there’ll always be those who insist that the world is flat, no matter what one tries.

    By the way… if this report is true, Martinez is well and truly delusional:

  10. Tom 12:04pm, 07/03/2013

    That’s fair Clarence.  I was just expecting to read something more to do with his potential for greatness and not that he hasn’t faced the likes of hearns duran etc.  I’m not a fan of those types of hypotheticals.  people get blinded by that era and assume that no one could have beat those guys while providing no technical reason other than that era was “better”  Also to everyone else who isn’t familliar with Golovkin’s amateur pedigree, he was 345-5 as an amateur.

  11. raxman 08:43pm, 07/02/2013

    koolz - i too have been a follower of Golovkin since the amateurs - in fact it was the 2001 asian games in Japan when he beat Geale that i first took note. But that is very much an era of amateur boxing where the style needed to be successful in amo’s didnt translate to the pros, so Golovkin was a stand out stylistically and easy to remember. (BTW the scoring change a few years ago has improved the sport but the amo’s is about to be totally rectified now the head gear has comes off and the scoring changed to the 10point must)
    anyway the point is, all of your comments are based on supposition; on your opinion - i wish you would stop arguing as if you were stating fact - because the facts are that until Golovkin has been tested by a real opponent none of what you say means squat! and for the last time Matthew Macklin wasn’t that opponent - he had never even won a big fight.
    as for Geale v Barker. I’d be amazed if Geale didnt win that by clear UD as Barker just isnt in Geales class. then this is what i see happening (you won’t get me arguing this coz its just my opinion):
    Geale then takes his mandatory against Soliman here in oz - coz its mandatory and its probably 10 times the money he gets fighting anyone else.
    Golovkin will fight Cotto. or some other fighter with a fan base. i’m tipping cotto coz he fits the bill of blown up 154pounder. but maybe he’ll fight Julio chavez cheech & chong junior. JCCCjnr. Golovkin’s people need to lift his profile now so with martinez injured and probably retiring one of those guys looks likely opponent

  12. Koolz 06:53pm, 07/02/2013

    Guys don’t go nutz on he 168 division they want Golovkin to clear out the 160 division first.

    There aren’t any fighters in that weight class that can trouble him.  Matinez?  Nope he fights like Proksa and just has to many lingering injuries that can mess up his game plan in a fight.

    Basically just watch as he steam rolls over everyone till he goes up to 168.  Probably next year they would want a fight to build up to huge deal before it happens.

    But at 160?  Watch other fighters then watch Golovkin’s fights and you will see there all getting KO’d .

  13. Koolz 06:42pm, 07/02/2013


    thanks for the clarification.  let’s say the winner of Geale vs Barker fights Golovkin.

    I see that fight as another three rounder.  I see Golovkin doing what he did to Ishida doing to Geale.

    and to Barker?  I see him flattening that guy out in two rounds.

    I do consider fighters that are going to make more money with one fighter compared to there madatory as ducking.

    I have been following Golovkin since he was in the amateurs.  He is such a better fighter now, he is really on another level compared to everyone else in his weight division.

    I will be amazed if Geale decides to fight him but maybe.

    I will interested in seeing who he fights soon.  I think he should go to Europe again and find someone before the HBO fight in Nov.

  14. Clarence George 05:38pm, 07/02/2013

    Not dispositive, true, but Ring has just upped Golovkin to first place on its middleweight list.

  15. raxman 05:23pm, 07/02/2013

    Jerry Lynch - I’ve made the exact same point re moving up to 168 - people keep talking up 160 as a talent full division - it isn’t! If GGG is all that he appears then those two (ward & froch) are the best fights for him. i’m a fan of amateur boxing, being involved in it here for many years, and I remember GGG from the era and he was a beast espec at the 03 worlds (destroyed bute) - I said he choked in the final, not that he was beaten by a better fighter. he didn’t know how to deal and he should’ve.

  16. Jerry Lynch 05:18pm, 07/02/2013

    GGG vs a Russian wrestler in the Olympic Finals:

  17. Jerry Lynch 05:13pm, 07/02/2013

    Raxman: I’ll give you that GGG fell apart in the Olympic finals when fighting a Russian who would have done well on the wrestling team. That same Russian had absolutely destroyed most of his competition up to the finals while GGG was fighting much better competition such as Andre Dirrell and defeating them. Watch a few GGG fights and see how hard he hits with his JAB and you will be able to see that he is nobody to be toyed with. I would like to see him fight better competition, but the competition doesn’t seem to be out there for him unless he moves up in weight where he will find the likes of Andre Ward and Carl Froch. He would also find Dirrell, who he beat in those same Olympics.

  18. raxman 04:38pm, 07/02/2013

    who’s hating golovkin? all I can find is circle jerk after circle jerk about how great he is. he was an excellent amateur - although he choked in the gold medal fight in 04. the salient part of your comment was words “so far” so far he has looked great. no argument. so far he’s fought a whole load of nobodies. beating no ones shouldn’t give the adulation he gets. and how’s this for a salient phrase to go with your “so far” just so you know i’m not a hater, and that is “not yet”

  19. Jerry Lynch 04:32pm, 07/02/2013

    Why is there so much hate directed towards GGG? He has not fought the competition of some of the greats. Some of the current crop of decent guys in his weight are avoiding him and there probably are not a lot of guys to fight that would please the naysayers.

    The guy seems to be a decent enough human being with none of the trash as Gayweather Jr. or Broner so why is he so hated?  So far he looks to be fast, well schooled and able to avoid getting hit. He destroyed Macklin in less than 3 rounds and all you have to do is look at Macklin’s face to see that even without that body shot KO, the fight would have ended up as a KO somehow and not long after the 3rd round.

    His amateur record was 345-5 and he has fought the best in the world while achieving that record. His amateur skills have given him the background to hit and not to be hit and he has added the KO to his repertoire obviously.

  20. raxman 03:22pm, 07/02/2013

    koolz - you mean mundine not soliman right. and Geale got paid millions to fight Mundine - and got revenge for his single loss. but yeah while GGG is fighting cotto or some other blown up 154er with some sort of brand recognition Geale probably will fight Soliman - for another big home country fight and pay day and coz soliman will be his ibf mandatory.
    listen to GlennR - while Geale was fighting for titles - Golovkin was still putting away super welterweights. just because a fighter calls you out doesn’t mean he automatically warrants a shot. Geale fought his way up to get first Sylvester and then Sturm in the ring - not hang on- what am I doing “the belt was created for Geale to duck Golovkin”? yeah that’s right mate Geale only wanted to go to Germany to fight for a world title as a way of avoiding GGG! and Michael Jackson was just a genius who liked sharing his bed with little kids for their innocent company!
    bottom line - Geale has beaten Sturm and Sylvester for their titles in their difficult to get a decision country. your boy has beaten Matthew “gee that Jamie Moore hits hard” Macklin and Nobuhiro “I’ve nearly ko’d 10 junior middleweights” Ishida
    I repeat for the final time (coz you guys would rather live in power puncher fantasy land than reality) Gennady Golovkin is only beating guys that he is meant to beat in the manner that he is meant to beat them - until he enters the ring with someone that has the vaguest chance of beating him, he does not deserve your adulation

  21. Koolz 02:55pm, 07/02/2013


    Geale got the belt as a result to duck Golovkin in fact I would say that belt was created so he could duck Golovkin.

    Then Golovkin becomes the WBA champion because Geale wouldn’t fight him a second time.  Now is that Geale or his promoters ducking Golovkin, does it matter?  He fought Soliman stead of GGG.
    He says there is no money in Fighting Golovkin that’s fine but at least he should defend the belt.

    Golovkin’s team has called him out for two years.
    Yes he has ducked Golovkin for two years.

    Now after Macklin will he fight Golovkin?  No he will not.  I see a lot of Belt holders fighting other fighters instead of Golovkin.

    I see Martinez fighting Cotto now and then retiring.

  22. GlennR 02:42pm, 07/02/2013

    A Clarence, yes raxman is shy isnt he !

    But i take his point. This accusation of Geale ducking GGG is pretty disgraceful in my book. He’s won both the titles overseas (Germany no less!), forced his way into contention by being a talent (not a big noting so an so), decided to avenge a controversial loss at home (which was very lucrative), and on top of that is a class act…. how many people on here bemoan the Adrien Broner types on here???

    And finally, no one was talking about GGG 2 years ago, so why does Geale have to give up a well earned home fight against what, at the time, appeared to be flavour of the month??


  23. Clarence George 02:33pm, 07/02/2013

    Raxman:  When are you going to learn to express yourself with vigor?

  24. Clarence George 02:29pm, 07/02/2013

    Tom:  While I’m inclined to agree with you (about Golovkin, not about the quality or worth of my article), I see no urgent reason for a rush to judgment.  Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Pancho Villa…all indisputably great.  Is Golovkin among that august company?  I think he can be, I think he will be, but I’m not quite ready to say that he is.

  25. raxman 02:24pm, 07/02/2013

    koolz - how do you figure Geale has ducked Golovkin for a couple years. thats just stupid talk. while GGG has been beating up on 2nd rate super welterweights Geale has been beating the ibf and wba champions in Germany. Geale took his titles from their holders- GGG won a vacant. Geale should never have been stripped for fighting Mundine after sturm. unifying the titles is a big deal and after the feat he should’ve been given the opportunity to get a massive pay day without having his title stripped. if they wanted Golovkin to wear a belt so badly they should’ve elevated Geale to the bull shit super champ and given GGG the BS regular title - like they always do.
    you guys watch. no way Golovkin fights a decent 160 pounder next time out. he’ll fight a crap euro fighter - no actually he’ll fight cotto. they’ll blow up the already shot cotto to 160 and pay him a truck load of money to get GGG some more mainstream attention.
    see what you guys have done. you’re unabashed hyperbole has made my GGG pendulum swing the other way to hate. i hope you’re proud. you couldn’t just enjoy him for what and where he is right now. floyd gets called cherrypicker despite fighting nothing but top tier opponents, this guy fights second rate opponents and just coz he wins in devastating fashion he’s the greatest 160 pounder since hagler. shame on you all!

  26. GlennR 02:16pm, 07/02/2013

    God of War?

    Ummmm, ok

  27. Tom 02:03pm, 07/02/2013

    you arent saying anything in this article.  By his amateur pedigree alone Golovkin is great.  he never even had to turn pro.  Soon he will be at the top of 160 and likely 168 as no one there with the acception of andre ward holds a candle to him.  you can deny him the title now but give your head a shake. talents like him only come around once in a generation.  the conditioning, boxing skill, power, chin and killer instinct all add up to greatness.  soon you will have no choice but to accept it. God of War.

  28. Don from Prov 09:53am, 07/02/2013

    BTW, Mr. Rax’s last post was a good one

    Easy to drool over the power punchers, still GGG—SO FAR so good
    Let’s see Martinez, who for the first few rounds should set out puzzles
    And Chavez Jr.—“he who weighs in at cruiser but fights at middleweight”
    Also see GGG vs. Geale—

    Maybe against Canelo who is going to get bigger, and
    Floyd or Ward at catchweight—by then little argument one way or another
    At least about general quality

  29. Don from Prov 08:07am, 07/02/2013

    Rax-One should NEVER be soothed when found in agreement with Vivek W

    The best thing that one could do is take a pill and lie down for a while   :)

  30. Dr. YouTube 06:29am, 07/02/2013


  31. Koolz 01:46am, 07/02/2013

    hmm Can’t see Geale beating Golovkin but I can now see why he ducked him for a couple years.

    I see GGG KO’ing Geale before the fifth round. Just hunting him down and methodically beating him to a pulp.

    I don’t see Geale having anything to offer to trouble Golovkin.

  32. Jerry Lynch 10:24pm, 07/01/2013

    I’m an American fight fan and so far it would appear GGG has all the tools to be great. Macklin was no pushover and his comments were telling. “He had heavy hands, even his jabs…& I was trying to defend my head when he hit me in the ribs.” This Golovkin has yet to face the likes of Hagler, Duran or Hearns but I look for him to do very well if he ever faces guys like those. Unfortunately he is probably going to have to go up in weight to find decent competition.

  33. raxman 09:08pm, 07/01/2013

    Clarence - please mate, keep your powder dry on this guy. lets see what he does when its real. the whole “its not how who he beats its how he beats them” was the same argument used against me when I criticised the early and over the top praise of Bute and Rios. 
    yes GGG adapts, thinks, improvises, cuts off the ring, bangs, turns water into wine, heals the sick and has cured cancer all while in the ring. but its like this….
    Michael Jordan is 50 years old - but if I played one on one against him today he’d destroy me. he’d be dunking, and hit 20 footers, cross overs, head fakes, trash talk, tongues sticking out the whole Jordan of old; but what if I sub’d out for lebron. how is 50 year old MJ going to look then.
    its easy to look good, easy to think, adapt, move and improvise when your opponent doesn’t have the chops to stop you. case in point JMM vs Floyd? Marquez is a master boxer, brilliant ring general. but against Floyd…second rate?

  34. raxman 08:56pm, 07/01/2013

    aussie fight fan - mundine went 12 rounds with Kessler and Green. so how could he get ko’d by ottke? and wood? is it his temple that’s the problem?
    seriously though mundine’s punch resistance is a mystery, he takes hard punches from hard punchers in some fights and in others gets stopped by feather fists (although to be fair ottke was in his 10 or 11th fight with hardly any amateur experience)
    no, I don’t think its fair to rate Geale’s power on whether he could or couldn’t knock mundine out, any more than it would be right to say he has power coz he ko’d an old roman karmazin.

  35. Aussie fight fan 08:22pm, 07/01/2013

    Raxman I come from oz too, and I’m a big fan of geale too. But let’s be honest, if geale couldn’t knock out a old china chin mundine then obviously his power is pretty shit. I’m not trying to bag him, just stating the truth. Power isn’t his game anyway. He’s strengths are his work rate, underrated boxing skills and he is really tough. I think he would give GGG a tough fight because of these strengths, but I would still pick GGG to win.

  36. Clarence George 07:53pm, 07/01/2013

    Ah, we were waiting for you, Raxman!

    I don’t share your low opinion of most of Golovkin’s opponents.  Anyway, there’s more to it than that.  Judging a fighter exclusively by his opposition (though, granted, it’s a valid criterion) is a mistake.  I’ve seen “GGG” fight, and I’m massively impressed by the way he thinks, improvises, adapts, moves, and—most of all—hits.  And, sorry, but I haven’t seen the slightest indication that he has a dainty chin.

    He’s an outstanding middleweight, and the potential for true greatness is there—in his heart and mind, as well as his fists.

  37. Davor 07:46pm, 07/01/2013

    Let me quote Public Enemy “DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE!”

  38. raxman 07:42pm, 07/01/2013

    I’ve got two words for you - Jeff Left Hook Lacy! the mini Tyson. you all thought it so don’t go redacting now! battered by the slapper joe c! oh yes we all know Lacy was over rated but at the time - you all know what you were saying. none of you thought slappy joe had a chance - well no one in the US

  39. Clarence George 07:42pm, 07/01/2013

    Jack Dempsey, eh?  I have to write about him one of these days.

    I tell you true, Glenn, I have nothing but respect for Geale.  He’s one of the best middleweights out there, but can he beat Golovkin?  I just don’t see it. 

    There’s more to boxing than punching-power, sure, but Golovkin is more than just a hard hitter (same is true of Matthysse, by the way).

    The bottom line is that Geale can’t stop Golovkin; Golovkin can and will stop Geale.

  40. raxman 07:38pm, 07/01/2013

    oh and did I see Golovkin pull up when Macklin landed a hard punch? for just a second, GGG looked a little stunned. maybe there is a reason he’s only fought pumped up 154ers in the past - he aint got the chin!!! hey its as reasonable raising that as an option as you raising the “Great” appellative as an option Clarence.
    we haven’t seen Golovkin in with a quality fighter, let alone quality with a punch, so maybe…?
    you heard it here first fight fans - Triple G’s chin is made of Kazakhstani fine china! smash!

  41. raxman 07:30pm, 07/01/2013

    Clarence, Clarence, Clarence - would you please put it back in your pants at least until Golovkin beats someone of note. if Geale had fought Rosado, Ishida, and Proska you wouldn’t be calling him feather fisted coz he’d have ko victories against those guys too - not as devastating ko’s granted - he’d wear there down with relentless work rate and finish them late - why am I so sure? - because they’re all crap!!!!! and you can add Matthew “I got knocked out by Jamie moore” Macklin to the list of crap as well (having said that they’re all world class fighters and brave men for being in the ring yada yada yada)
    I took great heart from the fact that Vivek Wallace is singing the same song as I - its good that at least one pundit is keeping the lid on this fighter.
    and I’ll tell you the worst part of this Kazakhstani hyperbole is that you guys all make me look like a hater of GGG. I’m not. I think he’s great. he hasn’t beaten anyone worth 2 god damns but he’s looked great doing it.
    GlennR is right about Geale, no one says he is a banger but he’s no paulie, and as enticing as power punchers are, boxing isn’t all about power - what Geale lacks in bang he makes up for with volume. and believe me no one is just walking through Geales punches, he puts enough on them to keep his opponents honest

  42. GlennR 07:06pm, 07/01/2013

    Im outraged as well you two!

    Look, im an unabashed Geale supporter ,and probably am somewhat biased ,but give credit where its due, he’s a good fighter and certainly not the 1st one not to be a big hitter.

    Power is seductive to all of us, its what draws the casual fan and the more serious supporters all together, but lets be bit objective before we;

    1) Write everyone else off in the division
    2) Elevate GGG to God like status overnight.

    Having said all that, he’s better than Jack Dempsey ;)

  43. Clarence George 06:40pm, 07/01/2013

    Ha!  Thanks for the heads-up, Irish.  Believe me, I’ve girded up my loins for Raxman’s anticipated outrage.  Fortunately, he and I have a good rapport…I think.

    In the version I heard, Frank, it was the Hulk whom “GGG” laid out.

  44. FrankinDallas 06:32pm, 07/01/2013

    GGG once hit Chuck Norris on the jaw. Chuck Norris died.

  45. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:25pm, 07/01/2013

    Clarence George-Now you’ve gone and done it….“Geale too feather-fisted”’s just about high noon Down Under and.Raxman is wide awake and he is on high alert…so be advised! I thought I could sneak one in on him on another thread and he clocked me!

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