Klitschko makes a comeback?

By Ben Thomsett on January 12, 2019
Klitschko makes a comeback?
In the case of the WBC, boxing is firmly about nepotism and preserving the status quo.

Klitschko may be coming out of retirement before the year is through. One last time, eh. Don’t they all say that?

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.”—Isaiah 43:2

Hooray for that. A nice sentiment, and one in which we all want to believe. When the chips are down, when you are finding things tough, or even if you’re paddle boarding near Miami, it must be nice to have a friend. Don’t knock it.

If Steve Bunce is a Prophet too, then brace yourself… Wladimir Klitschko will be coming out of retirement before the year is through. Imagine that. No more club class trips to the philanthropy smorgasbord for Wladimir. At least not until the heavy bag is dented good and proper, and he hears the roar of the crowd again. It must be a heady drug. One last time, eh. Don’t they all say that?

Bunce has revealed that Klitschko is ready to fight a “Big British heavyweight,” and believes he will step in to fill the void left by the un-makeable Joshua vs. Wilder bout this April. Who is this mystery man if not Anthony Joshua? Dillian Whyte is moaning about a derisory offer from Eddie Hearn for a bout with AJ— “Less than I got for fighting Chisora,” he said—and says only him, AJ, Wilder, and Fury can fill Wembley on a PPV basis. Fury and Wilder are deep into talks to finish off their business from December in the States. So, who does that leave for Klitschko? You? Me?

Chances are—and this is purely for the gamblers amongst you—Bunce is only right if Dillian Whyte can let go of the pay day he always wanted and agrees to fight Klitschko at a venue with a capacity well short of Wembley’s 80,000 (A number known as “The Froch”). But even then, is the fight relevant?

Some people say that the WBC are partly to blame for this current situation. Whyte has been their number one challenger for a long time and, after Fury, should be demanding Wilder to face him. But boxing isn’t about fairness. Not really. It’s about cash and fortune telling. And, in the case of the WBC, boxing is firmly about nepotism and preserving the status quo. Ad infinitum.

Throwing Klitschko back into the heavyweight division mix is like sending waves to a lone paddle boarder who doesn’t want to get wet. This is a scene he knows only too well and it ended badly for Wladimir on that sunny holiday a few years back. He looked fragile and lonely in the seconds before Shannon Brigg’s speedboat caused him to fall head first into the water. Look it up. No-one was there to save him and he swam slowly and a little fearfully back towards the board with his head high out of the water, looking for more danger.

Does Klitschko really think he’s got a title in him again? Will we take notice? I imagine the deal maker behind this supposed comeback is Eddie Hearn. It’s a good well thought out move. Hearn needs options for Whyte and he needs to keep Joshua safe from harm until someone can serve up Wilder or Fury for the nailed-on biggest PPV draw in the UK since time began. Meanwhile, we’ll lap up Klitschko vs. Whyte. We’re used to the storylines now. It’s comforting to know that boxing is controlled this way and we don’t have to worry about who and why and the purpose of the goddamn sport at any time. We have friends who do that for us…

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  1. Koolz 01:03pm, 01/12/2019

    Hell yea let’s do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He would beat all these guys not named Wilder, Fury , Joshua.

    Bring on the Wlad2!

    I love people that prove everyone wrong because stereo types and society norms are just brainwashing.

    40?  Is nothing take year off, do yoga, meditation, start becoming strong again, fast again.  Then go for it!

    Mind over Body!

  2. Lucas Mccain 10:38am, 01/12/2019

    How close or what lens was on the camera that caught his expression.  I assume there was much that might have been on his mind, including being royally pissed off at Briggs (a funny guy who is also something of an a-hole), and a seething determination that this obnoxious prankster is NOT getting a title shot from me.

  3. Kasper Gutman 09:55am, 01/12/2019

    “Mother wants you! I know she does! Shane….Come back!” (Brandon Dewilde)

  4. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 08:54am, 01/12/2019

    Hmm, I saw a man swim back to the paddle board and nothing else. Was he supposed to sprint towards the board like Michael Phelps and put on a Ric Flair promo? “Fearfully swimming back?” Looked like anyone else who falls while paddle boarding or how I would look back in the day waiting for the boat to turn around and pick me up after I dumped on a pair of water skis.. And Wlad didn’t fall in some Minnesota lake, we are talking southern Florida here, one never knows what lurks in those waters. Bull sharks in fresh or salt water, barracuda in the ocean,  and gators in the lakes and ponds. I always figured that Wlad was too smart of a man to be foolish enough to try a comeback at this stage of his life. Wlad,  go back to water sports and enjoy your middle age instead of being foolish.

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