Kong: Alone on Skull Island

By Paul Magno on July 28, 2018
Kong: Alone on Skull Island
Luis Ortiz is too good to be a fall guy and still too risky to be a résumé-padder. (PBC)

Even if Ortiz had beaten Wilder, he’d still be in a similar dilemma as a relatively low-profile heavyweight with high-risk potential…

Now, what do you do with “King Kong” Luis Ortiz?

Matched against Romanian fall guy Razvan Cojanu this Saturday at Staples Center in Los Angeles, on the Showtime-televised Mikey Garcia-Robert Easter undercard, the 39-year-old is in “stay busy” mode. But the question may be whether he has anywhere to go once going through his overmatched foe.

The Cuban big man fought bravely in defeat against Deontay Wilder in March, on the brink of victory a couple of times before eventually succumbing to the wild power shots of the defending WBC heavyweight champ.

He did as well as he did despite, apparently, some very real and pressing health concerns.

According to reports, the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) had expressed concern over Ortiz’s elevated blood pressure and, as of the Friday evening before the title bout, had yet to give the green light for the contest to go ahead.

Former titlist Charles Martin had been rushed to New York Friday night by event organizers as a possible late replacement for Ortiz if the NYSAC refused to sanction the bout over health-related issues.

Luckily for everyone involved, though, Ortiz’s blood pressure had drifted back from the red alert level by Saturday morning and the commission officially allowed for the show to go on.

Following the loss to Wilder, conventional boxing wisdom may point to him being done at the top levels of the division. Speculated to be well beyond his reported age, time is quickly catching up to the former top contender and there’s really no “big” fight out there for him to grasp at. Three-belt champ, Anthony Joshua will be fighting Alexander Povetkin next and then, possibly, a Deontay Wilder unification bout or a rematch with Dillian Whyte after that. Every other “money maker” in the division will be focused on landing their own “AJ” payday and absolutely not looking to find out how much a guy like Ortiz may have left in the tank.

So, Ortiz finds himself on an island. Too good to be a fall guy and still too risky to be a résumé-padder.

One could argue that he may have been better off if he had not done so well against Wilder, if he had been blown away by a “bronze” bomb from the Bronze Bomber in the very first round. Then, maybe he’d be written off and could go on a money tour, playing “safe” B-side to any number of young and rising heavyweights. In boxing, after all, the only thing more lucrative than being a high-end elite is being a professional loser with a “name.”

Even if Ortiz had beaten Wilder, he’d still be in a similar dilemma as a relatively low-profile heavyweight with high-risk potential. He may have gotten the big payout for bringing his belt to the UK for a sacrifice at the Joshua altar, but he would’ve found himself in the same predicament post-Joshua that he currently finds himself in post-Wilder.

At this point, it may be better for his bottom line if he DOESN’T look good against Cojanu this weekend. A slow and lethargic performance against a journeyman-level opponent could get Ortiz’s phone ringing for a profitable tour on the Euro-circuit against any number of Euro-prospects looking for a recognizable name to add to their résumé.

Ortiz would then be regarded as “fresh meat,” in that perfect fall guy period where a fighter has just enough left of his credibility to be counted as a threat by fans and media (and add value to the “A-side” win), but is far enough removed from his prime to be a fairly safe opponent.

But right now?

Things don’t look good for Ortiz, at least not in the “let’s make some real nest egg money for the family” sense. And if he looks outstanding this Saturday, blowing past his opponent and affirming that he’s still, indeed, a top 3 heavyweight, things will look even bleaker.

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  1. Kid Blast 08:07am, 07/29/2018


  2. Kid Blast 01:25pm, 07/28/2018

    Ortiz will KO this guy in the first round.

  3. Casanovita de Ahome 11:06am, 07/28/2018

    This is a shit fight….why not Joey Dawejko or Travis Kauffman….guaranteed he’d get some rounds!

  4. Kid Blast 08:53am, 07/28/2018


  5. Kid Blast 05:29pm, 07/27/2018

    kOOLZ, Price has a chin injury

  6. Your Name 12:51pm, 07/27/2018

    Ortiz will ko Lady Joshua if they ever get in the ring. And Ortiz will ko all those sorry British heavyweights that just fight between themselves.

  7. Koolz 09:05am, 07/27/2018

    UK seems to be The Heavy Weight of the World!

    Ortiz is still in the Mix he can still Rumble in the Jungle!  He just needs to get a fight.  Not a rematch with Wilder, they will just give Wilder another 8 minutes before a round to recover.  No Ortiz needs to fight Parker or else Fury.
    Actually I think Fury beats the pants off him. 
    I don’t think Joshua beats Povetkin I think the whole Table is going to be thrown and all the cards will be scattered.
    Wilder and Joshua won’t happen.

    I used to think Ortiz could fight Price but now Price has a back injury?

  8. Kid Blast 06:23am, 07/27/2018

    Great title!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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