Kovalev May Be A POS, But He’s Still A Damn Fine Boxer

By Paul Magno on February 4, 2019
Kovalev May Be A POS, But He’s Still A Damn Fine Boxer
The boxing media has aided him in escaping any sort of real comeuppance. (Sky Sports)

Sergey Kovalev is no Tony Ayala Jr., but he’s worked his way on to my shit list for being an unapologetic racist scumbag…

Despite the crybaby accusations from fanboys whenever I dare to criticize “their” fighter, there have only been a small handful of fighters over the years who I genuinely dislike. At the top of that small list is a POS like Tony Ayala Jr., who did some unspeakable things (look them up) that made even the baddest of boxing bad boys look downright saintly by comparison.

Sergey Kovalev is no Tony Ayala Jr., but he’s worked his way on to my shit list for being an unapologetic racist scumbag who eternally skates on his sleaziness because the boxing media is equal parts stupid and ball-less.

As I wrote in my FightHype.com “Notes from the Boxing Underground” column on Monday:

“Triple K” Kovalev has a long history of vile racist behavior and the boxing world has an equally long history of trying to sweep it under the carpet. From calling Grover Young a ‘thoroughbred nigga’ to the now-infamous Adonis Stevenson/Monkey t-shirt pic, Kovalev has established himself as an unrepentant racist POS—and the boxing media, for any number of possible reasons, has aided him in escaping any sort of real comeuppance.

And even when a story emerges of alleged violence and sexual assault against a model in California, Kovalev skates. The boxing media drops it almost as soon as it posts it…and one gets the feeling that if the story had not hit the mainstream press, editors at boxing sites would’ve passed on the story completely.

So, yeah, Sergey Kovalev’s charmed life in terms of accountability makes him a disagreeable character in my eyes. I will not hide the fact that seeing him humbled is a pleasurable experience for me. After Andre Ward stripped away his feeling of invulnerability and Alvarez battered him into submission, I assumed that Kovalev was finished as a dominant, main stage presence.”

And, yep, I was eagerly waiting to tap dance on the career of this lump of half-humanity after being beaten down for a second time by Alvarez this past Saturday.

But, of course, as we all know by now, that didn’t happen.

Kovalev IS a bully at heart and WILL crumble under the pressure of someone who pushes at him hard enough. I’m confident of that and would bet a night of Coronas on this assessment.

But, flying in the face of my desire to see another Triple K comeuppance and humbling, is the fact that Kovalev has always been a different breed when stacked up against similarly fearsome “beasts.”

The Russian can box very well and, at his best, displayed a long, relaxed fluidity that set him apart from other power punchers. Kovalev could outbox most everyone he faced, touching them with his legitimately heavy hands, breaking them down before blowing them away. When he started fully buying into the “Krusher” persona, putting self-image ahead of skill, he became vulnerable.

But new trainer Buddy McGirt got Kovalev to re-embrace the boxer in him and just focus on everything but being “Krusher.”

Eleider Alvarez, who may have also been suffering through an identity crisis as a puncher-turned-boxer-turned-puncher looking to bask in the KO love like he did back in August when flattening Kovalev in their first bout, could never get things going. All inner identity turmoil aside, he was simply outboxed by Kovalev and as points stacked up against him and time for one-punch salvation began to run out, Kovalev outboxed him even more decisively.

There WERE moments, early on, where Kovalev did look shaky and unsure of himself, but his skill carried him through. Alvarez’s inability to get through Kovalev’s boxing allowed the Russian to skate through any possible danger like he skates through boxing media scrutiny.

That’s the thing about boxing, though. This ain’t a morality play.

The sport lends itself to a lot of fairytale nonsense, but at the end of the day, it’s all about skill and will. The biggest louts, woman-beaters, racist pricks, thieves, and thugs have been highly-skilled professional fighters. The only morality play in boxing should be the one between hard-workers and lazy slobs because, ultimately, that’s what determines how high a fighter rises and how long he stays on top.

I’m fine with acknowledging the potential rebirth of Sergey Kovalev. I can root against him as a human being and still appreciate him as a fighter.

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  1. OneAndOnly 08:46am, 02/10/2019

    It never fails! Racist apologists abound always deflecting from reality. This piece was perfect!

  2. Ivan 05:52am, 02/10/2019

    I think the writer of this article is a POS

  3. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 08:59am, 02/06/2019

    Actually Koolz is right when it comes to the origins of the word “racist”.  It was Lev Bronstein better known as Leon Trotsky who coined the word sometime in the 1920s. There were mentions of words like race, racial etc., used much earlier, as early as the 16th century in France based on the Italian word for race which is razza. “Racist” was nothing more than a cultural Marxist construct meant to be used chiefly against Whites and cause racial division among the people in a divide and conquer strategy. Rich vs. poor, male vs. female, straight vs gay, nothing more than another way to keep people at each other’s throats.  People have been so brainwashed that nowadays being called a “racist” is considered more evil than being a demented serial killer. Jeffrey Dahmer was horrified that many questioned whether he was a “racist” because most of his victims were nonwhite. I think Jeffrey Dahmer had a lot more serious problems to answer for other than being a “racist.” Being called a “racist” is akin to being called a witch back in the day. It is ridiculous and only a complete fool plays this game anymore.

  4. Your Name 08:40am, 02/06/2019

    This is actually an interesting topic, but some of you guys are off the wall.  I don’t intend to get into a back and forth esp. with anyone whose ID here begins with the letter K. 
    Now there are some bad actors out there but I thought the quote from Mr. Magno “the biggest louts, woman beaters, racist pricks, thieves, and thugs have been highly skilled professional boxers.”  Talk about generalizations.  It makes it sound as if virtually every bout has at least one such character in it.  I mean slow down and take a breath there Senor Magno.  I hardly know where to begin.  Was Floyd Patterson a woman beater?, Carmen Basilio?, Gene Fullmer, Lennox Lewis?, I mean on and on and on. And on through generations. Now louts, woman beaters, etc. are bad people.  I am sure there are some out there now, one I think of that I hear about though in his case, not sure if the “proof” has been substantiated so I won’t say his name.  But there are some terrific guys too. And have been forever, and will be forever going forward.
    So may I suggest a little more care.  That’s why adjectives exist.

    Mike from Brooklyn

  5. Koolz 02:13pm, 02/05/2019

    There is no such thing as Racist it’s made up by Communist and is used as a defense mechanism in Psychology, the same as saying anti semitic.

    so your racist because you say something thing about someone’s race?  Ha, HA…AHAHAHA!

    You fools that has been going on since The Epoch of Time!  So let’s call this Nationalism.

    Hey I am from here I belong to this brotherhood and your from here were better then you, we understand the Metaphysical Body and the three minds and you guys…

    20th century communist morons, yo were from the hood and you damn whites are racist against because you said something to someone from our hood.

    Hey we can do no wrong were Semitic…no your not…Semite?  you are not Semite so why are you saying Anti Semitic.

    That’s racist against Mexicans you building that wall!  No it’s not that’s US and it’s Border to keep people in and out of the US. 

    so many examples. ism, ism, is silly words spoken by weaklings that are controlled by other silly fools who teach you how to speak, think, and what to say.

    Keep it real Folks.

    you have an inner mind, outer mind, a solar plexus(SOLAR) a spine, as all people do.
    your culture skin, etc doesn’t do anything, your thinking, your minds do.

  6. fan 11:02am, 02/05/2019

    great comeback, but no more krush.

  7. The Barker 10:40am, 02/05/2019

    This article is not only well written, every word is true. It is a testament to a fine professional writer who is able to make a distinction between the fighter and the person. Kovalev has always had the goods as a fighter and I always thought it was shameful that someone so dominant believed he had to resort to such lowlife behavior. However, a person is what they are. There is something fascinating about a lowlife racist who consistently hires black men to fine tune his craft. Maybe he’s a Thomas Jefferson kind of racist:)

  8. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 07:12am, 02/05/2019

    Tommy Hearns was a fine boxer as well. He switched off and on later in his career especially when he moved up in weight.  He was a great fighter whether boxing people as the Motor City Cobra or destroying people as “The Hit Man.” You do what you have to do to notch that W.

  9. Balaamsass 03:34pm, 02/04/2019

    BTW Jules was 5’0” and 100 pounds soakin’ wet as a Freshman in High School!

  10. Balaamsass 03:21pm, 02/04/2019

    Greatest Jewish athlete since Mark Spitz and Sandy Koufax….Julian Edelman! No scholarships out of High School….232nd player drafted in the 7th round of the 2009 draft! 2019 Super Bowl MVP! Future Hall of Famer!

  11. Balaamsass 03:08pm, 02/04/2019

    Forget the flamboyant costumes and masks or the flying skirts so favored these days…today’s fighter’s real uniform if you can call it that is their racial characteristics….period! There’s so much racism in this “sport” that it stinks to High Heaven and you single out Kovalev as a racist POS! Joe Smith actually performed a public service when he literally sent another racist POS sailing clean out of the ring!

  12. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 01:55pm, 02/04/2019

    The R-word has been played out when it comes to accusing Whites, but it is RARELY IF EVER USED AGAINST NONWHITES. The University of Georgia had a teaching assistant   who just recently was calling for the killing of Whites and as far as I know, no one called for him to step down. I think it garnered 5 minutes of obligatory local coverage.  Now, I ask you, is what that teaching assistant said more racist than what Kovalev has ever said or done? In the previous article about Kovalev’s alleged assault on a female I mentioned Ayala Jr, as well as Monzon and Jake LaMotta. I’m sure there are a helluva lot more “POS” out there in the boxing world. Mike Tyson also comes to mind, however, I do have my doubts if he is guilty of the rape he did time for. From what I have observed, the people who are always looking to throw out the race card are the most racist people out there. They remind me of the cheating husband who is always looking to accuse his faithful wife of running around on him.

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