Kovalev: The Next “Next Big Thing”

By Ted Sares on April 10, 2013
Kovalev: The Next “Next Big Thing”
Not unlike Gennady Golovkin, he is beginning to build a cult-like following on Facebook.

As he moves towards a title shot, Sergey Kovalev (known as “Krusher”) has been mowing down his opposition…

“Trust me; he’s the real deal at 175.”—Trainer John David Jackson

“When Sergey is in the ring, he is simply electrifying…We look forward to seeing more fireworks from Kovalev, who will undoubtedly become a force in one of boxing’s hottest divisions.”—Main Events CEO Kathy Duva

“Sergey Kovalev has been building an underground reputation as one of the most dangerous finishers in the light heavyweight division.”—Brian Campbell (ESPN.com)

Darnell Boone’s claim to fame is that he once decked Andre Ward in a close UD defeat in 2005. That was then but this is now and now Darnell is 19-21-3 while Ward is at the top of the boxing rankings. Boone’s last outing saw him get KO’d by power-hitting Adonis Stevenson on March 22, 2013. Earlier, Boone had pulled off a monster upset by stopping Stevenson in two rounds in April 2010. I saw Boone lose to Edwin Rodriguez in Rhode Island in 2009. Fact is, Darnell has been around and has fought some of the toughest opposition imaginable including Willie Monroe Jr., Lennox Allen, Erislandy Lara, Craig McEwan, Brian Vera, Curtis Stevens, Jesus Gonzales, Fernando Zuniga, Jean Pascal, Lajuan Simon, Anthony Thompson, and Walid Smichet twice.

Also among Boone’s opponents is a guy named Sergey Kovalev out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida by way of Chelyabinsk, Russia (the town where the meteor recently hit). This rugged light heavyweight fought and beat Boone twice. His record stands at 20-0-1 with 18 wins coming by stoppage. The one draw was a technical fluke due to an accidental foul.

As he moves towards a title shot, Sergey (known as “Krusher”) has been mowing down his opposition. In his last four he shocked Gabriel Campillo (21-4-1) in Connecticut, stopped Lionel Thompson (12-1) and Boone in Pennsylvania, and TKO’d Roman Simakov (19-1-1) in Russia. Sergey is a boxer/puncher that uses a hard and punishing jab to set up his other punches. Many thought Campillo would win, but the Russian obliterated the Spaniard with a blitz-like attack punctuated by blistering right hands. The fight was over almost before it started.

There is nothing set for Kovalev’s next fight, but the winner of the intriguing Dawson-Stevenson fight scheduled for June 8 in Montreal could be a possibility. I doubt if Bernard Hopkins wants any part of Kovalev, but the winner of the Bute-Pascal affair in May will carry gravitas. Names like Issac Chilemba, Nathan Cleverly, Karo Murat, and Shumenov also might pop up, but my personal favorite would be a Kovalev vs. Tavoris Cloud matchup.

One very positive thing that is happening in this division is that the best seem to be fighting the best and that should provide a great opportunity for the #3 ranked Kovalev to strut his stuff. Not unlike Gennady Golovkin, he is beginning to build a cult-like following on Facebook. As everyone (including me) is hailing GGG as the next big thing, the next “next big thing” might already be here.

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2013-01-19 Sergey Kovalev vs Gabriel Campillo

2012-09-21 Sergey Kovalev vs Lionell Thompson

Sergey Kovalev vs Roman Simakov 2011 12 05

Sergey Kovalev vs Darnell Boone II - NBC Sports Highlights

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  1. ted 03:30pm, 04/11/2013

    Yuma, these Russians are brutal

  2. johnny yuma 02:59pm, 04/11/2013

    Oh that Golovkin ,now theres a middleweight,ha ha ha.only saw him once i will take him over anyone.even super middles.

  3. johnny yuma 02:57pm, 04/11/2013

    Thanks for videos.Like to see him vs.Hopkins.

  4. Ted 12:04pm, 04/11/2013

    Thanks, Matt. I have been having some cyber issues getting into this thread. This guy is no GGG, but he is a real beast and bears serious scrutiny.

    Cheers, Tex

  5. dollarbond 05:24am, 04/11/2013

    Interesting title

  6. Matt Mosley 01:30am, 04/11/2013

    I like the look of Kovalev, Ted.
    I don’t think he’s quite as talented as Golovkin. He looks more methodical and has less flash to his work, imo, but his power looks very real.

  7. Matt Mosley 01:21am, 04/11/2013

    Tex, Gabriel Campillo was in the top 5 or 6 at 175 when Kovalev stopped him in 3 rds in his last fight.
    Most people thought Campillo had clearly beaten Tavoris Cloud not long before that.

  8. Tex Hassler 10:52pm, 04/10/2013

    I would like to see Kovalev step up and fight higher ranking opponents and that looks like that is about to happen. Boxing needs all the new stars it can get.

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