Kovalev vs. Ward—Trial and Error

By Marc Livitz on November 20, 2016
Kovalev vs. Ward—Trial and Error
The fight was great. The decision? That all depends on who is asked. (Al Bello/Getty)

Andre was so elated with the win that he actually answered a question first and saved his praise of his respective deity until later…

In an alternate universe and on an alternate playing field, American boxing fans would feel jilted that they were made to interrupt their Saturday afternoon to watch a championship fight taking place on foreign soil. A bout which aired somewhere between two and three in the midday hour would be bad enough, as we’re so accustomed to prepping ourselves for fight night. We get out the invites, clean the house if need be and decide whether to supply the suds and pizza or ask our guests to chip in to some degree.

Lastly, once the title fight between an unbeaten American gold medalist and an undefeated Russian wrecking machine was completed, we’d be sure that the Yankee hero would get the nod because he was able to rise from the canvas after an early knockdown and show enough courage and resolve to push through the finish and snare the win. Alas, many of us would cry foul when the hometown fighter celebrated a close, unanimous decision victory in front of a delirious crowd at the MegaSport Arena in Moscow.

Wipe the hypothetical lenses clean and instead, we get what we witnessed on Saturday evening in Las Vegas. In all likelihood, millions of fans all throughout Eastern Europe were upset, if not incensed with the decision win handed to Andre Ward (31-0, 15 KO’s) after his epic battle with Sergey Kovalev (30-1-1, 26 KO’s) reached its conclusion. Each man seemed out of sorts when he was interviewed by Max Kellerman in the ring after the hair slicing, 114-113 unanimous decision win was in the books. Andre was so elated with the win that he actually answered a question first and saved his praise of his respective deity until later. Likewise, we were treated the most clear and concise rendition of Kovalev’s grasp of English when the mic was placed in front of him.

Matters seemed difficult enough in the weeks and days leading up to the contest. If the best actually fought the best this often, then there’d many a boxing pundit out of a job and without an opinion to cough out. The names on the marquee weren’t new, yet the hype wasn’t at a level which it rightly deserved. This the absolute best, as opposed to the most popular or disliked facing off in a pound-for-pound type of contest, yet it did little to peak interest.

It seemed much like an episode of the Simpsons which aired in 1998. The Bi-Monthly Science Fiction Convention (or Bi-Mon Sci-Fi Con, as it was advertised) took place in Springfield. All of the kids in attendance didn’t seem to be interested in the autograph tables of anyone save for their favorite “SciFi” movie star. World famous astronaut Neil Armstrong had a table of his own and his publicist went so far as to exclaim to the children, “this man has actually been into outer space.” They didn’t care. Much seemed to be the same here. The buzz wasn’t there. We could’ve said to fight fans, “but guys, these two fighters are the cream of the crop. You don’t often get a match-up like this.” Who knows if that would have helped?

As far as the contest itself, well, that’s just the way it goes. Andre Ward was floored in the second round but of course, he made it back to his feet with a smile. Kovalev didn’t finish him and perhaps didn’t pummel him to the degree which some expected. The judges may have stopped watching the overall activity and paid more attention to the fact that “S.O.G.” Ward weathered the storm and wasn’t going to budge. Many might be inclined to say that Sergey won, but just barely. Some could feel that he didn’t take the proverbial bull by the horns and let his fists do the talking. Yes, despite the knockdown and higher output in his favor, Ward was still standing there.

Shockingly and for all of his accomplishments, Andre Ward had never fought in Las Vegas prior to tonight. He astounded the boxing world when he won the “Super Six” super middleweight tournament five years ago. The setup was great. Participants fought the next man up and not the best contract presented. That was then and of course, this is now. Rematch, anyone? It’s a drag that Sergey Kovalev didn’t win by a close decision so he could demand a rematch in Russia as a change of pace. The fight was great. The decision? That all depends on who is asked.

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  1. Joe Masterleo 09:28am, 11/29/2016

    I’m sitting here in late November wondering which outcome this month was more stunning, Trump vs. Clinton or Ward vs. Kovalev. So much for voting and judging.

  2. non_prophet 10:22am, 11/28/2016

    Great fight.  The American won.  Trump supporters rooted for the Russian who lost….just like Trump  

    Re-match will end the same way, just more convincingly for Ward.

    Re-count will end with Clinton re-gaining electoral votes lost due to voting machines rigged in Trump’s favor.

  3. Sam Young 11:31pm, 11/26/2016

    Sergey Kovalev won the fight clearly, he won the fight 7 rounds to Ward’s 5 rounds. Sergey landed more punches, landed the harder punches and was the Aggressor the Entire Fight. You people at Boxing.com aren’t on the ball. You make it sound like Andre actually won the fight. So what that he got up after he got knocked down. That’s what almost any Boxing Champion does, you don’t win points for that unless you’re a Biased Hypocrite that’s hating on the Russian Champion. Please, you people don’t have the Knowledge or Courage to just state facts. Stop trying to be Politically Correct and just state facts. Sergey got ROBBED of his Titles by a Rigged American Judges. RingTv.com had it correct, Roy Jones Jr. who actually is an Andre Ward Fan, said it was a Bad Decision. Stephen A.Smith ESPN Sports Analyst said it was a Bad Decision. About 70% of Honest Knowledgeable Fans a lot of them wanted Ward to win were shocked Andre got the win. But you guys are Soft and Wimpy on the matter. No guts, courage and no honesty.

  4. AWB Pick Up The Pieces 08:22am, 11/24/2016

    Shout out to that old commie warrior from the ‘70’s, Mate Parlov. Parlov paved the way for the current crop of vodka drinking comrades. HAPPY TANKSGIVING, everyone. Last year, me and the turtles ate Spam.

  5. Booger 08:34am, 11/23/2016

    My mistake. DePaula vs. Tiger was a 10 rounder and not a title fight. I’ve heard a film does not exist of this fight but by all accounts it was supposed to be quite a scrap. Another film that apparently doesn’t exist is Quarry vs. Mathis. Would love to see both of these fights. Catch ya later, got to go walk the dawgs. Damn mutts want to go to the park and are buggin’ the shit out of me.

  6. The Thresher 08:12am, 11/23/2016

    Archie Moore vs. Yvon Durelle was, IMO,  the greatest fight of all time.

  7. Booger 07:35am, 11/23/2016

    Some memorable modern light heavyweight title tussles in no particular order.
    Richie Kates vs Victor Galindez I
    Archie Moore vs. Yvon Durelle I
    Dick Tiger vs. Frankie DePaula ( have never seen this one, but it was FOTY)
    Bobby Czyz vs. Prince Charles Williams I
    Iran Barkley vs. Thomas Hearns II
    Matthew Franklin aka Saad vs. Marvin Johnson I & II (first fight was non-title bout)
    Saad Muhammad vs. Yaqui Lopez II ( the first fight wasn’t a title bout but was a good scrap as well)
    Of course, none of these fights were promoted as “superfights.”

  8. Booger 12:39pm, 11/22/2016

    Damn it all, hope this link works.

  9. Booger 12:32pm, 11/22/2016

    Thresher…I love testing myself with Farmers Walks. I have been really getting into grip strength lately. Trying to close a Captains Of Crush #2. Not there yet. Got to go train with some medicine ball trows right now. Keep on keepin on, brother!!! Have a nice afternoon!!

  10. Booger 12:27pm, 11/22/2016


  11. The Thresher 12:27pm, 11/22/2016

    Booger, I do the Farmers Walk with a 50 pound Trap (hex) bar with 85 pounds on each side (220 total(. I don’t walk very far but I do walk. I use it for Strong Man Training. I do Strong Man occasionally in Peabody MA and maybe 4 PL meets in 2017—Johnson, RI, Smithfield, RI,  Fairhaven, VT, and hopefully Gilford, NH. I encourage you to come out and cheer me on. I lift for the Elite Powerlifting Federation (EPF) Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate.

    I mix this sport with boxing writing and it’s a great combo that keeps sharp, on the edge.

  12. don from prov 12:14pm, 11/22/2016

    “sometimes you just can’t shoot the other guy”

    a sad fact of life

  13. Booger 12:12pm, 11/22/2016

    You have to remember Charles Bronson in that classic movie, “The Mechanic.” Jan Michael Vincent’s character asks Bronson, why he was always squeezing that ball of wax. Mr. Bronson says that sometimes you just can’t shoot the other guy and sometimes things might get physical. Bronson then offers a demonstration of hand strength. RIP Charlie.

  14. don from prov 12:03pm, 11/22/2016

    There was NEVER a day I was walking 300 yards holding 100 lb. dumbbells—

    I’d just shoot them.

  15. Don from Prov 12:00pm, 11/22/2016

    There was a day when some Italian fellas might have shot you for conflating Johnston with Providence, but really we are lucky here when anyone doesn’t just assume us to be some far-flung outpost of New York.  Nah, The Donald isn’t coming for This Donald, and if he does, he might find me a bit more slippery and nasty than SOG, which—whatever the opposite of is—is me.

    “BTW, It appears Eric has been banned, is dead, or hospitalized.”
    Maybe all three in a slightly different order.

  16. Booger 11:54am, 11/22/2016

    Strength challenge for the “above average guy.” Pick up a pair of dumbbells that are each equal to half your bodyweight. Example, 200lb guy picks up a pair of 100’s. Now walk the distance of a football field/300 yards with those dumbbells hanging at your sides with straight arms/ aka farmer’s walks.  First thing that goes on old people is grip strength, if you can accomplish this feat, you will have a helluva grip. No cheating, keep a straight back. This exercise will condition as well, your heart will be trippin’ cuz.

  17. The Thresher 10:03am, 11/22/2016

    Very old, crotchet and definitely deaf (though my new hearing aids help), but still one of the strongest 80-year-olds in the world.  In fact, I’ll be affirming that in Providence (Johnson) in April God permitting.

    And you best take cover because Trump is coming for you and “you can run, but you can’t hide.” Heh Heh

    BTW, It appears Eric has been banned, is dead, or hospitalized.

  18. Don from Prov 09:52am, 11/22/2016

    Oh, my clarion horn sounded.

    You are just too old and deaf to hear it—
    Should have felt ground shake though.  Agree with Braverman; agree with “10 years from now” and with SOG dictating terms; agree as well that Hunter has some of that serial killer look about him; certainly agree with the idea of Ward going back to 168 lb, but to fight GGG—yet given the controversy over this one, I suspect that wouldn’t be so easy.  If at his age, he stays at LHW for a rematch, SMW might seem like a distant and unreachable island later.

  19. The Thresher 09:40am, 11/22/2016

    OK B ooger

  20. Booger 09:08am, 11/22/2016

    Sorry, Mr. Thresher. Trying to wake up from an Ambien hangover from the night before. Usually takes a two or tree cups of strong, black coffee to get going. Tanks for recognizing, sir.

  21. The Thresher 08:42am, 11/22/2016

    Wow, a visit from the Providence Bard—but where is your Clarion Horn as you make seminal posts?

    Al Braverman once said, “there is no such thing as a bad win”. 10 years from now, the record will show that Kov lost and Ward won. Right now, SOG dictates the terms along with his serial-killer looking trainer. SOG should go back down to Super Middleweight and frustrate the Russian.

  22. The Thresher 08:36am, 11/22/2016

    WTF, What about me Booger?

  23. Don from Prov 08:31am, 11/22/2016

    It’s just a shot away, Mr. B—


    Now, probably more than ever

  24. Booger 08:21am, 11/22/2016

    Tanks for the recognition, Don From Prov. Gimme Shelter, brother. haha.

  25. Don from Prov 08:21am, 11/22/2016

    “Ward won the electoral vote. Kovalev got the popular vote. Deal with it.”

    This could be second best.  You do have your moments, Mr. T.
    And any surprise that the Yank was watching with eight guys, all of whom were “with ring experience”? Any chance all nine were nekked together in a hot tub?  God bless you Yank—you’ve stuck around long enough that you actually sound like an almost sane voice on these boxing sites,

  26. don from prov 08:16am, 11/22/2016

    “The Irish white guy got the decision.”

    best comment on the fight yet

  27. Don from Prov 08:14am, 11/22/2016

    “Everyone needs to cool out.” Mick Jagger circa 1969.

    Hadn’t someone already been stabbed by that point?
    Anyway, your posts were good.

  28. Booger 08:03am, 11/22/2016

    Irish…Nope. But I have a baseball hit by Brooks Robinson and I can recite the O’s lineup from from ‘69-‘71. Don Buford-Paul Blair-Frank Robinson-Boog Powell-Brooksie-Dave Johnson-Elrod Hendricks or Etchebarren-Mark The Blade Belanger. John Wesley Powell was a big boy but not even Boog was as big as the Capital Punisher aka Frank Howard. As a little tyke, visiting Memorial Stadium to watch my beloved O’s take on the hapless Washington Senators, Frank dissed me by not giving me autograph. Never forgive the big feller for that one. Have a photo of Frank & Boog standing next to each other though. Definitely two heavyweights even by today’s standards.

  29. Booger 07:52am, 11/22/2016

    If you put either one of these guys in the late ‘70’s and early 80’s era of light heavyweights, they would languish in the bottom half of the top ten. They would be ranked behind fighters like Richie Kates, Yaqui Lopez and Jesse Burnett. No way would Kovalev or Ward successfully compete against the likes of Spinks, Qawi, Mustafa Muhammad or Saad. They would probably lose to a faded Galindez, or a Marvin Johnson as well. Take a look at the Marvin Johnson vs. Saad fights. After their epic first fight, a rematch was in order and Saad-Johnson II was on par with their initial fight. Look at Saad’s title match with Yaqui Lopez from 1980. Boxing, like America, taint what it used to be for damn sure. And to think that Saad’s epic matches available on network televison to boot. Yep, Kovalev and Ward would probably score a few victories over the likes of one of the Davis brothers, a Murray Sutherland, or a Pete McIntyre, etc., and maybe earn a title shot at best.

  30. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:46am, 11/22/2016

    @Booger-Are you any kin to Boog Powell?

  31. Booger 07:27am, 11/22/2016

    “There will be a rematch. The air will be cleared. Let’s not taint boxing’s victory.” A rematch will be the reason why boxing will be ONCE AGAIN tainted. How about a trilogy while we are at it. Haven’t seen the fight but from what I’ve heard and read it wasn’t exactly Ali-Frazier or Norton-Holmes. A somewhat controversial scoring of a boring fight shouldn’t constitute an automatic rematch. A rematch should be EARNED by both fighters putting on an entertaining fight that is worth seeing again. Maybe they could have this rematch as part of a co-feature with Pac vs. Mayweather II. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Boxing fans are nearly as gullible as the American who gets his or her news from the televison networks.

  32. AkT 01:16am, 11/22/2016

    The only reason the debate goes on about this fight is because it was so close. Something similar happened when Floyd fought Jose Luis Castillo and Maidana in the first bouts. Rematches were called into play and the results were the same. In Roy’s case with Antonio Tarver, we all know how that played out. The match is over - results have been decided. Ward won. Personally, I’d hate to have been a judge in that fight.

    But truth be told from rounds 7-12, you saw Ward tame Kovalev. Ward had the momentum in the latter part of the fight. Yes, some of the rounds were close, but to call it a robbery just shows ignorance or extreme bias based on unnecessary sentiment. Kovalev did not win ALL of rounds 1-6, although I’d say he dominated most of it. Ward did not necessarily win ALL of rounds 7-12 even though he dominated most of it. Knock down or no knock down, this fight really could have legitimately gone either way. But one thing is for sure. This was no robbery. Not at all.

    There’ll be a rematch. The air will be cleared. Let’s not taint boxing’s victory. I believe this was a good fight.

  33. Carlos Torres 08:46pm, 11/21/2016

    Kovalev did not do enough to win the fight convincingly & Ward did not do enough to win the fight either. A Draw.

  34. The Thresher 08:31pm, 11/21/2016


  35. The Thresher 07:05pm, 11/21/2016

    Booger has the beat

  36. Booger 06:30pm, 11/21/2016

    When was the last time that boxing actually had a decent “superfight” that lived up to the hype? And you wonder why boxing is a dying sport. Hopefully, the NFL will die off as well. Why anyone forks out money for these ridiculously overpriced PPV “fights” is baffling to say the least. Wouldn’t a paying for a nice steak beat paying to watch a couple of guys hit each other with leather gloves? At least MMA has some decent fights once in awhile.

  37. Booger 05:44pm, 11/21/2016

    “Everyone needs to cool out.” Mick Jagger circa 1969.

  38. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:32pm, 11/21/2016

    There’s only one thing worse than bogus decisions in boxing…..decisions that literally can change the course of a fighter’s career and by extension his very life and the lives of those that he cares about and who care about him…..and that is brain bleeds which by the way sound way too Goddamned innocuous, kinda like nose bleeds…. that can lead to permanent and severe disability and even death. Gutknecht would not be in an induced coma at this moment and we wouldn’t be going round and round about this shitty decision if the officials involved had actually done their jobs. Way too much ho humming about both on these boxing web sites.

  39. Booger 04:56pm, 11/21/2016

    The Irish white guy got the decision.

  40. Koolz 04:00pm, 11/21/2016

    @The Thresher

    Fake News has said that Trump won the popular and the electoral votes by millions.

    Now why did Trump win?  Well I can’t tell you that, as I don’t think your intelligence would be able to deal with it.
    I guess we all have things we must deal with.

  41. The Thresher 03:48pm, 11/21/2016

    Ward won the electoral vote. Kovalev got the popular vote. Deal with it.

  42. Koolz 02:58pm, 11/21/2016

    most of you are blinded by Bias.  I just watched this fight again here
    allthebestfights com
    and had the sound off and I still couldn’t give Ward five rounds.  Then I have to factor in that knock down.
    After all is said and done Kovalev was robbed.  The whole internet is pissed off at this. 
    I am wiping my hands of it now.

  43. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:56pm, 11/21/2016

    Referee Robert Byrd who was totally involved in the fight and close enough to get splattered with blood, sweat, and snot says Kovalev won for Christ’s sake! Oh wait….he’s not a judge, what would he know. Get a grip!.... he lost and now he talks shit about fighting Heavyweight and how easy Sergey would be next time that it would not be worth the effort!

  44. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:11am, 11/21/2016

    Ward’s very desperate and extremely loud cohort were on their feet screaming and whining and moaning and you better believe they were in the judges heads as Ward mounted his comeback and that’s how one fighter sweeps the last six rounds in a closely contested bout. For some reason they were all jammed up ringside or nearby….I guess they could afford it.

  45. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:59am, 11/21/2016

    Ward did not sweep the last six rounds….if ten and twelve were scored correctly it would have been 115-112 twice and 114-113 for Kovalev.

  46. The Thresher 09:47am, 11/21/2016

    “The best chance Kovalev had to beat Ward was this past Saturday night. As the record will show forever, he didn’t do it. Just as everything was in his favor on November 19th, 2016, it will be in Ward’s favor if they meet again.”

  47. The Thresher 08:08am, 11/21/2016

    Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:59am, err, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Ward’s mauling “borderline dirty” style got him through the Super Six. All of a sudden, he becomes a stiff? He also had the SOG nickname for years so why now is it noxious?

    James Foster and Thomas White make very salient posts above that are not “expert generated” whatever the f—k those are?

  48. The Thresher 08:02am, 11/21/2016

    AKT, I think the Shilstone.factor came into play late. also,Kov was getting hammered in the clinches and beginning to tire.  In 15 rounds, Ward would have stopped him IMHO. Ward wins the rematch handily.

  49. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:59am, 11/21/2016

    If you come out of the the Olympics with Gold and you can’t hit worth a shit in a hitting game, what to do….what to do? Here’s what you do….you drop down in weight class and adopt and then perfect a “borderline dirty” fighting style and because it works so well the experts all fall in line and say, this guy has never lost so he must be a genius…..that’s it… he’s a genius. Here’s what happened on Saturday…...he got beat up by the “bully”, so deemed by boxing’s version of the MSM ....and then he fought back, because you better believe that by this time the “Son of God” has total belief in himself and why wouldn’t he, and was given extra credit for standing up to the bully, which he knew was due him as S.O.G.

  50. The Thresher 07:51am, 11/21/2016

    Old Yank, you worry about your scoring and I’ll worry about mine.

  51. Old Yank 07:38am, 11/21/2016

    In a room with 8 other guys (all with ring experience), I was the only card at 114-113 for Ward. Most saw it 115-112 for Kovalev. I’m not sure how the math of a draw could reasonably work with Kovalev having won one round 10-8. No matter the math, I was certainly the odd man out with my card.

  52. AkT 03:16am, 11/21/2016

    As Thresher would say @Raxman - you have the beat.

  53. AkT 03:13am, 11/21/2016

    I thought that the fight would play out the way it did. If Kovalev was unable to KO him brutally, Andre would frustrate him through the later rounds, and dominate. He did. Kovalev’s power became a non-factor later in the fight - for a puncher, that’s a terrible thing.

    We can debate till the cocks crow at dawn as to who won or didn’t but the truth is that it was a very close fight. Had it been a 15 rounder, I would say Ward might have gotten a stoppage. If I were Kovalev, I wouldn’t fight Ward again. It’ll be worse for him next time.

  54. raxman 08:02pm, 11/20/2016

    This was a tough one for me. Kovalev is my favourite fighter but I think Ward is just a freak talent and I love him for it. But despite my allegiance to Kovalev I don’t get why the controversy. With the exception of the first 4 rounds this fight was very hard to score. After give Kovalev the 1-4, you could easily give ward rounds 5-9 and with kovalev getting the 10th, rounds 11&12; were again tough to score.
    no matter who got the decision it wouldn’t have been a robbery it was just one of those things that happens in the scoring of the sport - one fighter clearly won some rounds whilst another only just won others - but the point is they’re 10-9 rounds either way, dominate or not.

    As for complaints re the clinching, I thought Kovalev was by far the guilty party in this fight. Ward is a great infighter - he initiates body to body contact and then gets his short arms free to punch - now even through the pre fight presser Kovalev was talking about not letting Ward get inside - most of the first half of the fight had Kovalev putting Ward in practically a guillotine choke any time he got inside. Not that I can blame him as in fighting isn’t his strong suit as much as it is Wards. Plus as Thresher says Ward is borderline dirty, he’ll hit, push with his elbows and not to forget the Kessler fight, lead with the head

  55. Darrell 07:29pm, 11/20/2016

    This is how I saw it, 4 rounds to Ward. Kovalev clearly won the first five rounds, though Ward was getting closer in rounds 4 & 5. Ward won four of the last seven. Really, it was done in the first half and Ward had to basically win everything from round 6 onwards, or knock Kovalev out (that plainly wasn’t going to happen), and Ward didn’t win all of those backend rounds. 8 (Kovalev) - 4 (Ward), or more accurately 7 or 6 rounds (Kovalev) to 4 (Ward) with one or two even (Of those back seven).......and then there’s the knockdown to factor in.

    I like both these fighters but absolutely hate this decision…..clearly wrong.

  56. Koolz 02:27pm, 11/20/2016

    I game Ward four rounds that it. 
    The whole thing was politics just like Hunter’s Out Burst.  Kovalev wasted a lot of energy getting out of the way of those incoming Head butts and elbows.
    The end result is a disaster.  Because this was a fight we were really looking forward to and tuned out to have a sour ending.
    Kovalev needs to stick to the GGG plan, never let go to the judges.

  57. The Thresher 02:16pm, 11/20/2016

    Max tried to make a decent fight a “great fight” and he stunk out the place. As for mauling, that’s Ward’s signature. People forget he is borderline dirty. Whatever works. A draw would have satisfied me.

    After the Perez-Hooker robbery (which I actually called on Facebook), I suspected something like this would happen. This is why boxing has major issues. This should of could of been a colossus. Instead, it was a controversial/so-so clinch-fest.

  58. The Thresher 02:01pm, 11/20/2016

    New York has better Judges. Las Vegas has better referees, It’s been that way for a looooong time.

  59. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:57pm, 11/20/2016

    I posted this on another thread and I’ll repeat it here….forget Russia, if they had fought at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn Sergey would have won, with the same asshat officials

  60. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:52pm, 11/20/2016

    The judges gave Sergey five rounds….he needed another knockdown to make the numbers come out right, which is all that Vegas judges do anyway….make the numbers come out right, even the judges they bring in from out of town who get caught up in the bullshit right quick.Football is a momentum sport and so is boxing but boxing has to be scored round by round just as it’s contested round by round…..no extra points for a fighter steadying himself and coming back in the fight from a bad start and a knockdown. Oddsmakers had Ward -200 at fight time.

  61. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 01:36pm, 11/20/2016

    @nicolas- You’re way too sensible bud! These are the early returns here….we haven’t heard from the Boxing.com elders who will remind us of what a genius Ward is and that no matter who the officials were he would have found a way to win, which is so much bullshit because he lost this fight right here.

  62. Koolz 01:35pm, 11/20/2016

    Kovalev won big time!
    Can’t believe there was no KO.  Damn.  I knew that this would got to the judges that They would Swing to Ward even though he would lose.


  63. nicolas 12:51pm, 11/20/2016

    I think the big problem here is as Kovalev addressed, and appears to be the first person I have seen address this, you have not only American judges, but an American referee involved in this fight. You often hear about how figures going to Germany are robbed, and while this may be true, you don’t have only German judges and a German referee involved in the fight there. I did not see the fight, I have heard various perspectives of the fight, but had Ward won with no American judges or an American referee, it would perhaps not be as controversial. Many years ago, Victor Galindez was supposed to fight Mike Rossman in his bid to regain the light heavyweight title from Rossman, but he pulled out of the fight in the last day when it was going to be only American judges. He did of course regain the title with a stoppage in New Orleans, but also with an international panel. It used to be the case, if you went to Japan to fight, you might only have Japanese officials involved in the match, I remember when Esteban De Jesus went to try to capture the title from Roberto Duran in Panama, it was only Panamanian judgesand even at that time, as a young teen agers, I knew De Jesus would not get a fair shake, and probably felt he could only win the title by knockout, and therefore got stopped himself. Such unfair advantages seem to have been discarded by the rest of the world, except maybe for Great Britain, where you see sometimes a British ref involved in a title fight with a British fighter. Why is the United States still allowed this luxury of having only American officials in what is an international fight? Also perhaps, out of fairness, not necessarily financial considerations, should not this possible rematch of this fight take place in Russia?

  64. Mason 09:46am, 11/20/2016

    Vegas, usa, russia, need i say more
    Boxing is very sick, and no one cares because money is better than sportsmanship. If i was André ward after the fight i would have left the belts in the ring and would have demanded a rematch, thats à hero

  65. Michael Margolies 08:58am, 11/20/2016

    This was not, repeat, not, a great fight,  It was a fairly decent fight, but let’s not call it what it wasn’t.  It had 2 different guys with 2 different type of fighting styles.  Also, Ward did not do unbelievable body work.  It was fine, but that was it.  Kovalev does not take a shot to the body very well.  It is probably nothing more than the fact that he simply does not.  No amount of body work for Kovalev would help him in that area.  I am sure he did all his gym including body strengthening exercises.

    I thought Kovalev won by 4 points.  If I was wrongly influenced by anything it was my 3 jerky friends who oohed and awed every time Ward landed a shot and pretended that Kovalev didn’t have much effect on Ward except for the knockdown.

    Next week the replay.  I’ll make sure to watch it alone.  With the sound off, to see if I was closer to the truth than all those Ward fans.  BTW I like both guys, so I’ll see what I’ll see without friends around to disturb me.
    Mike from Brooklyn

  66. Phil 08:25am, 11/20/2016

    The judges missed a good fight. How they could give Dawson the decision Its unbelievable! With that being said it was a GREAT fight., well worth the $60.

  67. James Foster 07:43am, 11/20/2016

    Everybody sees what they want to see depending on who they are rooting for.  I was definitely for Ward but think the score should have been reversed, 114/113 for Kovalev.  The 114/113 for Ward meant that he had to win 7 or the 12 rounds.  I think it was 6 to 6, with the knockdown giving Kovalev the decision. But, I’ll be honest, I’m glad Ward got the decision.  For those blind people who think Ward was dominated, you’re not a true boxing fan or you’re just totally biased.  The body work Ward did was phenomenal and I think that’s what the judges gave him great credit for.  Those body punches were taking their toll and Kovalev was bleeding from the nose.  Yeah, Ward lost the first 3 rounds but rebounded very well.  Again, I think it was 6 rounds apiece.

  68. NYIrish 06:59am, 11/20/2016

    Scored 6 and 6 on rounds. Kovalev by a point. Think I was generous to Ward. Rematch is indicated.

  69. Allen 06:03am, 11/20/2016

    Kovalev won but did not show much. No body punching, allowing Ward to tie him up. He’s one dimensional
    Sean, you are right..the entire crew of 3 blind mice calling the fight need to learn to SHUT UP!

  70. Thomas White 05:50am, 11/20/2016

    What fight were you watching? Ward did not get dominated, you probably miss the body work Ward did, Kovalev was heading hunting all night long.

  71. Sean Strauss 05:40am, 11/20/2016

    Ward lost that fight.  Kovalev was robbed after he dominated Ward.  The most I’d give Ward is 5 rounds and that’s being generous.  I think the crowd played a huge part in Ward winning.  They were freaking out if he landed a jab.  Add in people like Max Kellerman who talk so much they aren’t even watching the fight spewing trash that the fight could’ve gone either way… and well.. there you are.  What ever happened to you have to take the title from the champ?  If the fight was that close it should’ve gone to Kovalev, but the fight wasn’t even close.  It’s the most disgusting result I’ve watched this year.  Just watch Ward’s reaction when they announce his name.  He was shocked!!!  He knows he lost that fight.

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