Krusher Crushes Black Russian

By Clarence George on October 26, 2013
Krusher Crushes Black Russian
Kovalev won the title in Wales in August, stopping Nathan Cleverly by fourth-round TKO.

WBO light heavyweight champ Sergey Kovalev will defend his title against Ismayl Sillakh in Quebec on November 30…

“I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff.”—Britney Spears

WBO light heavyweight champ Sergey Kovalev will defend his title against Ismayl Sillakh over a scheduled 12 rounds at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec on November 30. Kovalev won the title in August, stopping Nathan Cleverly by fourth-round TKO.

The 30-year-old Russian remains undefeated over his four-year professional career, with 20 of his 22 wins coming by way of knockout. He drew once, against Grover Young in 2011.

Kovalev, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, fought twice last year, stopping Darnell Boone by second-round TKO in June and Lionell Thompson by third-round TKO in September.

In addition to his championship win over Cleverly, “Krusher” has had two other fights this year, stopping Gabriel Campillo by third-round TKO in January and Cornelius White by third-round TKO in June.

Twenty-eight-year-old Sillakh (21-1, 17 KOs) fought only once in 2012, stopped by Denis Grachev via eighth-round TKO in April, the Ukrainian’s first defeat in his five-year career.

Sillakh, who lives in Simi Valley, has fought four times this year, stopping Daniel Adotey Allotey by second-round KO in February, beating Mitch Williams by unanimous decision in March, stopping Alvaro Enriquez by first-round KO in June, and retiring Konstantin Piternov in the sixth in August.

“We do not expect an easy fight,” says John David Jackson, Kovalev’s trainer. Nor should they—Sillakh is impressive. But Jackson is quite right in pointing out that “The Black Russian” has been knocked out and that “Sergey hits very, very hard.” The trainer’s prediction that Kovalev will knock out Sillakh no later than the sixth is very much on target.

Call me Ismayl. No…call Ismayl’s momma, because he’s going to need some TLC after that KO.

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2013 08 17 Nathan Cleverly vs Sergey Kovalev

БОКС Силлах \ Грачёв Box Ismayl Sillakh vs Denis Grachev.(2012.04.27).2012 MMM 2011

2013-01-19 Sergey Kovalev vs Gabriel Campillo

Ismayl Sillakh vs Mitch Williams presented by All Star Promotions

2013-06-14 Sergey Kovalev vs Cornelius White

Исмаил Силлах - Константин Питернов 2013-08-24 Ismayl Sillakh vs Konstantin Piternov

2012-09-21 Sergey Kovalev vs Lionell Thompson

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  1. Clarence George 02:07pm, 10/26/2013

    Glad you like ‘em, Irish.  A “profound attitude adjustment”—good one.

    I agree, Ken, that Sillakh is not to be underestimated, but I’m convinced his chin will collapse to Kovalev’s fist like a sand castle to a wave.

  2. KenM 09:34am, 10/26/2013

    Surprising fight to be made - I had expected Kovalev to be facing Fonfarra next.

    While I agree with the prediction of Kovalev via KO, it should be remembered that Sillakh is still the same guy that looked like one of the best boxer/punchers to hit the sport recently, and the only rounds that he has lost in his pro career (apart from the one when he got knocked out in) were the ones he took off.

    Too bad about the chin, & the right hand seems to be the shot he’s vulnerable to, but still a very interesting bout…

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:39am, 10/26/2013

    Clarence George-These previews really get my attention.“Sergei hits very, very, hard.”....therein lies the rub….there’s hard….there’s very hard….and then there’s ” very , very hard” as in Tommy Hearns, GGG and yes Sergei. I contend that fighters, unlike the general population or even athletes in general become innured through time to receiving concussive type blows to their bodies both in sparring and in their fights. It follows that in order to really get a seasoned, hardened, fighters attention one has to hit “very, very hard”. By getting a fighter’s attention I mean this…..actually contemplating one’s own mortality while the fight is unfolding. I assert that some fighters hit so “very, very hard” that even their glancing or partially blocked punches will bring about a profound attitude adjustment even in the most ferocious and “fearless” fighters who are after all our fellow human beings.

  4. Andriy 04:19am, 10/26/2013

    Thousand times Sillakh himself said he’s not some “Black Russian” - he still has no boxing alias. And he’s Ukranian, not Russian. Its sounds like Micky “British” Ward, Rob “All-Canadian Prizefighter” Calloway or Kid “Jamaican Hawk” Gavilan…

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