Krusher Kovalev Blues

By Robert Ecksel on January 30, 2019
Krusher Kovalev Blues
The woman, a model and actress, claims she was assaulted by Sergey Kovalev in Big Bear.

Kovalev is facing four years in prison for beating up a woman and her dog, both of whom appear to have rejected his advances…

With cries of “fake news” ringing in my ears like the worst case of tinnitus known to man, I regret having to report that former light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev is facing four years in prison for beating up a woman and her dog, both of whom appear to have rejected his advances.

The woman, a model and actress named Jamie Frontz, claims she was sexually assaulted by Kovalev and “has filed a lawsuit against the Russian,” according to TMZ Sports, “claiming the 35-year-old also brutalized her dog.”

In court documents obtained by TMZ the alleged victim “claims she met Sergey at the grand opening of a boxing gym in Big Bear, CA back in June.” She said “Sergey and a friend followed her home from the party and Kovalev aggressively tried to have sex with her.

“At one point, Kovalev pinned Jamie to the couch, leaning over her with his hands on either side of her shoulders, such that she could not move away.”

Some seem to believe that women are good for nothing, mere playthings to satisfy men’s lust.

Their mothers must been real harridans.

Annie, the woman’s dog, “sensed the danger and tried to intervene—but Kovalev shoved the dog away and then kicked it in the chest.”

Instead of protecting herself, however futile it might have been, she went to protect her dog, at which point “Kovalev…punched her with full force directly in the face one time with a closed fist.”

Sergey allegedly fled the scene after the assault, at which point the woman called the cops, who arrested the former champion and charged him with felony assault, to which he pleaded not guilty.

The following morning, the woman “claims she saw Kovalev crawl out of the bushes near her cabin, and he yelled her name—so, she called 911 and later got a restraining order against him.”

With a rematch against Eleider Alvarez, to whom Kovalev lost by knockout in August, scheduled to take place this Saturday, it’s good to know that Krusher is taking the bout seriously.

Ms. Frontz took to social media in an attempt to expose Kovalev’s lies.

“I hear that he is denying on his social media that he punched me in the face,” she wrote. “I’m curious as to how he explains the fact that I suddenly wound up with a shattered nose, an open head wound, a concussion and two spinal injuries when he was standing 3 feet away from me in the living room of my own cabin (infuriated because I wouldn’t have sex with him, so much so that he had just viciously kicked my dog Annie).

“And there’s an eyewitness who saw the whole thing. Nice try, Krusher. Fortunately, he’s facing felony assault charges and I’m also suing him for $8 million, so one way or the other I suspect the truth will come out. Sadly, I know all [too] well what [it’s] like to get punched in the face by Kovalev, only when he hit me he wasn’t wearing gloves.”

There’s a possibility, perhaps even a likelihood that Kovalev’s alleged actions will garner him more fans, for confirming the worst possible stereotype of boxing and boxers, for having the cojones to express the hostility toward women that so many men seem to feel.

But don’t count me among them.

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  1. te tumbo 01:59pm, 02/01/2019

    i don’t recall this degree of compassion and dedication to due process from posters when Mayweather was accused of striking a woman(?) and “Money” IS wealthy beyond anything Kovalev will ever be able to earn. moreover, simple and complicated meltdowns between estranged and even current couples are not uncommon, which is why due process was definitely applicable to Mayweather’s case. In Kovalev’s case, it sounds like your average and unremarkable case of sexual assault/harassment by a foreigner harboring retrograde sentiments towards women. not in this country you don’t and the $8 million lawsuit should drive that point home.

  2. don from prov 01:42pm, 02/01/2019

    “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”


  3. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 10:40am, 02/01/2019

    My bad. That was France and England siding with the South and not France and Germany. Oops. SeeeeYaaaaaa.

  4. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 10:07am, 02/01/2019

    Koolz… In this day and age who knows. I know for a fact that Americans have been flat out bamboozled, hoodwinked, or better yet just FLAT OUT LIED to since the days of the American Civil War. Interesting note that few people out there might not know is that “Honest” Abe was a friend and pen pal of Karl Marx nor do they realize that Russia almost sided with the Union and France and Germany with the Southerners. It could have become a world war instead of a war between Americans only.  I have seen people lionized in history who were flat out demonic and others who were not nearly as evil as they are made out to be. IF Kovalev is guilty, then I don’t have a helluva lot of respect for him at all, in fact, IF this story is true, he’s a scumbag. But as always, it is innocent until PROVEN guilty, at least with me it is.

  5. Koolz 08:22am, 02/01/2019

    yes Fedor should hang it up!  Pride years are legend and he is a Legend but time to hang it up.

    Here what I really think happened with Kovalev.  Nothing.

  6. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 04:29pm, 01/31/2019

    Koolz.. I heard that Fedor lost, haven’t watched the fight yet. . Fedor should just retire, he has nothing left to prove. One of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, no doubt in anyone’s mind about that. Even the greatest of athletes like Fedor, Ali, Babe Ruth, Johnny Unitas, Vasily Alekseyev, etc.,  the list goes on and on, never beat Mother Nature or Father Time.

  7. Koolz 02:17pm, 01/31/2019

    Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers

    Obviously you should never abuse women ever!

    But who knows what the real scenario is here.  Many have been Guilty when they are Innocent and vice versa.  I don’t know Kovalev on any level so I think my opinion doesn’t hold to much weight. 

    Kovalev though should not even be trying to flirt with any other women as he has wife and kid.  What is the worst case to all this?

    Kovalev loses his fight, His wife divorces him, he gets fined, put in prison.

    Now completely off topic Fedor lost his fight at Beltor and if you have Netflix Kingdom the first season is Bass A##!!

  8. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 08:55am, 01/31/2019

    Just did a search on the case that I was talking about. The man’s name was Gary Dotson. He was the first person to be exonerated by using DNA evidence. I still remember this case from all those years ago because I couldn’t believe someone would pull some kind of bullshit like this and be able to live with themselves for 6 years. And for those of us old farts, we have Tawana Brawley and later the Duke Lacrosse Rape Fraud as well as the Kavanaugh debacle. Women who lie about sexual assault or rape are really hurting women who are legitimately raped and/or assaulted. A serious crime like rape is nothing to be taken lightly. An innocent man doing time for rape is walking around with a target sign on his back and will be dealt with. Takes an evil woman to do that to someone.

  9. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 08:42am, 01/31/2019

    Koolz… Someone obviously hit the woman so it doesn’t look good for the Krusher. But who knows maybe she was attacked by someone else and is afraid to name the real REAL perp and she sees dollar signs.  I will always remember a case that happened way back in the mid 1980’s in Illinois. A girl was roughed up by her boyfriend who ripped her blouse and had sex with her. She was afraid to tell her dad about her boyfriend so she claimed she was raped by a stranger. Her MADE UP description of the perp fit this one guy to T. Talk about bad luck. The poor guy was convicted of rape and did 6 years before the girl finally had a conscious and came out and told the truth. Man, could anyone blame that guy for wanting to kill that girl. That girl should have gone to prison for 60 years. Bad enuff going to prison for a crime you didn’t commit but going to prison and being labeled a rapist is something different altogether.

  10. Robert Ecksel 08:29am, 01/31/2019

    don from prov…you’re right. He’s a nasty piece of work who’s angry at the world. He’s gone. And to quote W. Somerset Maugham, “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

  11. Koolz 07:59am, 01/31/2019

    would need to see complete proof this happens before I believed any of it.  Kovalev is a married man with child. 

    It’s takes no effort from any agency to create some me too action against sport stars. 
    If it’s doping, or rape, or tax fraud, it’s to damn easy! 
    just ask Mel Gibson what it takes to lose an acting career.

  12. don from prov 07:57am, 01/31/2019

    Sheeise should be banned. Period.
    You don’t need that crap on here, Mr. Ecksel.

  13. Pete The Sneak 12:29pm, 01/30/2019

    @The Tache…I agree. If this is true, yeah he’s definitely an effed up a-hole….I’m sure looking at her face would truly tell the story and by reading Ecksel’s column, it does sound bad. I also don’t blame her for going on social media to call him out as a liar since he’s out there denying it happened. All good… However, I did cringe just a little bit when she mentioned suing him for $8 million dollars. Some things are better left unsaid on the social front and that’s one of them. Let’s get ‘criminal justice’ first and foremost and the rest will fall into place…Peace.

  14. Your Name 12:20pm, 01/30/2019


  15. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 11:02am, 01/30/2019

    Honestly, I don’t think that many men feel hostile towards women. IF anything, I think there are more women who have hostility towards men, maybe for a legit reason, but who knows.  Now, are there a lot of sex starved and pushy men out there? As a man and being around men, I can honestly say there are a great deal of men that are constantly looking for some strange “pucci.” But then again, thanks to Hollyweird promoting women going out and looking to score as something being cool and even normal, there are lots of women out there doing some serious playing around. Lets be real here as well. I have seen women slap the hell out of men, cuss them out, spit in their face even and expect to suffer no repercussions. A great deal of women will really push it with a man ( especially someone they perceive to be a “nice guy”) knowing full well that they could never get away with doing that to another woman. Sorry for the excessive posts, but I dig topics like this one.  It is a change from the every day topic of two sweaty guys punching each other. Okay, I’m done. Laaaater.

  16. The Tache 11:00am, 01/30/2019

    As a professional boxer, do his fists count as weapons? Scumbag if true, which seems likely if the report is accurate. Not a fan of trial by twitter though, save it for the courtroom.

  17. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 09:57am, 01/30/2019

    To all the horn dawgs out there, IF a woman doesn’t want your stanky azz, either move on down the road or use your hand for something else other than hitting a woman. Keepin’ it a “hunert” percent real here as always, sometimes my hand produces better results. I call it, “getting in touch with the unemployed.” teehee. Ain’t no shame in my game, playa.

  18. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 09:13am, 01/30/2019

    Abusing women never stopped people from admiring Carlos Monzon, Tony Ayala or Jake LaMotta. Hell, Monzon and LaMotta are in the IBHOF while baseball player, Pete Rose, is shunned from being accepted for gambling on baseball games. I read comments on this very site, expressing sympathy for LaMotta when he died. When a person dies it doesn’t mean they become a saint ala Pappa Bush and McCain. I guess the only people who died and were bad people or who aren’t in Heaven are Charles Manson and Hitler. ROTFLMMFLWAO.  Appears to be an open and shut case given the injuries sustained by the victim.It is a pity the woman didn’t have a more capable canine. I don’t think the Krusher’s fist are a match for a huge set of canines on a capable guard dog. One thing about hitting a woman though. What if the woman is Anne Wolfe and she is beating up the average Joe? A lot of women out there are more capable of trowin’ someone a beating than a great deal of men.

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