Updated: Pulev’s License Suspended—Pulev Assaults Reporter

By Caryn A. Tate on March 25, 2019
Updated: Pulev’s License Suspended—Pulev Assaults Reporter
A Vegas Sports Daily reporter, Jenny Sushe, was conducting a video interview with Pulev.

Vegas Sports Daily declares they “are working around the clock with Jenny Sushe, and Pulev’s management team to further investigate the matter…”

On Saturday, March 23, Bulgarian heavyweight Kubrat Pulev (27-1, 14 KOs) stopped Bogdan Dinu (18-2, 14 KOs) in the main event of a Top Rank card televised live on ESPN.

After the bout, a Vegas Sports Daily reporter, Jenny Sushe, was conducting a video interview with Pulev. Following her questions, Pulev grabbed Sushe by the face and forcibly kissed her. All of this is plainly shown in the video.

Vegas Sports Daily issued a statement earlier today about the incident. In the statement, the outlet declares, “What happened to Ms. Sushe was completely blindsiding and unwarranted and we share in her shock, hurt, embarrassment and general outrage.” Vegas Sports Daily also declares they “are working around the clock with Jenny Sushe, and Pulev’s management team to further investigate the matter and determine the appropriate steps/actions following this unfortunate event.”

The full video is embedded below.

UPDATED 3/28/19:

Pulev’s fight last Saturday took place in Costa Mesa, California. On Tuesday, March 26, the California State Athletic Commission suspended Pulev’s license. Today, Executive Officer Andy Foster provided the commission’s official statement regarding the incident.

“The California State Athletic Commission is committed to sanctioning events where people of all gender identities are respected as competitors, reporters, and fans. We take this incident seriously. Before he will be licensed to fight in California again, Kubrat Pulev must appear in front of the commission and demonstrate that he will conform to this principle of respect.”

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  1. Thrashem 11:14am, 03/30/2019

    That is a he-she, I met her in Thailand.
    Who wrote that script???
    Don’t know what it is complaining about. Add a female jewess lawyer to the equation and it smells like money!

  2. kID bLAST 09:43am, 03/30/2019



  3. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 06:57am, 03/29/2019

    I take back the part about being “politically incorrect,”  actually I AM THE ONE WHO IS ACTUALLY POLITICALLY CORRECT, the douchebags who push the so-called “politically correct” agenda are the REAL PEOPLE WHO ARE POLITICALLY INCORRECT. They are also the antithesis of a “liberal.” These freaks HIJACK WORDS ALL THE TIME.

  4. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 06:13am, 03/29/2019

    thrashem…“Joking” about rape and “gang rape” is total bulldookie. The difference between me and you is that I respect women, but I am not a feminist freak. I don’t care what Sarah Palin did, ( btw, I think dating one Black man doesn’t constitute a “fetish for Black men.) Personally, I think Palin is a dingbat, but I am using this as a GLARING EXAMPLE OF DOUBLE STANDARDS. I am as politically incorrect as they come, and even I can see you have a hatred and lack of respect for women. Calling women, “whores” which you did, and you also talk about them like they are put here for you to only get your rocks off on them. I think you could possibly be from the Middle East, Latin America, or even Asia, you definitely have something against America, and your attitude towards women reflect those cultures. Women are treated better in Western society than anywhere else in the world. PERSONALLY, I find your attitude towards women, SICKENING and no I am not nowhere near a politically correct douchebag. Personally, I think you need to seek counseling regarding your hatred of women.

  5. The Barker 05:31am, 03/29/2019


    Let’s not be beta men here. It is on good authority that Sarah Palin had a fetish for black ball players in college. It was alleged she and NBA great Glen Rice were lovers in school. Don’t get your undies in a knot over this. I remember when Palin rubbed Al Sharpton’s face and stared at him longingly. I think Bernhardt was merely confirming Gov. Palin’s ravenous taste in Black men:)

  6. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 05:25am, 03/29/2019

    FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Anyone remember back in the day when comedian Sandra Bernhard “joked” that if Sarah Palin came to NYC that she would have her “black brothers” gang rape Mrs. Palin. Bernhard told this “joke” at the D.C. Jewish Community Center where the mostly Jewish audience laughed heartily at this appalling so-called “joke.” Not one leftoid or so-called feminist came to Mrs. Palin’s defense. HYPOCRITES?

  7. ceylon 06:29pm, 03/28/2019

    holy crap this wasnt a staged event. this is for real. wow. man is he fucked. dumbass.

  8. The Barker 05:08pm, 03/28/2019

    It’s all fun and games; and you’re all such pseudo alphas until she calls Gloria Allred. Clearly, Ms. Ravalo wasn’t a consenting party.

  9. Your Name 12:28pm, 03/28/2019

    E. G. Marshall I digDug your stuff

  10. ceylon 09:09am, 03/27/2019

    a porno chick actin like shes a boxing commentator? i honestly dont get it. is it stunt?  are they friends and its no big deal, or did he grab and kiss a stranger? what the fuck is this actually?

  11. E. G. Marshall 06:58am, 03/27/2019

    I’m sure either Curt Siodmak or Nat Fleischer would be happy to be mistaken for WS.  As for stunts to get stories, at least you didn’t have to pay extra for it.

  12. Thrashem 02:26pm, 03/26/2019

    We are now spouting Shakespeare, intertwined with Immanual Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. Well, there ain’t no reason but a reaction from a bunch of sophist hacks to spin a tapestry of pure bullshit. Nothing was stolen and stop painting women as ” Innocent ” especially a journalist! She got her story! Thanks for helping her out.

  13. E.G. Marshall 01:45pm, 03/26/2019

    The scandals to which you refer are probably from the Johnny Ort/Nat Loubet era.  The quotation is from the Golden Age of Nat Fleischer.  It is to be quoted with the proper mingling of respect and irony (like the Gypsy’s incantation over Larry Talbot) whenever any statement of secular morality is required for which Immanuel Kant would be inappropriate.  This Tempest in a Teapot over Pulev’s stolen kiss struck me as the Perfect Moment.

  14. Your Name 12:34pm, 03/26/2019

    E.G. Pass the puke bucket. Must I remind you of the scandals involving the RING?

  15. E.G. Marshall 11:04am, 03/26/2019

      “The Ring is a magazine which a man may take home with him. He may leave it on his library table safe in the knowledge that it does not contain one line of matter either in the text or the advertisements which would be offensive. The publisher of The Ring guards this reputation of his magazine jealously. It is entertaining and it is clean.”

  16. The Barker 09:18am, 03/26/2019


    If you were any dumber I’d elect you POTUS. Your head clearly resides in the unbathed nether regions of your anus. Save me your pseudo attempts at masculinity, it’s laughable. I’m guessing I’m contending with wannabes who’ve done more than stolen a kiss or two and even dallied with children from what I gather on this message board. So, I’ll leave you to your degeneracy and the heroes who get you off. Losers:-)

  17. thrashem 09:08am, 03/26/2019

    Barker, get the hook out of your mouth.
    You’re in the wrong forum, it is the Enquirer you should be reading.
    Grow a pair of balls and back to man cave. The world didn’t get populated from men asking “Please pass the pussy” It was because women are horny and they, set the (fir) trap! Men decide if they are worth keeping based on performance. In your case a vasectomy is in order. and your children, probably not yours.

  18. Your Name 08:59am, 03/26/2019

    At least it wasn’t the referee

  19. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 08:51am, 03/26/2019

    “Cowards?” Self projection is an incriminating habit with these clowns.

  20. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 08:38am, 03/26/2019

    Hey Barker, go get laid, son.

  21. The Barker 08:25am, 03/26/2019

    Dear Bigot,

    By “illegal invaders” you must mean those scores of white male predators you call priest or those white female school teachers whose mugshots show up in my newsfeed weekly with pervs like yourselves virtually high giving each other wishing you were the kid she raped. Funny, how none of you would address my question about if this were the women in your lives. Cowards!

  22. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 08:20am, 03/26/2019

    I call bulldookie on “The Barker’s” FAKE OUTRAGE. You could show him the number of women and children ( boys as well as girls) that are being raped over in Europe by illegal invaders and this clown would call you a racist for bringing up crime stats. These patron saints of political correctness will NEVER address another very real issue in this country and that is prison rape. I don’t approve of the fighter’s behavior and I am a gentleman around women and yes, I do always treat women as if they were my mother or sister, but I don’t buy this FALSE OUTRAGE when a dingbat can see that it isn’t GENUINE IN THE LEAST. Put that FAKE OUTRAGE to good use and fight against real injustices in this world you silly rabbit, Trix are for kids. Now lemme get back to enjoying some more Prince and Gett Off.

  23. The Barker 08:04am, 03/26/2019

    And cut the crap about her physique or how she was dressed. Attire or even her behavior has nothing to do with how you behave.

  24. The Barker 08:01am, 03/26/2019

    I’m guessing some of you have pertruding foreheads and low IQ’s. No one needs to be a feminist wanker to be decent. Forgive me if I believe grown ass men who’d lose their mind if this were their daughters (assuming you’re not lowdown enough ) should have some self control. “Oh, she was in my bidness…look at her boobies…I, I can’t control myself.” LMAO and SMH.

  25. Lucas McCain 07:56am, 03/26/2019

    Leave leftists and feminists out this.  My wife is both—and a very active one—and she regards the petty sanctimoniousness of semi-nude opportunists as ludicrous.

  26. thrashem 07:50am, 03/26/2019

    Hey Koolz, I bet you were eating chocolate in that sports bar. Good vibrations!
    The Barker is a feminist wanker. I bet he would like some photos as to what happened after the interview, so he can show mommy and get her approval. Sounds like us men are all on the same page. Sushi muffin is hot!
    Did she say, no! Is no still, yes???
    By the way, who won the fight?

  27. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 07:11am, 03/26/2019

    First off, the chick was exposing her nipple. Second thing I noticed was how close she was to the fighter. She was only inches away. Don’t know about anyone else but when someone gets that close to me it makes me feel uncomfortable. I see Barker is fine with this chick all up in this guy’s bidness. Knowing the way the media and leftoids operate, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit that this lady was doing her damn best to make sure she would be touched or in this case kissed. Look at the latest trend of attractive female sportscasters interviewing boxers?? Tell me that their looks have nothing to do with them landing their “jobs.” HYPOCRITE leftoid fools. This was a peck on the lips but REAL RAPE goes on and if the narrative doesn’t fit their agenda, these fools are nowhere to be found. 23 positions in a one night stand, I get off. Baby here I am.

  28. Koolz 06:44am, 03/26/2019

    The Barker
    you need to relax here your acting like a fool feminist.

    She isn’t surprised, her face isn’t tense, she is relaxed he kisses her and she looks like she doesn’t mind.  Hey it happens.  Life moves on, she does, and so does Pulev.

    Should we Cry Wolf every time.
    I like what Merchant of Venice says , if you prick do we not bleed…WHAHA A pound of flesh. 

  29. The Barker 05:36am, 03/26/2019

    Who raised you all?! “She closed her eyes…case closed?” That’s as asinine as saying a boy being raped by an adult enjoyed it because biologically he became erect. Do you hear yourselves?!!!! So, let’s use your reasoning. If you saw this happen to any woman in your life - mother, sister, wife, daughter, etc. - you’re ok with the answer, “well, she closed her eyes?” This entire incident is gross for the simple fact that it revealed the degenerate minds of so many men and yet you cry about #MeToo and feminists.

  30. thrashem 05:30am, 03/26/2019

    Her lips were willing, with eyes shut! Case closed.
    Why do women close their eyes when having sex?
    They hate to see us have a good time!
    At my age, you know you’re get old, when you can’t think of someone else!

    So, who won the fight?

  31. Koolz 04:23am, 03/26/2019

    Just to be clear her body language shows she is not surprised he kissed her she even closes her eyes.
    As I said caught in the Celebration!

  32. Koolz 04:21am, 03/26/2019

    Caught in the moment of high vibration celebration.
    Hope he has someone to come home to to have sex with.
    Looks like they are both celebrating here.
    Nothing wrong with Celebrating.

    I have done the same thing at a bar after a soccer team I was rooting for scored a goal.

  33. fan 06:24pm, 03/25/2019

    No happy ending to this story.  box should box only.

  34. Your Name 05:52pm, 03/25/2019

    Hmm. With a name like Sushe, I can see how he might get a tad “hungry.”

  35. The Barker 05:05pm, 03/25/2019

    @T. Velasquez,

    Just to be clear, if this were your mother or sister or wife or daughter, you’d be perfectly fine with some strange sweating and bleeding man doing this to anyone of them, just as long as there’s no tongue action?

    Self-control is the hallmark of adulthood and a gentleman. Dude is disgusting. She wasn’t there for that. She has a right to exist any damn way she likes sans being accosted by some walking penis who can’t control himself.

  36. T. Velasquez 04:16pm, 03/25/2019

    He kissed her big deal. I didn’t see him tounging her. Here’s a fighter who was jacked up after a win on natural testosterone and has a reporter with her chest practically exposed up close to him saying several times how amazing he was to watch. And in Bulgaria a kiss is common. Just like in Italy lol. He should say “I’m sorry, I was excited about my win and also thought you felt the same way as I did.”

  37. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 03:30pm, 03/25/2019

    Dude was out of line, but look at how the sports reporter was dressed. I even believe I saw a flash of her nipple. The bleeding gorilla was probably egged on by whoever that was making monkey noises in the background. I bet it was a dare and the guy went for it. Never tempt a starving wolf with a lamb. Crime of the Century here? Hardly. Mostly much ado about nuttin’. Sure TMZ will spin this for about a month or two.

  38. E. G. Marshall 03:21pm, 03/25/2019

    Yes, it was out of line.  But shock, hurt, embarrassment and general outrage?  Watch the tape again.  That sounds like a lawyer filling in the blanks.

  39. The Barker 02:24pm, 03/25/2019

    “Investigate” what? There’s footage! This was gross and clearly belittling to Ms. Sushe.

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