Ladies champ Susie Ramadan opens up about being a female in the ring

By Gabriel Leão on January 16, 2017
Ladies champ Susie Ramadan opens up about being a female in the ring
“Dreams do come true if you work hard.” (Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images Asia Pac)

“Maybe they don’t like the fact that some of the female boxers can actually fight better than some of the male fighters…”

You’ve been a world champ by the WBC and the IBF. What changed in your life when you achieved those goals?

Boxing itself has changed my life, it has taught me discipline, confidence, living a healthy life, mental strength, self-believe, setting goals, giving back to the community, helping/motivating others to achieve their goals. Dreams do come true if you work hard and most of all I don’t mind being called a “champ” (laughs).

What can you say about the boxing scene in Australia and your part in it?

Unfortunately boxing in Australia is not a mainstream sport and it’s even tougher for the females. I remember when I first turned professional there wasn’t many female fighters at the time at all so it was tough to get on a boxing show. We basically had to push the promoters to give me a chance to prove my skills were just as good as the male fighters. Foxtel at the time were not televising any female fights but when I fought for the Australian Title there had been so many complaints made from the public and fans to Foxtel to televise my match, so within hours before my fight they accepted to transmit my bout and ever since then I had been on a few along with other female boxers coming on board to the boxing world. Even still we do not get the recognition we deserve, especially as the real World Champs!

As we know this is a very solitary sport. Do Australian boxers help it other out?

I believe there should be more people working together and helping each other out because it can greaten the platform of women’s boxing in Australia.

Once Bernard Hopkins claimed that the UFC treated their women division better than boxing since Ronda Rousey is a very recognizable face. Before Ronda there was Laila Ali as a boxing champ and others but they couldn’t achieve the same mainstream media appeal. How do you see this relation between female MMA fighters and female boxers?

I think the lack is in giving women boxers who can really fight the opportunity to televise the fights or maybe they don’t like the fact that some of the female boxers can actually fight better than some of the male fighters (laughs). I’m not too sure about the UFC/MMA world but it may be more popular than what boxing is to the public.

Have you ever considered crossing the bridge to MMA?

I have never considered it as I love the art and skill of boxing, however if I ever get a great offer I may consider a shot at it.

Still in the sports world the Afro-American tennis player Serena Williams made less money than her Russian rival Maria Sharapova — before being suspended because of doping — even having more titles. As you’re of Arabic heritage do you feel imposed beauty patterns influencing your career and even daily life?

She may have made less money but she is and always will be a legend and you can never take that away from her. I’m not so sure about influencing my career, maybe if I took my clothes off it might but I am a fighter and I want to be respected for my skills and as a hardworking dedicated professional athlete.

Who was the rival that really got into your nerves?

To be honest no fighter has gotten on my nerves. It’s all about control, concentrating on yourself and focusing on the job. Although I may have gotten on their nerves (laughs).

You’ve lost twice to Mexican Yazmin Rivas in her country. Is there any chance of a third match? It would also be in Mexico?

I would love a third rematch especially this time in my home town but apparently she has moved up a weight division so I’m not too sure, if she wants it I’m sure we can arrange it.

In your last match you fought a muay thai expert. What can you say about her? Why is it difficult to find rivals nowadays?

She was a tough opponent and it was a great fight. After I won the WBC world title it was very difficult to get fights and I thought all the top 10 females would love a chance to fight me but it wasn’t the case and it has been very difficult to get fights. It’s also hard because there’s a lack in the financial backings.

Which is the longest round for you?

The 10th round is always the longest.

Describe your sweetest moment in the sweet science?

When you work so hard and you get the results, the sweetest moments are when your team, family, friends and fans are so proud of you. Also being able to give back and helping others feels very rewarding.

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  1. Grant 06:49pm, 01/20/2017

    Good story. I liked Susie straight away when she allowed people to step into the ring with her after she won an IBF title fight in Melbourne for photos. Made you feel part of her success by coming along.
    skills were apparent especially for those who have stepped between the ropes and appreciate the art of hit and not be hit.
    so if you see her on a card get along to it and see if i am not right.

  2. Gordon Marino 08:22am, 01/16/2017

    Thanks for introducing me to Susie Ramadan- I didn’t know anything about her background. Seems like a very reflective person with a punch!

  3. Moon-man 07:02am, 01/16/2017

    “imposed beauty patterns.?” I can give you a great example of this one. Sephora Ikalaba, a Nigerian immigrant not even born in Finland, recently won the Ms. Helsinki beauty pageant. Do a search and take a look at Ms. Ikalaba, now take a look at her competition. Do you honestly think this woman deserved that title?  Serena Williams was doping? Would have never guessed that one. hehe. Dana White, love him or hate him, sure knows how to market a product. White made Rousey a household name, and millions. We were all fooled. Ronda wasn’t indestructible, and she wouldn’t last 2 seconds in a match with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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