Lamps in the Midnight Hour

By Robert Ecksel on March 20, 2012
Lamps in the Midnight Hour
When it comes to championship boxing, Jim Lampley was always ringside when it counted

He has his fans and detractors, but his longstanding presence behind the mike and in front of the camera is a given.

On Saturday, May 12 at midnight, “The Fight Game with Jim Lampley” debuts on HBO. Described as “provocative, engaging and informative,” boxing is the name of Lampley’s game and it will be the subject of what we hope will be his enduring new half-hour show.

“I’m excited for all of us boxing fans to have this new platform for comprehensive, unfiltered discussion and analysis of the sport,” Lampley said. “And I am thrilled to work at the only television network capable of this type of program.”

Lampley has been a fixture at HBO Sports since first appearing in 1988. He’s done tennis. He’s done the Olympics. And, God bless his exuberant soul, he’s done boxing.  Lampley was also executive producer of the highly acclaimed “On Freddie Roach.”

We wish Jim Lampley the best of luck in his new venture. He may not be to everyone’s taste (can anyone say Don Dunphy?), but when it comes to championship boxing, Lampley has been ringside when it counted.

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  1. CharlieN 02:25pm, 03/23/2012

    Love him or hate him—He’s being inducted into California’s Boxing Hall Of fame Class of 2012 in Oct .

  2. brian moloney 10:13am, 03/21/2012

    This LAMPLEY is a IDIOT a ONE SIDED BIAS ASS HOLE.. When a FOREIGN fighter from another country fights in the USA. LAMPLEY SEEs a different FIGHT that is actually happening. Example MARTINEZ against MACKLIN . And MANY MANY others its DISGUSTING…. NOW LARRY MERCHANT is HONEST. TELLS it LIKE it is. HONEST COMMENTATOR..  Larry Merchant once said on TV… In the USA a foreign fighter needs a KNOCK OUT to get a draw in the USA.. LOVE the KLITCHKOs Fight in GERMANY for EUROS (NOT AMERICAN PESSOs) ha ha ha No DON KING or BOB ARUM stealing there MONEY.. ha ha ha ha

  3. Adam P Short 09:19am, 03/21/2012

    I didn’t like Lampley very early in his career as I thought he tended to describe things in whatever way sounded good rather than trying to accurately describe what was happening. 

    Over the years, like a fighter shedding the fluffy edges of his amateur style, Lampley became a consummate professional and one of the best announcers ever.  Equally comfortable with moments goofy (Mike Tyson staring adoringly at Lennox Lewis and tenderly wiping blood from his face) or poignant (Lampley signing off before heading off to look for his daughter in the bedlam after Bowe-Golota), Lampley is probably at his best in a controversy, always willing to bare his point of view for all to see rather than hide behind a false veneer of objectivity. 

    Looking forward to the show and hoping it’s a good one.

  4. the thresher 07:56am, 03/21/2012

    I have come to really like him for his consistency and his ability to balance the senile ramblings of Merchant. Go Lamps!!

    And strangely enough, the very best single article I have ever read about boxing was done by Lampley.

  5. Pete The Sneak 04:48am, 03/21/2012

    You go Lamps…IMO, any HBO Boxing show and/or documentary that will be hosted by Lampley has to be good. No one is better at putting together sports documentaries/shows like HBO and having Lampley host another Boxing one is win win for us. Like him or hate him, the man is and has been the ‘voice’ of Boxing for many years. Much Respect Lamps. Pecae.

  6. Mike Schmidt 04:26pm, 03/20/2012

    Only quoting Dear Old Dad—the cleaning lady only comes once a week and that’s enought of a problem—Bronson has it in for her so he has to go out for the day so she can get into the house—otherwise she would get swallowed along with the soap!!!!!!!!!

  7. Robert Ecksel 03:15pm, 03/20/2012

    I’m going to wash out your mouth with soap, Schmidty, if the cleaning lady decides to return it.

  8. mike schmidt 02:56pm, 03/20/2012

    Passion, passion and more unbridled passion. And as Dear old Dad use to say, “If you don’t like that attitude well then it is your own fucking (sorry fearless editor) problem!!!” Jim, Al B. and the Colonel—all different styles and years of great memories of calling the fights—salute salute…

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