Lara TKOs Zaveck

By Robert Ecksel on November 25, 2015
Lara TKOs Zaveck
Teddy Atlas was the first to call it a “no mas.” (Lucas Noone/Premier Boxing Champions)

Erislandy Lara successfully defended his WBA super welterweight title by forcing Jan Zaveck to quit at 41 seconds into round three…

On a rainy Wednesday night at Hialeah Racing Park & Casino in Hialeah, Florida, WBA World super welterweight champion Erislandy Lara (22-2, 12 KOs), the troublesome southpaw from Miami by way of Guantanamo, Cuba, successfully defended his title by forcing former IBF welterweight champion Jan Zaveck (35-4, 20 KOs), from Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, by way of Ptuj, Slovenia, to quit at 41 seconds into round three.

Although only seven years separates 32-year-old Lara and 39-year-old Zaveck, those seven years might as well have been dog years considering how each man fought and appeared.

Lara looked like he was in his fighting prime. Zaveck, by contrast, looked like a bloated old man, and pulling what appeared to be a “no mas” didn’t change that perception.

Lara took charge at the opening bell. Zaveck’s wide punches and lack of head movement were ready-made for Lara’s skill set. Firing off stinging combinations from the southpaw stance, Lara also found a home sweet home for his uppercut. He rocked Zaveck with a straight left at 1:20 that drove him to the ropes. A right jab to Zaveck’s face at the bell was an appropriate exclamation point.

Things didn’t improve for the Slovenian in round two. He would occasionally throw an ineffective flurry, but he looked more like a sparring partner than a man fighting for a world title. Meanwhile, Lara’s lead left could not miss. Zaveck must have fought a lefty at some point in his career, but seemed incapable of defending himself. As the round was drawing to a close, Lara split Zaveck’s guard and landed a straight left down the pike that caused his knees to buckle.

At the start the third Lara landed a quick 1-2 to which apparently stunned Zaveck. He reached out to touch gloves, as though the fight was just beginning or as if to apologize for an accidental foul (which hadn’t occurred). Then he turned away.

The referee Telis Assimenios was out of position and Lara landed a three-punch combination on Zaveck, who had turned his back in the universal sign of retreat.

The ref got the message and waved it off.

ESPN’s Teddy Atlas immediately called it a “no mas” and it was hard to disagree. Sitting on his stool while grimacing and holding his right shoulder, Zaveck was in no shape to continue.

But what happened? He was getting nailed, but none of the punches appeared to do serious damage.

In an attempt to solve the mystery, one of Teddy’s sidekicks, Bernardo Osuna, asked Zaveck after the fight what was going on. He said a punch to the right side of his neck caused a spasm in his right shoulder. He extended his glove, not as a show of sportsmanship, but in a futile attempt to make the spasm go away.

When Osuna asked Zaveck if he thought he could have continued, Zaveck said, “I don’t know,” which is one of the ways we say “no mas” in English.

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  1. TheSweetScience 12:38am, 11/26/2015

    While it WAS a no-contest, even before the night of the fight… A sad display, which was over before it started, almost seeming like it never even happened…
    WOW, Did Lara ever look to be in phenomenal shape! Clearly hitting his prime at 32, and doing himself no favors by now adding a viciousness to go with his classy stridesand talents…
    ITS WAS GREAT TO SEE A RAW, KILLER INSTINCT FROM E. LARA! Fighting in front of his adopted hometown, its is nice to see a fighter rise up to the wishes of his people, and go for the throat in front of his state-side hometown! A side of Lara we have not seen, at least in quute awhile! This man will be around for awhile. Heres to hoping he can corner a big-namer and go for the gusto. Champs already feared his skills, and i believe he showed a flurry style to possibly tempt some guys to think he will fight them in an offensive way as well…either way, look out!

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