Larry Holmes Reads the Tea Leaves

By Robert Ecksel on February 4, 2016
Larry Holmes Reads the Tea Leaves
Former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes has no crystal ball. Holmes doesn’t do tarot.

In defiance of here today, gone tomorrow, Floyd “Money” Mayweather continues to spend as if it’s going out of style…

“You show me a man says he ain’t fighting for money, I’ll show you a fool.”—Larry Holmes

Former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes has no crystal ball. He doesn’t do tarot. But those drawbacks aside, he knows which way the wind blows, especially as it concerns money.

In defiance of here today, gone tomorrow, Floyd “Money” Mayweather continues to spend as if it’s going out of style.

According to TMZ Sports, “Floyd Mayweather’s insane shopping spree continues ... this time, he’s dropping $3.5 mil on a brand new Bugatti that hasn’t even been released yet ... TMZ Sports has learned.

“Our sources tell us…. Mayweather wants to upgrade his Bugatti collection and sold one of his older Bugattis to make space for a 2017 Bugatti Chiron.

“Floyd’s old car was spotted outside of a luxury hotel in Scottsdale, AZ—along with his car guy Obi Okeke from—where it was being loaded up into a shipping truck to be delivered to the buyer.”

Floyd needs another Bugatti like I need a hole in the head, or like he needs a hole in the pocket, but when one has cash to burn, as appears to be the case, why not go for broke?

Detailing every outlandish purchase and eye-popping bet is beside the point. Mayweather earned every penny and can spend every penny is he wishes. But that stuff doesn’t grow on trees, even if cash and leaves happen to be the same color.

It’s easy for me to say, since I’ve got nothing and nothing to lose, but Larry Holmes, who has been there and done that, sees trouble ahead.

“The story with Mayweather interests me more than his fighting because he is crazy,” Holmes told Sky Sports in 2014.

Floyd may be crazy (crazy like a fox is more like it) and if he’s not a little more prudent, he may have to fight Pacquiao a second time

“I had five Rolls Royces,” said Holmes. “I had 27 cars. I had a bus, a 49 seat bus for all of my friends to go to Atlantic City to come hang out and party. Did I need any of that?”

The short answer is “No.”

“Money don’t have no friends, because when people are rich their eyes see things that they don’t really need…like Mayweather.

“And like Larry Holmes even.”

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  1. bikermike 01:00pm, 02/09/2016

    Great read Mr Ecksel Thank you

  2. bikermike 12:53pm, 02/09/2016

    Larry Holmes is a true success story.
    Not only coming from humble beginnings….he struggled through the lean years, and kept to his trade to become Heavyweight Champion of the World…and made quite a sum..even what was left to him after Don King got finished with the purses he won.
    Holmes invested in what he understands…..his community.  Easton Assassin became Easton property developer.

    Some of his investments hit the wall…and many were successful…and he and his family live a comfortable life his post ring era.

    Jerry Cooney didn’t do too bad…leonard and Hagler are very comfortable…

    But you run out of names after Max Schmelling..Jim Braddock….Oscar de la Hoya…Hopkins..(I’m sure there are more)

    Most big name fighters…end up so broke that they can’t pay attention..
    Unlike other professional sports, where financial advice is mandatory !!(but you can still do what you want…but now you know)

    Boxers seldom invest well…in their future…due to lack of good advice..and too many fair weather friends

    I have said this many times before on other posts…....pbf will be broke inside 5 yrs

  3. Don from Prov 07:15am, 02/05/2016

    my tea leaves say that it won’t end well for floydie—

    but, hey one can be fooled

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