Ken Norton vs. Larry Holmes

By Boxing News on June 3, 2019
Ken Norton vs. Larry Holmes
Holmes had beaten big bad Earnie Shavers three months earlier in a WBC title eliminator.

Complaining about the current state of the heavyweight division is like beating a dead horse. It may be satisfying on some level, but that old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. Larry Holmes fought Ken Norton at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for the WBC heavyweight title on June 9, 1978. Holmes had beaten big bad Earnie Shavers three months earlier in a title eliminator, and Norton, who was 40-4 going in, looked to give the 27-0 Holmes a run for money. Did he ever…

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Larry Holmes vs Ken Norton (High Quality)

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  1. Jan Swart 02:30am, 09/20/2013

    Does anyone know why Ken Norton, the defending champ, was introduced first? Could not have been at the insistence of Holmes, who was introduced first when HE was the defending champion against Cooney.

  2. Eric 12:22pm, 06/11/2013

    Hard to believe this fight was 35 YEARS ago.

  3. johnny yuma 07:54am, 06/10/2013

    this was a great fight!!!!

  4. bikermike 05:47am, 12/25/2012

    both of these HOF fighters…Norton and Holmes a lot of class outside the ring…even to this day…Bless them both…Great Fighters…and Boxing was left a better sport due to their participation

  5. bikermike 05:38am, 12/25/2012

    Holmes vs Norton was one of the last great 15 round battles for the Heavyweight Champion of the World.
    Norton…who had been reemed by the judges on at least one ...if not two of his three fights with Ali.

    Norton just had his number….
    Ali was well past his prime..and should have been retired after his Frazier..Norton efforts…Ali was given a gift over Jimmy Young….it was time for Ali to leave.

    Just why Norton wasn’t given his due remains a mystery….unless you include Don King into the picture.

    When Norton and Holmes met…young lion vs old lion…..Holmes was injured….but he was not going to get another chance….and we were treated to this great HW Title match….and I agreed with the decision….but my heart went out to Norton

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