Larry Holmes vs. Michael Spinks

By Boxing News on September 20, 2017
Larry Holmes vs. Michael Spinks
It was a close fight, perilously close, but the Spinks Jinx must have been working its magic.

On September 21, 1985 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, Larry Holmes, aka the Easton Assassin, defended his IBF heavyweight title against light heavyweight champion Michael Spinks. It was the 27-0 Spinks’ first fight at heavyweight. Holmes was 48-0 and on the cusp of tying Rocky Marciano’s longstanding and thought to be untouchable 49-0 record. It was a close fight, perilously close, but the Spinks Jinx must have been working its magic. Ring Magazine crowned Holmes-Spinks 1 Upset of the Year for 1985…

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Larry Holmes vs Michael Spinks I

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  1. Vic Pugliese 06:46am, 09/21/2017

    Larry didn’t endear himself to many with some of his comments, but that aside, he is one of the most underrated heavyweight champions ever. I also thought he lost a squeaker the first fight, but easily avenged the loss in the second. Geez, did Adalaide Byrd work the second fight?  :) :) :)

  2. Ed Starker 12:23pm, 09/22/2014

    That 1st fight was so close that a draw might have been the right call, but after watching tape with the sound muted, I could see Spinks edging out the champ by 2 rounds and those rounds were really tight. The rematch, OTOH, should have been a unanimous decision for Holmes. I guess he was right when he said; “I got a big mouth!”

  3. Eric 06:39am, 09/21/2014

    Hard to believe that this fight took place nearly 30 years ago. Damn.

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