Las Vegas Retirement Party on May 5

By Ted Sares on February 10, 2012
Las Vegas Retirement Party on May 5
Get the #@$%@$#&# out of there and let’s go home says Roger in typically obscene fashion

Uncle Roger and Junior have a productive and long-term symbiosis. Floyd has never lost; numbers don’t lie…

“I am here to fight the biggest names in boxing. I’ve never ducked anyone or any challenge in front of me…I have accepted everything to give the fans what they like: Great and exciting fights. That is what the sport of boxing is all about; making the fights that the fans want and deserve to see. On May 5 [at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas] stay tuned, because I will convincingly beat Floyd Mayweather.”— Miguel Cotto

”You win, you win; you lose, you win.”—Joey LaMotta

If there is one fighter who brings out fan-affection, it’s Miguel Cotto (though cousin Evangelista might have other thoughts). He is affable, soulful and goes about his work in a blue-collar, albeit professional manner. And a cursory glance at his opposition is enough to raise both eyebrows. What’s not to like?

Unfortunately, the stalking body punching monster that was Cotto before the first Antonio Margarito fight is no longer fighting. Yes, he has won his last three fights, but he’s not the same explosive fighter he once was. The guy who brutalized Carlos Quintana in 2006 is not the same one who beat Mayorga in 2011. The post-Margarito Cotto is someone who moves back once he has been stunned. Joshua Clottey made him do it but was not savvy enough to capitalize. God knows Manny Pacquiao did it and he gave Cotto a bad beating in the process. Even in the second Margarito fight, Miguel was backing up when the fight was stopped. But this time, he had learned to punch while moving back thanks to new trainer Pedro Luis Diaz and it served him extremely well.

With hats off to Arthur Mercante Jr., waxing a severely handicapped Yuri Foreman and then going 12 rounds relatively close rounds with a semi-shot Ricardo Mayorga before disposing of him in a strange manner (Mayorga suffered a dislocated thumb in the 12th round)  did not inspire me. Interestingly, in the Mayorga fight, Miguel’s face was swollen. However, his next opponent, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., is not a shot one–eyed Antonio Margarito, nor is he a ponderous Mayorga. And each of Floyd’s last several fights has inspired me as an aficionado, especially his riveting clinics against the great Juan Manuel Marquez and Sugar Shane Mosley.

Cotto (37-2) is a relatively old 31, stand 5’7” with a reach of 67”. Mayweather (42-0) is a young 34, stands 5’8” tall, and has a reach of 72”. An unscathed Mayweather is seldom cut unless, of course, he is billy goated. After the second Margarito fight, Cotto’s face did not look good. In fact, it has shown a propensity to not look good. However, the 154-pound weight is in Cotto’s favor. Money has only gone up to fight at 154 once before, when he defeated Oscar De La Hoya in 2007. As for corners, Cotto changes his too often. Uncle Roger and Junior have a productive and long-term symbiosis. Floyd has never lost; numbers don’t lie.

May 5

With the WBA Super World light middleweight title at stake, here is how I see this one playing out. After a round or two of feeling out, Money will begin to snap off punishing shots, particularly leads and counters confusing Miguel. After all, who throws both counters and leads? Mayweather, with his elite defense, will be virtually impossible to trap, and he will not allow himself to be vulnerable to the typical bruising body work by Cotto.

By round 5, Cotto will begin to move back ever-so-slightly and his face will begin to show wear and tear. The familiar blueprint has now been cast. Despite Floyd’s propensity to be elusive and disengage, he will step up the action in round 7 and have Cotto moving back though still trying to land punches. Floyd is too fast for Miguel as he begins to pot shot and bust up the face of the Puerto Rican warrior. As Floyd listens to Uncle Roger between rounds 8 and 9, he hears that it is time to go after Cotto. Get the #@$%@$#&# out of there and let’s go home says Roger in typically obscene fashion. Floyd nods and looks across the ring with 100% focus. He is like a surgeon assessing his patient before he operates. 

Now the surge—the full out attack—begins and Cotto begins to receive punishment without answering back. In a rare show of compassion, Money looks at the referee as if to say “what are you waiting for,” but the fight continues. Floyd resumes the onslaught. He backs Miguel into a corner where he drills him with sharp, accurate, and slashing shots. This time the fight is halted, maybe 30 seconds too late.

Mayweather is unmarked and in a show of sportsmanship hugs Cotto. Miguel, while sad about the outcome of what has been a mismatch, still knows that his paycheck for this outing on top of what he received against Margarito will allow him to do as he pleases for the rest of his life—and it will allow his children to do what they please for the rest of their lives. The fight between De La Hoya and Mayweather had a buy-rate of 2,400,000—this fight will definitely not come close, but it will be the biggest PPV of Cotto’s career. After all, he has fought someone like Ali, Tyson, and Pacquiao, and only such ring luminaries can guarantee that kind of retirement party.

Maybe that’s why they call Floyd “Money?”

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  1. the thresher 08:28am, 02/15/2012

    MRBILL, Maybe outside of the ring, but inside the ring he is all business and has a MENSA IQ. Moreover, any guy who goes after Merchant is not all bad. I have come to like Mayweather. Maybe that’s part of my snowballing cynicism of this entire scene. But the guy can fight and has no weaknesses that I can determine. He is as perfect a fighting machine as I have seen in decades. WORD!

  2. the thresher 08:25am, 02/15/2012

    retech, good points

  3. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 05:41am, 02/15/2012

    “F” Mayrunner and all his horses in his stable… WORD!

  4. retech son 02:57am, 02/15/2012

    Cotto might have a very less chance to win against Money inside 12 rounds. If Money can sense that Cotto is stronger than him he might try it to go to the distance and outbox Cotto by sweeping rounds.

    However, Cotto’s chances are the punches that would land like that of Mosley.

    If Cotto lands such kind of shot then there’s no way Money can hold Cotto like he did to Mosley.

    Cotto slammed a Clottey at 147Ibs. If he will hold he’ll get slammed to the canvas that for sure :)

  5. raxman 04:51pm, 02/14/2012

    ted - but thats why floyd says he can’t win. if he fights an established fighter like cotto and whoops them he’s fighting a has been. he fights a young gun on top of the world and whoops him its a walk over.
    the fact is floyd makes his opponents look so bad that people write them off as being cherry picked instead of the truth which is floyd made them look seceond rate.
    ricky hatton was on top of the world. doing something plenty of light welters have done in the past - move north to challenge the champ @147. Hatton got such a beat down in that fight that he was never the same - not to mention floyd and team money’s strategies had exposed hatton so badly that even if he wasn’t shot from the beating a blue print to beat him was written.

    but no, floyd gets slammed for fighting a smaller man. you’ll notice nothing has been made of pac fighting a light welter in bradley. but there wouldn’t be because manny is the nice guy. he smiles alot and speaks broken english. and he sings!!!

    i constantly finding myselff defending floyd and i’m far from his biggest fan - but i do think him the most talented boxer in the world today but even the most even minded scibnes such as yourself refuse to give the credit he is due and unfortunately that attitude is as much to blame for floyd’s objectionable “money"persona as the marketing team who instigated it.
    of course floyd is going to bang on if he isn’t given even the most obvious of dues.

  6. the thresher 11:11am, 02/14/2012

    ortiz was a walk over :)

  7. raxman 07:14pm, 02/13/2012

    ted - floyd fights no one in their prime? what was ortiz if not in his prime. coming off the best win in his career in fact

  8. Gajjers 10:14am, 02/13/2012

    LOL Ted; at 74, swinging from ANYTHING would be extremely dangerous to your health - losing that tenuous septuagenarian grip would threaten your golden years. Enjoy them Sir, you’ve earned it! On a serious note though, JP couldn’t have studied Floyd & Miguel closely of late. Cotto’s days as a deadly body puncher seem to have stayed behind at 140 lb. Even if he’s somehow rediscovered that rib-cruncher, Floyd’s defense for it - right elbow tucked in nicely by his waist, right glove by his jaw - is more than adequate. Cotto also leans in, left side of his jaw exposed, before he throws that punch - a sure invitation for a straight right, which is Floyd’s bread-and-butter punch. I give Cotto a chance of making it interesting, but not with THAT scenario…

  9. the thresher 09:54am, 02/13/2012

    JP. I truly swing from Money’s scrotum, mate. But truth be told, I am no one’s groupie. Not at age 74!!!!!!!!!!

  10. JP 09:50am, 02/13/2012

    Obviously Ted Sares is a Mayweather groupie. Mayweather doesn’t have the power to make Cotto retreat. Cotto’s gonna stand in there and bang it out. He’s gonna control the ring and try to flush Mayweather into the ropes. Lots of body shots are going to fly at Mayweather and the speed that Ted is writing about, won’t be there after round 7. That’s when the real fight begins. Cotto will have solved Mayweather’s style by then. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayweather fakes an injury before or during the fight.

  11. Gajjers 02:37am, 02/13/2012

    Hey, what kinda show are you guys running here? These ‘past it’  (Cotto) and ‘too green’ (Alvarez) guys are actually CURRENT champions! Or is this a disingenuous way of acknowledging Mayweather’s supremacy? Even more ridiculously, one new-age Einstein just called him a cheat? How so? I’m gonna ignore the lower-primate reference - just shows the mudslinger’s insecurity. Come on fellas, this site will soon devolve into another ESB if you’re not careful…

  12. John Luke Picard (of the North American Picards) 02:21am, 02/13/2012

    I cannot stand Monkey Mayweather. I’m serious, I’m tired of this phoney dude. The only thing stupider than monkey mayweather are his fans for actually buying his act. This guy has dodged so many fighters, and the fighters he has faced I’ve noticed he always cheats in some way or another. This is ridiculous! An athlete as talented as Monkey May is so insecure so scared of legitimate opposition. Once again Monkey has managed to pick a fight where he knows he has an advantage.
    Monkey Mayweather will win this fight, I don’t doubt that at all. I just hope Miguel Cotto get’s some good shots in, I hope he hurts Monkey May. 

  13. the thresher 08:05pm, 02/12/2012

    rax, Floyd will fight no man in his prime.

  14. SRBILL-HARDPORN XXX 05:05pm, 02/12/2012

    Cotto is indeed fading, but still tuff and strong at 150+ pounds… Still, he’ll eventually get chopped up by Fraud Mayrunner and get TKO’d late… As for Tim Bradley, well, at 140 or so pounds he’ll be strong as an Ox, as well as a fresh face for Manolo Packy… I think Bradley has a better shot at hammering the slipping Pacman….

  15. raxman 04:29pm, 02/12/2012

    but ted - how can you say that. what more could he do in his last 3 fights but win all by ko/tko?
    i just don’t agree with this mentality that says you have to win looking a certain way - sometimes the elite of any sport just do enough to get by. it doesn’t mean they’re slipping or shot.

    mosley is shot - mosley has been losing.

    that said i’ve never thought, at any time in his career that Cotto can beat Mayweather. but thats not the point. the point is for years the fights be demanded of floyd and for years he’s been called a duck for not taking it. now he takes it and based on zero statistical evidence everyone is saying its too late.

  16. the thresher 04:16pm, 02/12/2012

    Rax. no disrespect to Cotto. It’s just that he is on the downward slope while his opponent is not. That’s all. Cotto is simply going to get the——knocked out of him. No big deal.

    Yeah, I know, Cotto is a noble warrior and all of that, but that’s exactly why he is semi-shot.


    Cheers, matey.

  17. raxman 03:33pm, 02/12/2012

    the way you guys are talking you would think that cotto hadn’t won his last 3 fights inside the distance.
    mayweathers right he’ll never win.
    pacquiao fights clottey coming off a loss to cotto, margartio 4pounds under his previous tune up fight weight that was following a 12mth suspension, and of course mosley coming off a loss and a draw. but none of you call catch weight pacman a cherry picker do you? thats because he’s a nice guy. he speaks broken english and he smiles alot. and he sings!!!
    but mayweather’s the cherry picker right? he only fights mosley coming off the marg win and cotto coming off 3 wins inside the distance.

    if fighters only fight two fights a year not everybody is going to get the fight they want - i’ll put this one out to you. if may v pac couldn’t be made - who other than cotto should mayweather fight - and don’t give martinez who is happy to cherry pick 160 pounds bums and not go near the most talented division (154) in boxing (martinez could be fighting any of top 5 guys at junior middle and be challenged more than what he’s faced at 160). and spare me alvarez who is nowhere near ready for the type of event-fight that facing floyd is. so? who else!!?

  18. jofre 11:25am, 02/12/2012

    You got this one dead on! Mayweather continues to pick his opponents at the down side of their careers. He wants to go out undefeated. We should rename him Cherry Picker Mayweather.

  19. mario 10:11am, 02/12/2012

    Time and time again when the biggest names in boxing history get really hit hard their career goes down with him. So what i am saying is when Floyd gets floored by Cotto or Pacquiao his career will be going down as well. Floyd is a good fighter but when the best gets hit look at Roy Jones Jr.‘s career since he be floor.

  20. Big T 05:13am, 02/12/2012

    mario-The word you used is ALMOST. For a man that hasn’t be KOed every and won every fight it’s kind of hard to say he can’t take a punch. Cotto isn’t close to his prime..and I don’t see this being a good fight to watch. It will be a one-sided beating. Maybe Cotto can hit the Sunday Punch..but don’t see it at all.

  21. Guy 04:31am, 02/12/2012

    Cotto was a great fighter but he’s taken an avalanche of punishment over the past few years and he is no longer the monster he once was. Mayweather will punish him and stop him in the later rounds. I’m not interested in watching this fight. I’m only interested in watching Mayweather/Pacquiao. I hope the fight happens before either one retires.

  22. the thresher 07:54pm, 02/11/2012

    ryryry has the beat

  23. mario 07:52pm, 02/11/2012

    What you people have 2 remember is that Floyd cant take a punch as u c when he almost got floored by Mosley.

  24. the thresher 06:23pm, 02/11/2012

    One of the Mayweather rules is to fight no fighter in his prime. Part of his savvy business model.

  25. Jack 06:17pm, 02/11/2012

    Ted, You took the words right out of my mouth. I’m a Cotto fan, but he is no longer the fighter he was and I’m a REALIST.

  26. MARGIE 05:40pm, 02/11/2012


  27. martin 05:21pm, 02/11/2012

    cotto is a shot 31 yr old fighter. Mayweather knows this. Ricardo Mayorga (38-8)  at 38 yrs old gave Cotto a very competetive match. What’s he going to do against Mayweather? Mayweather picks another easy opponent

  28. Big T 02:30pm, 02/11/2012

    Well Ted it’s been sometime since I wrote on one of your stories. But as always…you are 100% right on this one. I just don’t see how Cotto is going to win this. PBF is to fast..slick and just still in the prime. He hasn’t taken the pounding over they years like Cotto has. I just don’t think that M. Cotto has much left.

  29. the thresher 02:22pm, 02/11/2012

    It’s almost politically incorrect to criticize Cotto (or JMM for that matter).

  30. ryryry 09:57am, 02/11/2012

    cotto is damaged goods, thanks to margacheatos concrete and too many wars, he is a war torn old past it 31-year-old. rewatch the marg rematch, no longer a sharp puncher with agility. cotto is a warrior, but his time has passed, floyd has little wear the last 7 years and will have no problem picking cotto apart and pot shotting him to a boring victory. i will not be buying this

  31. TEX HASSLER 09:44am, 02/11/2012

    You cannot fault Cotto on courage and a fighter’s heart because he has loads of that. Mayweather has the style to make Cotto’s thought of victory just simply evaporate. Floyd just has too much skill, speed, and ring smarts. Cotto will put up a great but loosing effort. He should get a good pay day and some times fights are made because of that.

  32. Gajjers 09:25am, 02/11/2012

    @sthomas - you certainly know your stuff too, Sir; I’m always tickled when people refer to Floyd’s style (which is multi-dimensional, by the way) is referred to by some as ‘running’. His reach advantage here suggests he might (or at least try to) pick Cotto off from the outside till the expected welts, bruises or cuts appear, and then turn on his inside game for the coup de grâce. I’d definitely like to see how he goes about his work on the 5th of May…

  33. sthomas 09:04am, 02/11/2012

    Great analysis Ted.  Cotto gives it his all but Mayweather is the best out there and has an answer for everything.  I like how Mayweather’s been staying in the pocket the last couple fights and dishing it.  However, I think he’ll box more against Cotto though as that’s where he will have his biggest advantage. Similar to the Marquez fight where, though winning most of the exchanges, Floyd was taking some shots when engaging Marquez, whereas he was truely dominating when he boxed and countered.  Prediction, Floyd by wide UD.

  34. Iron Beach 08:31am, 02/11/2012

    Hope you’re wrong Ted, but I feel you’ve nailed it again. The PPV sales will certainly be helped by the Canelo-Mosley fight which should be interesting for 2 rds. till Cinnamon starts breaking Sugar down….mismatch for Shane here and prolly his swan song.

  35. the thresher 07:33am, 02/11/2012

    Thanks, Dan, Mike and Gajjers and Retech

  36. the thresher 07:32am, 02/11/2012

    RBILL, Pac-Bradley is nowhere near as interesting for me than May-Cotto. And Canelo-Mosley will be a nice way for the Mexican to put Mosley out of his misery once and for all. As for Chavez, I love him, but something smelled less than roses about the testing fiasco. The excuses were too lame even for me—and my tolerance level is pretty high.

    The entire sport is beginning to smell like an unwashed dung pole.

  37. the thresher 07:28am, 02/11/2012

    Yes, it’s the same Matt, Prov.

  38. Gajjers 07:12am, 02/11/2012

    Good job, Ted; that’s a much more realistic take on possible proceedings between these two, who are polar opposites (more outside the ring than in it). Personality preferences aside, it’ll be a brave (at least as brave as Cotto) pundit who’ll place a sizable bet on Cotto winning it, and a rather ignorant one who thinks Cotto won’t give a good account of himself. I’ll definitely tune in, and may the bout be devoid of controversy (i.e., better man wins)!

  39. mikecasey 07:01am, 02/11/2012

    Very good analysis, Ted. As much as it pains to admit it, Mayweather will indeed beat Miguel - by TKO in or around the 10th I believe.

  40. Don from Prov 04:49am, 02/11/2012

    I enjoyed the Adam Berlin piece, but this aptly named article = much more reality.

    I wish Miguel good luck, but… .

    Nice article, Ted, and is that Matt Miller one of the founders of Bad Left Hook posting?

  41. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 04:28am, 02/11/2012

    Cotto is game, but, his ass will be grass against Mayrunner on May 5… YAWN!!!!!

  42. Dan Adams 04:24am, 02/11/2012

    Agreed, Ted; that’s about the way I see the fight playing out.  Gotta love Miguel Cotto; as others have said here, he’s fan-friendly and will fight anyone.  However, I don’t see him doing well at all against Floyd. Miguel will give an honest-effort, as always, but he’ll get busted-up by the 7th round and will probably be done around 9.  Cotto’s got a big heart, though, so he might just make it to the end, but he won’t look pretty.  I’ll watch this fight for two reasons: 1) Floyd’s skill, and 2) Cotto’s heart.

  43. retech son 10:46pm, 02/10/2012

    Miguel Cotto is real fighter and true to the real sense of the sport.

    He fights every fighter the fans wanted him to fight. Without taking any consideration of what will be the future if he lost to a certain fight.

    All he cares is about fans that would love the match he is into and do his job in the ring no matter what.

    Go! Go! Cotto! Hand over Money his first loss and get a rematch with Pacman to erase all doubt and be the best; earn big time. :)

  44. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 10:01pm, 02/10/2012

    WTF is this malarkey that ancient Shane Mosley has agreed to fight and likely get stopped by Saul Alvarez on the undercard of “May-Cotto” in May??? Jesus, this is a bad match in ‘12… WORD!

  45. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 06:55pm, 02/10/2012

    Last week’s fights on ESPN and HBO were okay at best, but far from classic stuff… however, I have copies of them cards now… Poor Miranda is now a trial-horse and Chavez, Jr. is lucky he was born with a spoon of gold…

  46. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 06:51pm, 02/10/2012

    I’m not anxious for this “May-Cotto” fight, but I’ll seek to obtain a copy… I am also not too much in a hurry for “Packy-Bradley” either, but I’ll seek a copy there as well… The sport / game has been fairly tiresome the last few years with too many over-hyped PPV fights that have failed to deliver the goods… Hell, when was the last real thriller that wasn’t PPV and really pleased the world??? I can’t think that far back right now…

  47. the thresher 06:03pm, 02/10/2012

    pug they are truly a-holes and they can kiss my a—

  48. the thresher 06:02pm, 02/10/2012

    Matt, great to see you on here mate.

  49. dollarbond 05:33pm, 02/10/2012

    Can I come to this party?  What happens there stays there right?

  50. pugknows 05:09pm, 02/10/2012

    Wow. Glad to see you here. I had heard some rumors through the grapevine. My feeling is that you are way better off without those a-holes. They need you more than you need them.

    As for this article, I could not agree more. I see it as a mismatch and I think the way you played it out is just about spot on.

  51. Matt Miller 05:08pm, 02/10/2012

    Cotto’s ability to successfully adapt to a new style late in his career is a great tribute to his boxing ability—just as it was for others like Ali and Foreman who also developed different styles as they aged.

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