Las Vegas Sun Doesn’t Shine on Mike

By Robert Ecksel on April 15, 2012
Las Vegas Sun Doesn’t Shine on Mike
Tyson said he was "fed-up" with Evander's headbutts. Plus, referee Mills Lane hated him.

Although the celebrities were out in force and effusive in their praise for Mike Tyson’s one-man show, “Undisputed Truth” that opened at the MGM Grand yesterday, the Las Vegas Sun was less enthusiastic.

John Katsilometes, in his regular column Kat’s Report, described the show as a “highly interesting, if long-running, monologue narrated by Tyson himself,” adding that “For a man whose explosive, quick-strike knockouts were the hallmark of his career, there was not a true haymaker to be found.”

Judging by Katsilometes’ photo, snark may be the name of his game. But he elaborated, and his elaboration was thorough.

“Tyson did all he could…to knock us dizzy,” wrote Kat. “He continually set the audience up for the knockout by swearing and attempting to shock with repeated use of the ‘N’ word. Instead, he won the night with a frequently methodical decision. It was jab, jab, jab, for about two hours.”

Backed by a five-piece band and two giant video screens flanking the stage, Tyson was more raconteur than entertainer. Although he talked about boxing at length, there was, due to licensing issues, very little video of Mike doing any actual boxing.

For example, when discussing the many knockouts early in his career, including the KOs of Michael Spinks and Marvis Frazier, the video screens showed Tyson “dancing in circles, a hand in his pocket and a smile on his face.”

Tyson spoke about Cus D’Amato and retold “his colorful description of finding Brad Pitt with his then-wife, Robin Givens, in Tyson’s car.” Tyson claims Pitt was stoned because his eyes were glazed over.

Mike said he did not rape Desiree Washington, but blamed Don King for hiring a tax attorney to defend him in a criminal trial.

Tyson spoke about the night he bit Evander Holyfield. According to Mike, he was “fed up” with being head-butted, which really only scratches the surface of his overreaction. To muddy the waters of that horrid night even further, Tyson said that the referee Mills Lane hated him.

““I was wrong,” Tyson admitted, “but it was a fight.”

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  1. NowPitching 11:14am, 04/24/2012

    Tyson’s show reminds me a lot of Charlie Sheen’s road show - The ‘Torpedo of Truth’ tour. Let’s face it, we tend to not want to look away from a train wreck. Nobody ever talked about Sheen - or Tyson - as much as when they became human train wrecks. But, people only find a Charlie Sheen or Mike Tyson interesting for what they have done, for where they have once been. Put a microphone in their hand and listen to them ramble for two hours . . . they become exposed as hollow shells. I wouldn’t buy a ticket.

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