Laurence Cole Is an Idiot

By Matt McGrain on March 3, 2014
Laurence Cole Is an Idiot
Laurence Cole failed to enforce rules on clinching, pushing or blows below the belt.

Few referees have turned in a performance as bad as that which Laurence Cole blessed us with Saturday night in, inevitably, San Antonio, Texas for Vasyl Lomachenko’s much hyped shot at Orlando Salido. Dan Kelley, perhaps. Russell Mora, definitely. But there are not many.

For those of you who have somehow missed out on this story, Orlando Salido was able to shade Vasyl Lomachenko who underwhelmed with his performance but was nonetheless hampered by a quite astonishingly bad performance by the man who, lest we forget, is there to protect the fighters from serious harm first and foremost. That congenitally stupid men like Cole are allowed anywhere near a boxing ring is the harshest indictment possible of any oversight committee of any description connected with the sport and not only should this ridiculous excuse for a referee be sacked forthwith but the role of his father plays in allegedly consistently obtaining for him some of the biggest fights in Texas in his role with the Texan commission needs to be investigated.

If you are in any doubt at all where the standard of Cole’s performance is concerned, please watch and “enjoy” the below video, brought to you by Kappa Conviction Productions, which is a “highlights” package of the thirty low blows that Salido landed on Lomachenko – many of them in full view of the referee. Not all the highlighted low blows are, in fact, low, but at a rate of just less than three around, many of them are. The thirty-first appears to land on Lomachenko’s knee.

Keep in mind whilst watching it that the approximate ten clinches Lomachenko initiated in each of the twelve rounds are not a part of the highlights package, but they could be. Cole failed, in his apparent total ignorance of the rules of the sport of boxing, to enforce rules on clinching, pushing or blows below the belt. 

He fails, entirely, at being a referee.

Probably coming to a big fight near you soon, but only if you live in the now perennial boxing joke that is Texas.

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Low Blows: Orlando Salido hit Lomachenko below the belt (HD 1080p)

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  1. learn boxing 06:43am, 11/26/2016

    worst low blow fight was agbecko mares 1     you girls wanna see some ball smashing?  watch this one russell mora

  2. bikermike 07:10pm, 03/07/2014

    Hey…...low blow Championship bout of all time…...Cooney belting Holmes in the balls ....lots and lots….....and lots…..

    Ditto Arguello vs Pryor II…..but Pryor was so buzzed it didn’t matter

  3. bikermike 07:01pm, 03/07/2014

    yeh….that’s the guy…Richard Steele did exactly what he was supposed to do….and was denegrated from that time on…. He did the right thing…‘nuff said   Taylor’s face looke like he’d been a practice piece for teaching immigrants how to back up with a van ....ffs

    The man had had enough

  4. Jim Crue 06:01pm, 03/07/2014

    Ref was Richard Steele and there are those who would disagree with you. But not me

  5. bikermike 05:39pm, 03/07/2014

    who was that referee who save Meldrick Taylor from certain permanent damage…..and called him out with fifteen seconds left in the fight…...with Taylor ahead on some score cards

    THAT IS THE KIND OF REFEREE THAT IS NEEDED….......It wasn’t Mills Lane..but he was just as good ..for making that call

  6. bikermike 05:35pm, 03/07/2014

    and according to the paternity litigation ...i face every day…......I gotta lot of grandsons

  7. bikermike 05:32pm, 03/07/2014

    Seriously you guys…..Texas has the crowds and the money….but HOME TOWN DECISIONS are a given .....even the ring ain’t square in Texas ....nor Germany…..‘nuff said

  8. bikermike 05:29pm, 03/07/2014

    Hey Ted….would you put a grandson in with a dangerous fighter…IN TEXAS..with Laurence Cole as the referee…....
    .....neither would I

  9. Ted 07:45am, 03/07/2014

    Cole’s problem IMO is inconsistency. I have seen him do fine work but then I have seen him do atrocious work. That suggests an issue associated with focus.

  10. Ted 10:26am, 03/06/2014

    As bad as he is, he is far from the worse. There are others out there who are actually dangerous and who put lives at risk..

  11. Edmund 11:19am, 03/05/2014

    The first time I saw him officiated a fight I have already recognized that he’s one big idiot of a referee.  He acted so much like the big brother of barrera while pretending to act as referee for Pac-Barrera 1.

  12. bikermike 11:18am, 03/05/2014

    even in the amateurs…intentional fouls take place…
    I took my first amateur fight when I was 27 yrs old….I was One eighty..maybe one eighy five…no experience…
    I had travelled with the team for weeks…hopefully to find a fair fight….
    Amateur fights are based on weight ...age and experience
    ...anybody who was my age had about a thousand fights…get the picture
    I lost my first seven fights…clearly….lost the next ten due to lack of skill…won the last three..and ‘retired’

    Somehow…as my other secret identity…I raised about a quarter of a million dollars…and made it a sustainable exercise…by doing dinner cards ...and making a hundred dollar ticket only cost them 25$ credit….instead of putting on these costly smokers that had been going on since WWI…ffs

    My last opponent was a guy named DeJairlay…and he beat me to the punch most of the fight….but he ran out of the last of the third round….I got the nod…but he won…...I’ll never forget the look he gave me ..when we touched up;after the decision….haunts me to this day

  13. bikermike 11:05am, 03/05/2014

    Hey Matt…..
    Western Canada was a wilderness up to about 1880…or so….The First NATIONS’ People who had been there for thousands of years ...have experienced many things….including unfairness….

    They have a saying that deals with situations like this….frustration due to unfairness…......loosley translated…from their language to English… comes out like this…...FUCK “M

  14. bikermike 11:00am, 03/05/2014

    referee is there to protect the fighters…it’s there last line of defence in a very HIGH CONTACT SPORT..

    Referee is not there to sway the outcome of the match…...‘NUFF SAID

  15. bikermike 10:51am, 03/05/2014

    there was once the THREE BIG B’S….....BASEBALL ...BASKETBALL ..AND BOXING….
    Baseball went though some scandals…and cleaned the place out…
    Basketball found out about points shaving…and took steps
    Boxing kept on ....keeping on the way it was…and has been replaced by popoular Sports coverage…by Football

    ....Keep in mind…up to the fifies…Prize Football Players were paid so poorly…Regina Saskatchewan out bid Chicago Bears for Glen Dobbs

    For ten yrs…Regina called itself Dobberville !!

  16. bikermike 10:42am, 03/05/2014

    I compare Mills any and all referees
    Larry Hazzard was defamed from deciding to end the fight with fifteen seconds left..on a Championship fight…....He was proved right when that fighter was found walking on his heels in Winnepeg Manitoba…just a few years later…
    Being a good referee is a very dificult position…and Larry Hazard and Mills Lane set the bar…...cole couldn’t use the same washroom as these guys

  17. bikermike 10:35am, 03/05/2014

    if Duran would have fought leonard in Texas…that would have been the end of Duran’s career

    C’mon .Texas….straighten up and fly right..

    IS Texas a fair figtht town ....or not ??  so far..NOT

  18. bikermike 10:29am, 03/05/2014

    Irish…you crack me up….great post

  19. bikermike 10:25am, 03/05/2014

    Cole has a chain through his nose.(who pays this fine figure of fairness and protection of Boxers in the ring)..and why kill the monkey…when the guy to blame is the monkey grinder…ffs…I say again ....Pro Boxing in Texas is as straight as the letter S

  20. bikermike 10:22am, 03/05/2014

    Hey Matt…

    ...I want to be clear….as you seem to be sugar coating it so much ......are you saying that the officials in Texas are living proof that anal sex is dangerous…or that they are just incompetant..and should never be allowed to breed…....

    C’mon…spit it out….

    Me….I’d never send a non Texas guy to Texas ...nor Germany win….maybe the money…but not a fair shake

    Even a KO would be challenged by a ‘drug test’ in those environments…

    Texas is a fair a State as Stalin put in place in some other place….some other time

  21. Matt McGrain 10:20am, 03/05/2014

    Bang on JP.

  22. JuicyPeach 10:15am, 03/05/2014

    It’s also the responsibility of the corner of Lomenchenko to accost the Ref. They should have gotten onto the Ref to make him see their man was being hit below the belt. If they don’t say anything the Ref is going to keep doing it as he did! The Judges are also whacked; no matter what the Ref says they should judge the right way! These Boxing Organizations don’t hire honest judges or referees. Bottom line. They hire those they can bribe and make them money!

  23. jess 06:44am, 03/05/2014

    BRAVO!!! im glad u guys decided to run w/ a story like this! Cole needs to be investigated and removed from the sport. 

    I literally said over the weekend im gonna start learning and volunteering to referee,  cuz this is one of the reasons people cant get behind boxing if they’re on the fence

  24. Thresher 06:39pm, 03/04/2014


  25. NYIrish 01:51pm, 03/04/2014

    Chenko should have thrown his first uppercut between Salidos legs. Nothing stops low punching like a reciprocal nut shot up and behind the cup.

  26. JuicyPeach 10:12am, 03/04/2014

    Laurence Cole says he didn’t see Salido hitting Vasyl below the belt. I don’t understand how everyone else saw it and he didn’t! Lomachenko could have had a better fight had he not been hit below the belt so many times during the fight! You could clearly see him trying to protect himself down there to keep from getting hit. The man would almost bend over when he got hit. If Salido had to win that way, it’s time for him to get out of Boxing. Cole needs to be suspended for a few months for such refereeing as he did on Saturday night. Cole and Salido both need to take a break from Boxing!!

  27. Pete The Sneak 06:19am, 03/04/2014

    NY Irish, unfortunately you are correct. The next big fight card out in Texas, the Lone Star State Ring menace will be standing in that ring front and center ready to terrorize another fight card…BK Don Nailed it as well…Jim Lampley & Co. sit there and tell you that Cole is doing his “Usual dreadful Refereeing job,” but they (HBO) continue to enable daddy Cole and the Texas Boxing Commission by continuing to bring big fights out there and do nothing about it. I wonder if Lampley will tell that same quote to Dickie Cole before they (HBO) decide to host the next HBO televised boxing card in Texas…I’m sure he will…Not!!...Peace.

  28. NYIrish 04:18am, 03/04/2014

    You can write about Cole till the cows come home to no avail. Fans need to punch him in the balls randomly and repeatedly. God bless Texas!

  29. Dadoy 09:55pm, 03/03/2014

    We should boycott Mayweather fight. He fooled or playing the boxing fans. He ask Boxing fans for a votes on who he should fight, then turn around from vote winner to pick on who he think an easy fight. I dont know what else I can say but I know fans know that he will be in big trouble if he face AMIR KHAN, the voting winner. Well, still a wise decision for Floyd hoping to keep “0” record. Okey guys? Let watch the fight the following day and its free.

  30. Retech Son 09:42pm, 03/03/2014

    Hahaha what a title! Seriously. I wanted to shout the same. His calls were absurd. He didn’t open his mouth and do nothing about Salido’s dirty tactics. He’s just too lazy in that fight.

    He ruled knockdown for a slip. He ruled slip for a knockdown. That’s Barerra-Pacquiao first fight alone in 2004.

  31. Jim Crue 09:41pm, 03/03/2014

    Dickie Cole is laughing at us if he reads this. He will continue to do as he pleases with his incompetent son and commission. As a previous poster has said T R and HBO are almost as guilty. As poster David said… boycott fights in Texas. I will.
    On another note.. between Buffer, boy his shtick is getting old, and Lampley my mute button got a lot of use.

  32. Dadge 09:38pm, 03/03/2014

    Well, you know what. It is something surprising. You people should know Lawrence Cole. That one way of making a winner for a dough. To cite one instance, please replay the 1st fight of Barrera Vs Pacquiao. Pacquiao slip with no punch from Barrera and he called it as knock down. Pacquiao hit Barrera and got knock down, he pulled up Barrera and called it a slip. Too bad, still Barrera lost in that fight and I beleived the referee as well.

  33. david 08:54pm, 03/03/2014

    I now declare my personal boycott on all boxing and other sporting events which are hosted in Texas….problem solved!

  34. mateng 08:45pm, 03/03/2014

    its about time somebody write somdthing about this stupid ref. hes been getting away with it. l remember he once told juan manuel marquez during a fight that he can quit after being hit by a low blow, because he wasahead of points anyways.  this guy always favors mexican fighters.i have nothing against mexican fighters, i lovethe way they fight. im just saying what kind a ref this is. i can pick any boxing fan from the crowd and do better job than cole. his father should retire him ratherthan putting his son in big fights. hez ruining the boxers hardwork and sacrifices..very very bad for everybody who lovesboxing.

  35. mananap 08:40pm, 03/03/2014

    Yeah I agree with you! That Cole is an idiot, in fact it is not just this bout that Cole is being idiot all bouts that he is the third man in the ring were all bull****. He must no longer facilitate any bout, he don’t even know boxing anyways.

  36. Bk Don 08:07pm, 03/03/2014

    Cole is turrible (Barkley voice), we all agree. Texas is a joke of a commission and that’s something I think we all realized quite some time ago. Now, it’s time to start laying some blame on HBO & Top Rank. They continually put money into the pockets of the Texas commission, yet act as if they have no say in what goes on inside the ring. They’re enablers and It’s a joke for Lampley to admit that Cole is “dreadful” yet somehow we see him on HBO as often as we see GGG. If HBO & Top Rank are going to leave up to Laurence Cole’s dad to decide whether he gets high profile fights than they need to shut their mouths when he butchers a bout, like he always does. How about speak up? How about say we’re not going to stage shows in your state and fatten your wallets if you’re going to put fighters lives in danger by having an inept 3rd man in the ring. I guess that would be asking too much of little ol HBO & TR.

  37. andrew 07:53pm, 03/03/2014

    LC’s scandalously inept performance almost made me long for Jay Nady…almost.

  38. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:31pm, 03/03/2014

    Larry’s out of uniform in the photo above…..missing are the rainbow hued Afro style wig, that big red ping pong ball nose, those size 20 floppy shoes, and that nice shiny honker horn that he could use to break clinches and for just good old fashioned fun.

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