Le Freak: Foreman vs. Seagal

By Robert Ecksel on October 5, 2017
Le Freak: Foreman vs. Seagal
Some are calling it bizarre. Others can hardly wait to plunk down their hard-earned cash.

When George Foreman was asked by his fans on social media if he was serious, he answered in the affirmative…

Of the many concerns preceding the recent fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was the possibility that novelties of the sort might be contagious. But with the collapse of civil society and anti-intellectualism on the rise, the need for something new, something different, however shabby, inconsequential, and/or repetitive, has never been greater.

With the grill business having slowed to a trickle, but with name and face recognition as potent as ever, former heavyweight champion George Foreman has thrown his hat into the ring, so to speak, by challenging actor/martial artist Steven Seagal to a 10-round boxing match.

Some are calling it bizarre. Others can hardly wait to plunk down their hard-earned cash. But 68-year-old Foreman has not fought in 20 years. Whatever he has left at that advanced age will likely be exposed. And the same holds true for the Hollywood tough guy, 65-year-old Steven Seagal, aka The Great One and Lord Steven, who is an American-born Russian citizen and crappy actor to boot.

But Big George has his reasons, and while he has not shared them with the public, it’s reasonable to assume they are some combination of financial/political, so he called out Seagal on Twitter, possibly in all seriousness.

“Steven Seagal,” he tweeted, “I challenge you one on one, I use boxing you can use whatever. 10 rounds in Vegas.”

That of course is exactly what Vegas needs, more distraction to go with the distraction—which doesn’t mean the Aikido master with a fondness for hair dye won’t jump at the opportunity in a last-ditch attempt at establishing something resembling relevance.

“No weapons,” added Foreman, “hand to hand only.”

When Foreman was asked by his fans on social media if he was serious, he answered in the affirmative, adding that maybe Floyd Mayweather could promote the bout, having done such a bang-up job legitimizing his most recent and presumably last foray in the ring. And best of all, Foreman vs. Seagal can even be on pay-per-view.

Foreman has been mum on his reasons for wanting to fight Steven Seagal, but he may be reacting to the actor’s response to the NFL players who exercised their constitutional right to free speech by taking a knee during the national anthem.

A man of few words and fewer original thoughts, Seagal described the protests as “outrageous” and “disgusting.” He also said that they were “a joke,” even though no one appears to be laughing…except perhaps in Russia.

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  1. Lucas McCain 02:44pm, 01/04/2018

    When big George fought Gerry Cooney in a comeback fight that was fought years ago, there were concerns he would have a heart attack.  Now they seem more realistic—even a double heart attack, which would beat Nat Fleischer’s recording of a double knockout in an Ad Wolgast fight.  Maybe they could hold this one in Florida’s Retirement Village, part of the World’s Biggest Early Bird Special

  2. Matt Atwater 07:50am, 10/25/2017

    Segal chickens out he don’t want no part of Big George even at 68. It would be a quick KO. But you never know if the money is right and the public wants to see it and Mayweather promotes it? Who knows in the words of Former President Obama anything is possible in America? I guess President Trump heard him say that?

  3. Lucas McCain 05:10am, 10/21/2017

    Just saw LeBell had his 85th birthday this month.  Hope he’s in shape to ref this confrontation as he did Ali-Inoki.

  4. Lucas McCain 05:01am, 10/21/2017

    No Mas:  Judo Gene was for real.  And so is the line—A man of few words and fewer original thoughts—my first good laugh of the day.

  5. Gio 07:20am, 10/17/2017

    This fight will be the closest thing we will ever have to real life Rocky Balboa! With Seagal seemingly living in Moscow he is the Ivan Drago….just fatter and with more hair dye.

  6. No Mas 05:21am, 10/07/2017

    It ain’t happening. It is well known that Seagal is a martial arts fraud and it is rumored that he once backed down from an altercation against a much smaller Jean Claude Van Damme. Also rumored that an ancient Judo Gene LeBell choked out Seagal and literally made him sh*t his pants.

  7. Arthur Forman 08:46am, 10/06/2017

    love the video & agree
    this freak show will likely not happen
    Foreman would destroy Seagal, who has been getting paunchy & I think ailing
    the $$$ may be there & is a HUGE incentive

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