Lemieux Wins IBF 160-Pound Title

By Ted Sares on June 20, 2015
Lemieux Wins IBF 160-Pound Title
The cagey N’Dam again showed his uncommon resiliency and recuperative powers. (AP)

David Lemieux has become still another Canadian world champion, and with that title he now has a number of options…

“I wouldn’t say I’m overconfident. I’m well aware of who I’m facing. I’m very confident in my abilities. I’m very confident going in the ring and facing a fighter like him.”—Lemieux

“I just hope the referee’s impartial.”—Mous Ouicher, N’Dam’s trainer

“When you want to be one of the best of the world you need to fight around the world. I am born and a raised in Cameroon but I made my name in France, and fight in the U.S. [Anywhere] is like my home town because I was born for this sport. June 20 I will be in my bedroom in the ring and I will feel at home.”—N’Dam

“David has monster power. N’Dam is chinny. Do the math!”—Poster on Boxing.com

This was clearly the most entertaining of tonight’s main events, stealing the show from Ward-Smith and Broner-Porter.

David Lemieux (33-2, 31 KOs) came in riding a seven-fight win streak while Hassan N’Dam (31-1, 10 KOs), the tough France-based Cameroonian, was coming off an impressive showing against fading Curtis Stevens.

With his short reach, David immediately pressed the action resembling a Jake LaMotta on the stalk and when he got in close, he did his most serious damage including four vicious knockdowns via his left hook. N’Dam hit the deck in the 2nd, two times in the 5th, and a final time in the 7th. Each time he was up fast even though the knockdowns at first blush appeared to be concussive and fight-ending. In actuality, however, there was never a serious reason for the referee to stop the fight.

The cagey N’Dam once again showed his uncommon resiliency and recuperative powers and remained in the fight until the final bell. In this regard, this fight was not unlike N’Dam’s exciting battle with Peter Quillin in 2012 when he was decked six times. With N’Dam still throwing serious stuff until the end, this one wasn’t over until it was over and that provided added excitement.

Lemieux tired somewhat in the second half of the fight, possibly because he did too much headhunting, allowing Hassan to keep the Canadian honest, especially when he fought at long range using his jab and movement, though much of the latter was backward suggesting that N’Dam has the stamina of a Cameroonian soccer player.

Curiously, Hassan lost on cards of 115-109, 115-109, and 114-110. Quillin dropped N’Dam six times and won on scorecards that were 7-5 in rounds for “Kid Chocolate.” In short, when he doesn’t get decked, he tends to win rounds.

Late in the final round, Montreal’s Bell Centre crowd was up and screaming as they knew David Lemieux would now become still another Canadian world champion, and with that title he now has a number of options (indirectly thanks to Jermain Taylor going astray with a firearm among other things and landing himself in jail). He could get the winner of Canelo Alvarez vs. Miguel Cotto or he might have a somewhat dubious opportunity of fighting WBA middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin in a unification bout this year, but that would seem too much too soon. Money will be the determinant, of course.

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David Lemieux vs. Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam

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  1. Kid Blast 07:40pm, 06/24/2015

    I think that’s correct Tex. He needs to be cautious and selective. But if he is looking to cash out, GGG is the ticket.

  2. Tex Hassler 07:34pm, 06/24/2015

    Lemieux should be champ as long as he can avoid GGG.

  3. Darrell 09:04pm, 06/22/2015

    Agree, this was an excellent fight.  Lemieux can hit, N’Dam is tough.  I enjoyed it a lot.

  4. Kid Blast 07:10pm, 06/22/2015

    Lemieux against Quillin is definitely the one, but I doubt Quillin wants any part of this monster.

  5. Koolz 06:57pm, 06/22/2015

    Lemieux against Quillin now that would be a fight!

    I would love see if Quillin could can get up like the Cyborg N’Dam!

    Oscar and Froch they have something in common.

  6. Kid Blast 06:34pm, 06/22/2015

    Billy Joe Saunders is another possibility

  7. Kid Blast 06:31pm, 06/22/2015

    Koolz, Oscar is full of shit. His chances of coming back are zero to none. He would be decapitated by just about any decent fighter.

    I agree that GGG and David will not meet at this juncture. There is money to be made where the risk-reward is far better for Lemieux. I’d love to see him fight Lee or Quillin. A Bute fight at the proper weight would be massive in Canada. But David will stay at 160. Maybe a fight against Murray or whipping boy Macklin to make some egg money.

  8. Koolz 06:17pm, 06/22/2015

    De La Hoya isn’t about to let Lemieux fight GGG.
    K2 Promotions are trying to make it happen but it doesn’t seem to be
    going there way.  No Instead !!!
    Oscar wants to fight GGG
    yea Lenord and Hagler all over again ...NOT!
    Ok Golden Boy says there thinking about Lemieux and GGG in the future.
    De La Hoya is thinking about fighting GGG now!
    In fact Golovkin today just said he is ready to fight Oscar at 154 right now!
    I am dumb founded…stranger things happen?
    now Lemieux but De La Hoya?
    At least Lemieux and GGG would be six rounds
    with Oscar I think it would be over in three or two!

  9. Kid Blast 05:40pm, 06/22/2015

    Yes Steve I’m afraid you are correct. The first sharp exchange might be the last.

  10. Steve 05:01pm, 06/22/2015

    Lem has power and A LOT of holes in his game. It will be short and exciting when and if he fights GGG. It will be a slaughter.

  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 12:41pm, 06/22/2015

    Best fights of the weekend were David’s and Sammy JR’s and I wish someone could have lit a fire under Grajeda’s ass because his ticket to a big money fight was right there in front of him, there for the taking.

  12. Kid Blast 07:03pm, 06/21/2015

    Thanks John. I have followed him since the armatures. When Russ Anber trained him.

  13. John aka L.L. Cool John 07:01pm, 06/21/2015

    Nice breakdown Ted. I like David Lemieux.

  14. KB 06:49pm, 06/21/2015

    Oh Canada

  15. Koolz 12:47pm, 06/21/2015

    Fun Fight….Fun Windmills! 
    You know if that was Lemieux fighting GGG it would have been over before the sixth.  Golovkin can cut the ring off and set traps that no other fighter seems
    to be able to do anything about.  GGG would punish every little Lemieux mistake and miss, huge swings into the wind!

    Golovkin would be throwing a straight right that would not miss.

    Look forward to when the fight happens.
    Canada get ready to cry!

  16. dollarbond 12:08pm, 06/21/2015

    Kind of a slaughter but then not a slaughter.  Kind of a hard fight to score.

  17. Kid Blast 10:30am, 06/21/2015


  18. Eric 08:00am, 06/21/2015


  19. Kid Blast 07:35am, 06/21/2015

    It would Beaujack until GGG knocked him into another Province.

  20. beaujack 07:31am, 06/21/2015

    After the stench of watching the Broner/ Porter fiasco it was exciting to watch the left-hooking David Lemieux beat the game Hassan N’Dam in a great fight in Canada. Lemieux has one of the most powerful left hooks I have ever seen on any fighter….Reminds me of a fighter of my youth Al Bummy Davis the lightweight who upset the 8-01 favorite Bob Montgomery in the first round with his vaunted left hook. Lemieux seems to gas out in the later rounds as he puts so much effort in his powerful punches…The most exciting bout I could imagine today would be Lemieux against my man GGG. WOW, that would be something, wouldn’t it?

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