Let’s put Mayweather and Pacquiao on a boat…

By Paul Magno on March 21, 2018
Let’s put Mayweather and Pacquiao on a boat…
They refuse to do anything but desperately grasp at their own fame and waning relevance.

I don’t see any other way boxing can move forward while these two continue to suck up the sport’s life force without putting much back…

OK…Hear me out.

Let’s figure a way to lure Floyd Mayweather to a luxury yacht in international waters off Venice Beach. Maybe promise him some sort of award for being the “Best Ever” at something and boast of exclusive TMZ coverage for the event.

We do the same with Manny Pacquiao. Maybe offer some sort of St. Thomas Aquinas award for the most humble super human or make a promise of IRS debt amnesty.

Then, when Mayweather and Pacquiao are on board, the ship would take off to the middle of the Pacific Ocean in search of an uninhabited island where they can both be deposited safely.

We wouldn’t be unduly cruel about this. They’d be exiled for the rest of their days (or until they were beyond the age of competition in any professional sport), but we’d airlift them supplies twice a month via Amazon International and maybe even take specific orders as to what they’d like delivered. That’s the least we could do.

I’d hate to have to do this, but I don’t see any other way boxing can move forward while these two continue to suck up the sport’s life force without putting much back.

Yeah, Mayweather and Pacquiao are the biggest boxing stars of this era and, arguably, the biggest prizefighting stars of all-time. But Mayweather is retired, Pacquiao is absolutely unwilling to wade into deep waters ever again—and both refuse to let go of their grasp on the sport.

There was a time when I was standing tall on the “Give Floyd and Manny their just due” soapbox. I mean, it was more than a little ridiculous to have boxing writers talk about how bad they were for the sport when they were, almost literally, the only ones doing any real business.

But neither is really in the sport anymore.

Mayweather is grabbing headlines with silly talk of fighting in the UFC and Pacquiao is goofing around on the perimeters of a deep welterweight talent pool, teasing with Jeff Horn, Mike Alvarado, and Lucas Matthysse possibilities rather than considering the guys that matter like Spence, Thurman, and Crawford.

At this point, Floyd and Manny are two personalities who still generate huge amounts of attention and suck up spotlights, but refuse to actually give back to the sport. It’s time to put them some place where they can’t take attention away from those fighting in the here and now.

It’s a shame. Mayweather is the head of MAYWEATHER PROMOTIONS, which is supposedly in the fighter promotion game. And he’s got some quality fighters he could be promoting, too, like Badou Jack and Gervonta Davis—if he wasn’t too busy promoting a silly, not-likely-to-actually-happen MMA bout. Pacquiao, meanwhile, is supposedly still an active fighter, but he’s passed up on a Horn rematch, passed over an Alvarado slaughter, and is currently stuck on a still unconfirmed Malaysian bout with Lucas Matthysse (a decent fighter, but stylistically ill-suited to handle an even 39-year-old Pacquiao riddle).

Both COULD be giving back to the sport that made them wildly wealthy and forever famous, but they refuse to do anything but desperately grasp at their own fame and waning relevance.

It may be too much to ask today’s boxing stars, who maintain enough money and sway to keep calling their own shots until they choose not to—to pass the torch to the next generation of talented, elite-level fighters. But, at the very least, guys like Floyd and Manny can be gracious enough to step aside and stop stealing attention from those who represent the future of the sport.

That’s not likely to happen, though.

So, let’s start scouting for islands in the Pacific Ocean. Maybe put up a small power station and a wifi hook-up so they can at least still do their social media posturing (we’re not heartless monsters looking to take EVERYTHING from them). Let them be as relevant as ex-boxers and semi-retired fighters should be. Then, inform the mainstream world that there are plenty of quality fighters in the sport right now, who are more than worthy of a spotlight.

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  1. Rolando Rayos 07:59pm, 03/22/2018

    I understand you eyeview to your obsessive idea.  Pacquiao and Mayweather are not ordinary person with ordinary achievement in their life. Please give them a respect. It is their business and doing well, They are entertaining sports minded people who support and liked them. You are not of them.

  2. Norman 05:27pm, 03/21/2018

    HI Paulo,

    Please brush up on your boxing information. If you think Matthysse is a walk in the park and Alvarado is better? Please be informed that they are both dangerous opponents and Matthysse is the more active boxer.

  3. Dekahana 04:26pm, 03/21/2018

    Paul Magno, if you’re truly tired of these two fighters and really believe that they are no longer relevant, then just STOP writing about them! If they are not relevant or should no longer stay relevant, then why even bother to write about what they are or not or should or should not be doing at this point of their lives. Just move on to another topic, bro. Yet, you continue to do so. Why? So you can direct traffic of their still considerable fan base to your articles? That’s just hypocrisy man!

  4. David 04:04pm, 03/21/2018

    After Kolalev 2 he quit, retired, didn’t defend his title. What do you call that? And if he comes back and wins another title he’ll quit again and boxing.com will still have him rated number in the world. I’m not going to insult you because I won’t stoop that low.

  5. AkT 11:05am, 03/21/2018

    Oh no @David .. no you didn’t! Won a title and quit? From under what rock have you just crawled out?

    Bah! Almost fell for it - trolling, right?

  6. David 09:21am, 03/21/2018

    You might want to put Andre Ward on that boat. He too is irrelevant. Won a title, quit and retired, doesn’t know if he’s coming or going, and is no where in site of a boxing ring, yet boxing.com is still in love with him.

  7. George Louis Otto 08:19am, 03/21/2018

    As the Chief Legal Counsel of The Jerry Quarry Foundation (TJQF) and the American Association for the Improvement of Boxing (AAIB), and as a fan of the sport for over 60 years, I believe that this is a good article, which, in part, helps explain the decline in interest in the sweet science.  However, I contend that the problems of boxing in terms of attracting ongoing interest stem from far more sources than the recent activities of FM, Jr., and MP.  In many ways, all those who have made the sport what it is have conspired, unwittingly or otherwise, to badly denigrate its integrity, fairness, accessibility, and overall attractiveness from an entertainment standpoint.  More specifically, the fighters, and thus the fans, have been enormously exploited by the promoters and their backers in many important ways—-especially in terms of attaining short-term profits.  Also, amateur boxing has not been sufficiently supported and utilized as a means of making the sport better in terms of competitiveness, safety, the enhancement of basic skills and conditioning.  The AAIB produced a manifesto, strongly supported by TJQF, which addressed many of these issues——however, the boxing establishment and its fans ignored its many significant and important suggestions.  Other important efforts have included establishing a union for boxers and creating a data base of the professional fighters.  Of course, boxing, unlike other professional sports, has greatly suffered from a lack of any sense of a national and/or international effort to bring much needed uniformity and overall fairness to the support.  FM, Jr., and MP created much excitement and interest in the professional sport—-but there is a lot more to this enterprise and its mechanics than the efforts, or lack thereof, of those 2 significant former champions.

  8. Aaron Silva 07:31am, 03/21/2018

    This shows that no one can fill the shoes of these two greats at this time. No one from the new set of fighters can become as great as them.

  9. don from prov 06:37am, 03/21/2018

    That boat should have sailed a long time ago
    In fact, many of us do see it as gone gone gone.

    Maybe don’t write articles about them anymore?
    Maybe I won’t respond to or read articles about them—
    And I usually don’t; but we could both help that way.

  10. kroid gayweather IV gate 06:09am, 03/21/2018

    fuck.  only that fraud gateweather IV should not be relevant still.  you are a fan of floyd jr., Paul.  and you hated manny.  but you are seeing now the inevitable image of Froid IV’s annoying career.  that is why you mix up manny with your fraud in your rant.  it should be froid alone.  because manny even at this stage of his career is still capable of beating the best in his division.  “AND HE BROUGHT BOXING BACK TO LIFE.  ONLY YOUR FRAUDULENT FROID IV GATEWEATHER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DETERIORATION OF THE SPORT”.  ONLY HIM AND NOT MANNY! 

  11. Ollie Downtown Brown 06:02am, 03/21/2018

    Was referring to the third Leonard-Duran fight as “terrible” and not the Hearns-Leonard rematch.

  12. Ollie Downtown Brown 06:00am, 03/21/2018

    Actually these guys are doing the same thing that Hearns, Leonard, and Duran did just a few decades ago. Ali pulled the same act when he extended his career for another 6 years after Manila. The Leonard-Duran third fight in 1989 happened 9 years after their second fight in 1980. The Hearns-Leonard rematch would wait 8 years after the original. And what a terrible “fight” it was. Hmm, I agree with another poster, the writer and others should and could stop writing about these two guys, that might help.

  13. Tony 04:54am, 03/21/2018

    Arum and, to lesser degree, King have ruled over boxing for 40+ years. And according to Magno, today’s problems with sport lie with 2 fighters??

  14. The Beast of Bodmin 01:27am, 03/21/2018

    A far easier solution would be for the boxing media to stop writing about them unless it is in connection with an actual, contracted fight. Mayweather especially since he has retired.

  15. AkT 11:03pm, 03/20/2018

    Paul, I am a little confused. The very people you are suggesting bundle these 2 to an uninhabited island are the same ones who keep making these 2 fighters relevant by clamouring for their PPVs, interview slots, autographs ..?

    I am not really sure who your audience is for this article.

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