Lightning LeShawn expects

By Cain Bradley on February 26, 2018
Lightning LeShawn expects
He likes to keep busy and has said when it comes to opposition, “I’m up for whatever.”

Football’s loss is boxing’s gain and Rodriguez will hope to fulfill the expectations that he has carried around for years…

LeShawn Rodriguez has always been a highly hyped prospect. So much so that he tells me “it’s what I expect. I’ve been a standout since the amateur days.” Kathy Duva is very high on LeShawn, she thinks he can be a future star. His amateur pedigree certainly suggests he has it in him. He was a two-time US National Champion who lost less than fifteen bouts during an amateur career which saw him represent USA and box over 125 times. Perhaps the only thing he didn’t manage to do was compete at the Olympics. He instead lost to Charles Conwell, who was defeated in the first round. “It was a big disappointment” and Rodriguez was sure he would have done better than Conwell as his style was more suited to the Olympics. Speaking of his style, he does believe it suits the professional scene because of his power in the “little gloves.” He then went on to compare himself to Terence Crawford, one of the best all round boxers on the planet.

Only one opponent has survived the rounds with him so far. Darryl Watkins was his second opponent and although the Maryland man never won a fight, he was also the heaviest opponent Rodriguez ever fought. This will be only the third time that Rodriguez is in with an opponent who has won over half his bouts. Martez Jackson is his next opponent and is better than his 4-1-2 record suggests. His two draws came against unbeaten prospect whilst his loss also came against an unbeaten prospect, who has since improved to 8-0. He insists that this fight fans are “gonna see the same thing, lots of power punches.” He described camp as “pretty good” and to expect the same thing, with fans “gonna see lots of power punches.” Rodriguez is determined to put on a show and entertain so the fans come back and want to watch him again. “I always want to be better than the last time. I work harder and I push myself.”

He is featuring on a strong card, underneath a pair of Light Heavyweight contests which pair off Sergey Kovalev and Igor Mikhalkin along with Dmitry Bivol and Sullivan Barrera. Rodriguez has been sparring Kovalev, which “felt good.” He described his power as good but instead praised how technical he was and his ability to adjust very quickly. Kovalev was the comparison that Jolene Mizzone, Vice President of Operations at Main Events, gave for Stevenson, considering he just loves to fight. That is where he hopes to be soon. He wants a world title shot to come his way in 2019. He likes to keep busy and has declared when it comes to opposition, “I’m up for whatever.” He also confirmed that he likes to stay active as he “likes to fight all the time” and rued his only time of inactivity as a professional which came when he broke his hand.

Rodriguez did not get a normal start to boxing. Instead it came because he got into trouble and had an ankle bracelet placed on him. Because of the device, he was unable to pay in case he broke the device. The boxing gym would have him. “I used to watch boxing, I really started boxing cause that’s all I could do to get out the house, go to the gym. I was good at it so kept it going. Two months in, I was beating up people that had been in the gym longer than me. Coaches were telling me to stick to it and it clicked in my mind that I should.” It kept him out of trouble as it took up his time and he even predicted that he would not be in a good place right now without it. He did state that he “coulda done well at football, I’m really fast.” Football’s loss is boxing’s gain and Rodriguez will hope to fulfill the expectations that he has carried around for years.

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