Linares Schools Crolla in Rematch

By Robert Ecksel on March 25, 2017
Linares Schools Crolla in Rematch
“Jorge Linares is a great champion,” said Crolla. “He proved it again tonight." (Reuters)

After his defeats of Darleys Perez and Ismael Barroso it looked like the sky might be the limit for Anthony Crolla…

Saturday night at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom, WBA lightweight champion Jorge Linares (42-3, 27 KOs), “El Niño de Oro” from Tokyo, Japan, by way of Barinas, Venezuela, schooled former champion Anthony Crolla (31-6, 13 KOs), the Fighting Pride of Manchester, winning the second of their two fights by unanimous decision after 12 lopsided rounds.

All three judges scored the fight 118-109.

At the age of 31 and 14 years into his Hall of Fame career, Linares shows no signs of slowing down. Unlike their first fight in September, which was competitive, Linares controlled tonight’s action from the opening bell. Crolla was courageous, but courage was not enough.

“Jorge Linares is a great champion,” said Crolla after the bout. “He proved it again tonight. Manchester, I’m so sorry I couldn’t do it for you tonight. He caught me with a great shot, I thought I was gonna get to him but he moves so well. I got beat by the better man, no excuses.”

Linares’ mastery was pronounced. He set the terms of engagement by controlling the distance, playing the angles, and working over the challenger from the outside. Linares the master boxer outboxed Crolla, firing off combinations and all but shutting Crolla down. He drew first blood in the sixth from a cut above Crolla’s right eye. In round seven Linares dropped Crolla with a beautiful left uppercut.

“I didn’t feel the pressure like last time, because I know the crowd appreciates me,” Linares said. “Anthony and I are both warriors…Anthony Crolla has some big balls.”

Crolla had his moments in rounds eight and nine. But it was never enough to slow Linares down. Joe Gallagher, Crolla’s trainer, tried to stop the fight at the end of the 11th, but Crolla insisted it go the distance.

After defeating Darleys Perez and Ismael Barroso in 2015 and 2016 it looked like the sky was the limit for Anthony Crolla. But after suffering two losses to Jorge Linares in the last six months, that limit needs to be reassessed.

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  1. Koolz 11:23am, 03/27/2017

    Jonny Gonzalez vs Canteras!  Damn that power!

  2. Koolz 12:39pm, 03/26/2017

    Was a great fight!

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:41am, 03/26/2017

    Mikey was drooling so much he needed a bib! Please forgive, but I liked Paulie’s analysis better that yours…..when Crolla stopped hopping it was like telling Linares “OK I’m ready to punch now!”

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