Live from the Copper Box

By Cain Bradley on May 20, 2017
Live from the Copper Box
He came with confidence and barely was touched en route to a third round stoppage. (PA)

As anyone who has seen my posts or heard me talk about Gervonta Davis will know, I think the kid is a superstar…

As anyone who has seen my posts or heard me talk about Gervonta Davis (18-0) will know, I think the kid is a superstar. His skills are superb. Power and speed. He fights with a reckless arrogance that fans will make him must watch. He came with confidence and barely was touched en route to a third round stoppage. It was a vicious right hook that led to his challenger being dropped and when he jumped on with the left hand, it was over. Poor Liam Walsh (21-1) looked outclassed. Although people have questioned the stoppage, it was definitely fair and only two more shots could have severely damaged Walsh who had lost the ability to defend himself. Davis to me looks a superstar and although he has questions he is in the best weight class for some huge bouts. The Berchelt vs. Miura winner would be an incredible fight.

Anthony Yarde (11-0) captured the Southern Area Light Heavyweight Title with a huge win over Chris Hobbs (6-2-1). The Beast was his usual powerful self, dropping him in round one. Despite Yarde holding his left low he was barely caught and when he was he shrugged off the Hobbs’ shots. The third saw Hobbs go down twice and finally the corner threw the towel in after going down three times in the fourth. Hobbs reacted badly but he had no chance. It was the first time Yarde has fought anybody with a winning record and single digit defeats and he coped well. Hopefully Frank begins to really step up his competition. Although his power and speed is impressive I have doubts and his defense and footwork still. Joel McIntyre or even Hosea Burton would be a brilliant test. Yarde will next take on Richard Baranyi for the WBO European Champion on Saunders undercard.

It took Daniel Dubois (3-0) just forty seconds to stop David Howe (13-6) with a huge overhand right. Dubois is not the first man to knock him out and Howe will not be the last man to find the power too much. I hate reading too much into prospects too early, this was not a test. He’s already way above this level and I imagine it will take a while for him to really step up. I would also like Dubois to train to make his legs a bit bigger. Nitpicking, for sure but you have to right now.

Aaron Morgan (12-1) looked a bit too powerful early, coming out and repeatedly snapping Joe Pigford’s (13-0) head back. The two exchanged big in round two. The depended everywhere you preferred the big clean punches of Morgan or the more work of Pigford. Both lost points for hitting after the bell in round four. A massive combination with a big right hook caused Morgan to almost touch the floor but the ref stayed out the action and Pigford was unrelenting, a massive left hook left Morgan out when he was probably ahead. Pigford looks to have huge power in those hands and a good chin.

Ryan Walsh (22-2-1) started the TV portion of the card by dominating Irishman Marco McCullough (17-4) to become British Champion. It finished in the eleventh round as a big Walsh right hand put McCullough on the ropes. He sustained his attack with Walsh on the ropes and the referee jumped in as a towel was thrown in. Walsh hurt him in the fourth, seventh and tenth rounds. He seemed to disrespect the power of McCullough often standing in the center of the ring, feet almost planted. Whenever he stepped it up, McCullough seemed to struggle and was happy to hold. In a division where Britain has a strong group of boxers, Kid Galahad and Josh Warrington would be intriguing domestic matchups or he could return to European level where he lost a split last time out to Dennis Ceylan.

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    We want to take him into the later rounds…..the deep end of the pool…..right! The truth is this was a sham from the git go! Walsh didn’t believe for a minute he could win….otherwise he would have had a real plan….like literally sprinting to the left like Algieri to get the hell away from that choppy overhand shit that for sure would be coming from the left side! Kinda’ like Wlad not being ready for Joshua’s bull/bum rushes that were sure to come!

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