Live Wire: Garcia Shocks Khan

By Robert Ecksel on July 14, 2012
Live Wire: Garcia Shocks Khan
"One shot can change a fight. And the way he come back was brilliant." (Ed Mulholland)

When Bayless asked Amir if he wanted to continue, he answered in the affirmative, but was clearly in no condition to go on…

Defying the odds and common wisdom, WBC super lightweight champion Danny Garcia (24-0, 15 KOs) defeated WBA champion Amir “King” Khan (26-3, 18 KOs) via fourth round TKO at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Saturday night.

It was the most surprising of surprise endings. Khan, fighting out of the red corner and black trunks with gold trim, looked spectacular in the first two rounds. The speed and the accuracy of his punches, especially the right hand, made it seem almost inevitable that it was going to be a very long night for Garcia. Khan also drew first blood in round two and Garcia’s face was busting up fast.

But then Garcia, fighting out of the blue corner in tiger-striped trunks, turned things around in dramatic fashion in round three. Khan was scoring almost at will when Danny landed a counter left from out of the blue that caught Khan on the back of the neck. The Pride of Bolton, England went down hard. He made it to his feet and was lucky to be saved by the bell. As Amir weaved his way back to his corner, it was obvious he was hurt and hurt bad.

No sooner did the fourth round begin than Garcia caught Khan again. Khan’s knee touched the canvas and the referee Kenny Bayless rightly called it a knockdown. The fight resumed. Khan, however, had lost his legs and was getting pummeled. Almost everything Garcia threw was landing. Khan tried fighting back and landed a few shots of his own. But the tide has turned. He could not move, failed to make use the ring, and didn’t think to hold onto Danny in an attempt to stop the onslaught.

As the round was drawing to a close, Garcia caught the now defenseless Khan with a left to the top of the head, followed by a right as he was going down. Again Khan beat the count. When Bayless asked Amir if he wanted to continue, the courageous Khan answered in the affirmative, but was clearly in no condition to go on. Bayless may have been a bit premature in stopping the fight, but if so only a bit. Khan was finished and Bayless knew it. The time of the stoppage was 2:28.

After the fight was over, Danny Garcia was jubilant.

“I feel great,” he said. “I always knew I had it in me. I just needed a great fighter in front of me. Amir Khan is a great fighter, and I knew if I fought him it would bring out the best in me. We knew he was going to come out fast. I talked to all my people. I said, ‘He’s going to jump on me early, because Freddie Roach thinks I’m a slow starter. So you know, I’m going to slip shots, I’m gonna feel his speed, I’m gonna feel his power, and after the third round we’re going to step it up.’ And I landed a good shot and it just changed the momentum of the fight.

“Amir Khan is a world champion and one of the best fighters in the world. I knew if I hurt him—and if he even hurt me—I was going to fight to the death, just like he fought.”

Khan was as gracious as Garcia was jubilant.

“It just wasn’t my night,” said Amir. “I made a few mistakes in there and got caught with the left hook. I must have gone in there with my hands low a little bit and I paid my price. I made mistakes, and I’ve got respect for Danny Garcia, the way he came back and the way he countered some of the mistakes I was making.

“We had a game plan and we were sticking to that, using the jab and stuff. But I think we did get complacent. And when we did get complacent, that’s why we paid for that. Danny Garcia put on a great performance and he caught me with a shot that—it was more of a blind shot, but you know he caught me. That’s boxing for you. One shot can change a fight. I’ve always said that. And the way he come back was brilliant.”

It’s not over for Amir Khan, not by a long shot.

And of course Danny Garcia, the new sheriff in town, is just getting started.

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Amir Khan Vs Danny Garcia Full Fight (Full Match) 15-07-2012 ( 15 Jul 2012 ) P1

Amir Khan Vs Danny Garcia Fight Full (Full Match) 15-07-2012 ( 15 Jul 2012 ) P2

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  1. John 11:16am, 07/21/2012

    Not sure why Khan insists he wants a rematch with Danny Garcia. My view is Garcia will beat him every time because Khan’s “power” he always likes to talk about didn’t hold any fears for Garcia. Despite his fast hands, Khan is so far a fairly one-dimensional fighter. Poor defence and a weak chin is a combination which spells doom. If there’s a rematch, Garcia will find him out again.

  2. Joe 11:03am, 07/16/2012

    I’ll give Khan credit he’s got stones.  The man took a lot of punishment and kept getting off the floor.  He’ll be back to fight another day.

  3. Pete The Sneak 04:30am, 07/16/2012

    I went on record saying that Garcia would give Khan a tougher fight than most folks gave him credit for. However, no way would I have thought that he would beat/KO Khan in the fashion in which he did. Wasn’t a big Khan fan when he first came upon the scene, but have come around to liking the guy. Say what you will about his chin, but the dude comes to fight. The way he fought back when he was pretty much already out on his feet showed the guys warrior spirit. But all props and congrats to Danny Garcia, who withstood the early assault by Khan and patiently waited for his opportunity. The kid was biding his time and landed the big shot that Khan was giving him every opportunity to land. This is why Boxing will always be around. The theater of the unexpected strikes again. Also, Danny showed a tremendous amount of class and grace after the fight in regards to Kahn. Can’t believe he’s his fathers son. Hope to see Danny again very soon. Peace.

  4. Lonesome Coyote 02:01pm, 07/15/2012

    NO SHOCK, to anyone who follows boxing and boxers. It’s a shame to admit but it’s clearly true that he (Khan) really hasn’t risen much above the amateur level at which he came into this game. He was a highly talented amateur and has improved to a degree but has been, not for the first time, found out at the top-most level. He won’t come back. I was, and remain, a fan, but he’s a lost cause at this level.

  5. Don from Prov 12:19pm, 07/15/2012

    Wow.  A chin is something that one does not correct.
    Very good post by bkdon on the idea of focus.

  6. JOHN L.PHILLY 11:53am, 07/15/2012

    i agree. khan did fight some decent boxers but he just narrowly escaped maidana, only if maidana knew how to finish him we probably would not even be talking about him write now. you made a terrible mistake by blaming freddie roach somtimes no matter how much a trainer drills something in his fighters head or no matter how many times they go over tatics in the gym its totally up to his fighter. why blame Mr. Roach, you need to give credit to danny garcia for staying on point and being a devastating puncher. it seems to me you lack some passion for the sport of boxing.

  7. bk don 08:49am, 07/15/2012

    Did you guys see that left Garcia hit Khan with? I don’t think too many fighters, if any, at 140 or even 147 could take that shot. I don’t think Khan’s probably has as much to do with a weak chin as it does with the fact he gets hit way too much. “We got complacent.” LOL not “we”, Amir. You! The fight was going so well for him he allowed himself to lose focus. That’s the difference between someone like May and Khan. Not just physical attributes but mental. The ability to stay focused and on point for 12 rds. Oh well. I wanna see Judah vs Garcia!

  8. Laurena 07:52am, 07/15/2012

    I have been concerned about Khan for some time now.  In fact, he never really knocked my socks off from the start.  The outcome of this fight doesn’t surprise me and I think Khan needs to make some big changes to become the champion that is definitly within him… somewhere.
    Another shocker for many in boxing.  Gotta love the sport!
    Great piece as usual, Robert.

  9. FrankinDallas 07:30am, 07/15/2012

    lol Jim Watt is a worse homeboy supporter than Jim Lampley.

  10. chillBOY_kimmy 05:26am, 07/15/2012

    ..amir has got good skills in boxing, like speed, power and quickness..that’s why he’s a champion also..i don’t know where he got maybe because he trained with manny pacquiao..but the problem is amir doesn’t have a tough chin just like manny..manny can take a punch from power puncher..but in amir’s case i don’t think so..that’s why if he wants to be a champion again he should do more in his defense than be careless not to..i think amir is winning the fight only that one punch from garcia changed everything..i think amir wasn’t able to recover from that punch..clearly he didn’t..

  11. Emma 03:51am, 07/15/2012

    Nothing please me than Haye’s victory.
    But it world have been very nice if the two friends won (Haye & Khan). Khan dream fight with Mayweather will never be with that show last night. But Haye is back and back to stay and for good.
    And now ready to beat Vitali Klitschko if they meet.

  12. gmag47 03:11am, 07/15/2012

    I thought this fight was about Khan with the glass chin and Garcia the 7-1 underdog who prediction almost came true but in the 4th instead of the 3rd round. Why are we talking about Pacquiao who is a non factor today , once again glass jaw Khan looked ahead to a fight with Pound for Pound king Mayweather and the same results, and I thought Freddie Roach was suppose to be a great trainer, he keeps having Khan fight with a lot of short comings , ie no defense, doesn’t know how to protect himself , once again Khan is overrated.

  13. Paul 12:41am, 07/15/2012

    Over here in the UK, 1 thing message is being put out by your weekend boxing fans ‘GLASS JAW’ - not many people like Khan over here. I however enjoyed an exciting fight in a sea of boring results. But then you only have to watch Chisora/Haye to get a taste of sports fans over here - something closer to a Roman gladiatorial crowd, so loud that the bell wasn’t heard by the ref at the end of one round.

  14. Darrell 12:14am, 07/15/2012

    Didn’t see a fighter by the name of Pacquiao in these videos…..enough already!

    Back to this fight, it proved two things, Khan has heart & Garcia is a fighter.

    Garcia really takes the old axiom, “If you get hit, throw a punch” seriously.  It’s a good way to deal with superior speed.

  15. Dennis 11:03pm, 07/14/2012

    (khan) he should change he’s style he jumping in fire without the boots….

  16. efraim 10:52pm, 07/14/2012

    8 weight division, no one cn beat pacquiao,
    if they are the best try to beat 5 bigger boxer than them , then you will be the best

  17. Titusz 10:45pm, 07/14/2012

    nonito best than pacquiao

    mayweather best than pacquiao

    cotto best than pacquiao

    juan m. m. best than pacquiao

    a lot best than pacquiao


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