Lomachenko-Linares was a Big-Picture Flop

By Paul Magno on May 22, 2018
Lomachenko-Linares was a Big-Picture Flop
Is the ultimate goal to turn American boxing into a private club for old and jaded men?

With an average of just 1.024 million viewers, the entertaining lightweight title bout utterly failed to reach anyone but the usual diehards…

Apparently, it’s a tough concept for old guard boxing fans to understand, but what worked as promotion in 1957 does not work for boxing in 2018. I mean, for fuck’s sake, it’s clearly not working when TV ratings lauded as phenomenal barely trump 5 AM ratings for George Lopez reruns on Nick-at-Nite.

For the longest time, boxing fans and media in denial could point to the limited reach of premium cable channels like HBO and Showtime as the culprit in limiting audience in the US. But, with a few exceptions here and there, boxing shows aired in recent years on major networks (like ESPN, NBC, CBS, and Fox, with access to 100 million viewers or more), have generated numbers similar to what they got on premium cable.

The Nielsen ratings for the May 12 ESPN Lomachenko-Linares main event once again bear out this reality. With an average of just 1.024 million viewers, the entertaining lightweight title bout, which saw Lomachenko become a three-division world champ in just his twelfth pro fight, utterly failed to reach anyone but the usual diehards.

To put it into perspective, only a few thousand more people saw the outstanding Lomanchenko-Linares bout than the 1,000th airing of the 16-year-old “George Lopez” rerun where Max accidentally lets Mr. Needles chew up George’s autographed baseball.

Spare me the spin issued from Top Rank and ESPN about it being this “historic” event and the highest-rated cable boxing show of the year—we’re still only talking about a million viewers. That’s definitely “No Bueno.”

What these numbers tell you (along with the numbers generated by other boxing companies trying to tap the mainstream sports market) is that boxing, when showcased on mainstream channels, is not really bringing in any new fans. The same 600K to 1.4 million fans who tune into any and all boxing on TV, are merely changing channels to find the sport they love.

When it comes specifically to the May 12 “blockbuster,” one of the most highly-anticipated bouts of the year only managed to draw in a tiny fraction of ESPN’s 91 million+ potential households. A BluBlockers sunglasses infomercial may have brought in a similarly-sized fragment of the full audience.

Unless the goal is to turn American boxing into a private club for old and jaded men, the sport is on the wrong path (although it seems, at times, that many fans WOULD like to make the sport a private club).

But if growth is what you want and long-term commercial viability for boxing is, indeed, the key to the sport being able to put on more shows and better shows for more people, then change is needed.

Eddie Hearn, Al Haymon, or anyone else who brings new ideas and new ways of doing business to boxing should be embraced or, at the very least, heard out.

New ways to promote the sport are also needed. A few press releases issued to media is NOT promotion and loading up a fighter’s hometown bingo parlor with friends and family is only one small way to build a fan base. In this new age of social media and tech-savvy fans who, literally, have the world at their fingertips, boxing’s curmudgeonly way of building and promoting is clearly not yielding results.

It would be to our benefit as boxing people if, instead of attacking uppity newcomers in the game and clutching desperately at the old guard dinosaurs, we actually supported those with new ideas and fresh approaches to the business.

Here’s to the success of anyone willing to dive into the mess of a sport that is boxing with hopes of expansion…and here’s hoping that those unwilling to embrace change can at least stay out of the way of those who do.

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  1. Paul Magno 10:20pm, 05/28/2018

    Guys…at the end of the day, this is just DaZone (AKA Fe’Roz), a crooked art dealer in real life, continuing to stalk me because I’ve humiliated him every time he’s tried to engage me in an actual debate on anything…Listen, I admit it was a sad mistake to address you and your clear mental health issues, but I actually do care about what I write and I’ve always tried to take the time to at least try to help someone understand if they seem to be struggling… it’s downright pathetic, though, for you to be obsessing on me the way you do…you are a troll on MY work…a tick on a dog’s ballsack…you claim to have so much expertise, yet you never show any of it, failing to grasp basic concepts and making simple mistakes when it comes to simple facts, like which Charlo brother is which…haha…I’ve given you way too much of my time…you are a nobody commenting on MY work…You won’t ever see me bothering you at your job as you scam artists and art sellers out of money…And as for Ted…I thought we were friends, but a friend who appreciates the job of being a writer would never shit on another writer’s work by leaving, first, unrelated comments to an article and, second, getting personal with even more aggressively unrelated gibberish and racist bullshit….At the end of the day, you’re just two guys leaving angry, sad, troll-like unrelated comments on an article to shit on another person’s work and detract from the actual message of the piece…On most sites, the editors would delete these diarrhea stains for fear that the trolls would hijack the actual work…Here, apparently, shit bombs are welcomed…oh well, I thought Ted had an idea of who I was and what I had beaten to get here, but he obviously doesn’t and the crooked art dealer can never understand what I’ve been through to maintain integrity in this business…how can a crook understand, really? I’m just going to keep writing what I write, though…and more people will here what I have to say than your pathetic laments and attempts to troll my work…this clearly is a site where discourse is no longer welcomed, so I will simply no longer bother to read the comments here…It was my mistake for thinking that those who wrote comments actually wanted to have a productive dialogue….

  2. Kid Blast 08:25am, 05/28/2018

    As the fat and sweating cop said in “The Sweet Smell of Success,” I stand chastised. Geezuz.

    With a nod to DaZone.

  3. Da’’Zone 12:34am, 05/28/2018

    I think it’s hilarious that you would be talking to Ted Sares who is super writer and Awboxing historian. And claiming after your gibberish that “the personal shit is boring”. I don’t think they have I’ve ever seen a more thin skinned writer then you and you are talking to somebody who has far more expertise but than you. 
    But you do give me a good laugh

  4. Paul Magno 12:14am, 05/28/2018

    ...oh yeah…and try to leave comments that are at least somewhat related to the subject matter of the article…

  5. Paul Magno 08:14pm, 05/27/2018

    Hey, Ted…if someone attacks me, I fight back…if someone honestly doesn’t or can’t get the point of something I wrote, I’m happy to explain…but you can’t sit there on your potty and hurl shit at me without expecting me to answer back…You of ALL people—possibly the most sensitive writer I’ve ever come across—should refrain from dishing out what you could never, ever take…Here you are loading up my comment section with nonsense and attacks because I somehow hurt your feelings by something Lomachenko-related that you can’t approve of…the personal shit is boring, nobody cares about me hurting your feelings by not jerking off over your favorites…it’s not a matter of a simple “point taken” because you always make shit personal…The sad thing is that you’re not even trying to understand the piece—maybe you never even read it—because you are so protective of a couple of fighters that you adore….keep the race-based insults to yourself, though…if anyone is leaning on race, it’s you…and, again, stop shitting on my space and ruining any dialogue that may be happening…I know you would absolutely flip your lid if I jumped on your articles and started shitting all over you…have some respect for another guy just trying to get his opinion out there and make a living…

  6. Kid Blast 12:17pm, 05/27/2018

    “I must be some lying, cheating bandido defending my “kind”...”  WTF, Talk about a persecution complex. Grow some leather Paul. If you are going to write, then handle the feedback and sometimes even use the old “point taken” approach. You are way too sensitive.

    As for Trump, those are your words, not mine. He does not enter into my realm.

    You throw some Mulligan stew up there and no one but you can understand wtf you are talking about. Condense into a few sentences if you can.

  7. Paul Magno 10:33am, 05/27/2018

    @Kid Blast…I think maybe you are the only one who doesn’t understand my point…because anything that is not fawning, blind praise of precisely what you’d like to be reported of these guys, seems to throw you into a tizzy….I’ve written a lot about how Lomachenko is a great fighter—often forced to throw it in unrelated articles because guys like you have fits if I talk about a related side issue without stroking his nads at least once or twice…Same thing with Golovkin….when I write articles about boxing’s fan base dwindling and TV numbers shrinking despite having access to more audience than ever, it has nothing to do with your favorite fighters…I’ve written similar articles after Terence Crawford fights, after Errol Spence fights, etc…but,oddly enough, you only have a fit when I do these ratings articles about two specific fighter…you clearly are mistaken as to who has the bias here….And your implication AGAIN that I;m somehow showing racial favoritism for Canelo is absurd….I’ve blasted the guy so many times—when appropriate—that it’s clear he’s no pet favorite of mine…I’ve sent you plenty of links about this, too…yet, you still insist on living in a Trump like world where, because I’m half-Mexican, I must be some lying, cheating bandido defending my “kind”...I’m an American…period…but none of this is about hate or even dislike… it’s about a shrinking fan base that nobody cares to address because they are too busy chasing bullshit hype around….

  8. Kid Blast 09:09am, 05/27/2018

    As far as landing, GGG landed when he knocked Ishida into Mt. Fuji Dreamland in 2013, although his KO of Bute in the amateurs got the notice of serious fight fans.

    As for Loma, he landed immediately, no introduction necessary.

  9. Kid Blast 09:00am, 05/27/2018

    Paul, you have obfuscated the facts to such an extent that no one can understand what your point is. Can you articulate it in one or two short sentences? 

    What I know is that I just saw Loma KO Linares in a great fight for which I did not have to subscribe to PPV. Kind of like the old days. Now if there was some dirty work behind the promotion, exactly what was it—in one sentence please?

    Christ, in stead of celebrating Loma, you continue to diss him—whether by implication or obfuscation. SAD

  10. Kid Blast 08:54am, 05/27/2018

    “I don’t care what race or nationality is winning belts…”

    Not even Canelo????  You have constantly backed this cheat while dissing GGG. It’s painfully obvious.

  11. Paul Magno 09:27pm, 05/26/2018

    Please explain then, DaZone, how TV ratings have anything to do with the business deals behind how the shows found their way to the network….Joe Blow in Peoria couldn’t care less whether the show he plans on watching is the product of a time buy or of a long-term network alliance with a promoter…I think maybe you are so entrenched in propping up a clearly failed business model and/or beating up one particular company that you’re not seeing things in proper perspective…and boxing’s promoters have absolutely failed the sport…If these guys were being paid to promote a restaurant, they’d be fired in a week’s time because all they’d do is hand out flyers to those already in the restaurant, issue empty press releases to the food section of the paper, and find ways to jack up prices and alienate loyal customers…they are a disgrace and the only way this sport has a chance at growth is if they are replaced, their roles diminished, and/or new blood is allowed to come in and drive them out…boxing’s old guard promoters have decimated this sport…

  12. DaZone 09:10pm, 05/26/2018

    Paul, your comment:“…but I fail to see what the business deals behind a fight have to do with the TV ratings for those events”  shows either a entrenched reluctance and or/ignorance of how this prize fighting professional boxing actually works and has always worked. There is nothing new here. Promoters, and in some cases networks, and in other cases promoters and networks together, work towards increasing viewership methodically. The fighter can only do so much but his responsibility is to do his job in the ring And win not only convincingly but excitingly.
    Because boxing is entertainment… And there is no way around that. And there has never been a way around that. Moreover, without promoters you wouldn’t even know who the fighters were. Not just you, but none of us. An excellent kid from Venezuela who never had a promoter will become a talented kid who never heard about. Or the Ukraine. Or the Midwest. They gained a reputation by a good promotion. I don’t know why that is so hard for you to understand. But again we are going to agree to disagree and continue the discourse some other place.

  13. Paul Magno 06:26pm, 05/26/2018

    In other words, Kid Blast, you don’t care about the reality of the situation, you just want to believe what you want to believe…and when, exactly did GGG “land big?” Are you referring to six years of dogged HBO hype and fawning media praise it took for him to draw half the audience a main stage HBO card used to draw? I don’t care what race or nationality is winning belts—all of boxing in the US is losing…numbers don’t lie…The real bias is not with me, it’s with the guys who are grasping at fantasy, pretending that shitty numbers are blockbuster crossover successes because they really, really want a certain ethnic group or nationality for whatever reason…some of this over hyping is costing American fighters greatly…Realistically, this laser focus on foreign fighters is costing the American fight scene greatly…I don’t have any money in it, so I don’t care…but there are some outstanding and entertaining American fighters that could use a fraction of this blind support Euro fighters get from the “purists”....

  14. Kid Blast 04:42pm, 05/26/2018

    DaZone has the beat

  15. Kid Blast 04:40pm, 05/26/2018

    “As for Kid Blast—guys like Lomachenko can energize the base when it comes to boxing fandom, but nobody is bringing in new fans…” Paul, it took GGG some time but once he landed, he landed BIG. Loma is now landing BIG ad he will be brining in new global fans by the thousands.

    I could care less whether Paulie vs. Bracero or Broner vs. Garcia get better numbers. The fact is, that a transition is taking place. It’s about Eastern Europeans. It will take some time, but soon, Kovelev, Beterbiev, Usyk, the Nail, GGG, Loma, Gassiev, Bivol, and all the other monsters will be what boxing is all about, Deal with it.

  16. Paul Magno 09:33am, 05/26/2018

    DaZone…yeah, agree to disagree…but I fail to see what the business deals behind a fight have to do with the TV ratings for those events….whether a show is a time buy or not, it has nothing to do with the Nielsen numbers….and as for reporting viewing numbers, I can’t control what everyone else reports,,,but I always aim for reporting average viewing numbers for the main event, universally, for every event….any number can be spun to show any result one likes…and especially on a network where there is high “pass-through” traffic, like ESPN where a game is over at ESPN 2 or 3, Fox Sports, etc and people will tune in instinctively to check out what’s on or maybe to catch Sportscenter…the fact that the absolute peak was so much higher than the average is actually troubling… could mean that lots of people turned away quickly from the channel when they found out boxing was on…

  17. DaZone 09:06pm, 05/25/2018

    My point is simply that when viewership is reported by the media across the board they always talk about the peak viewership at the time of the main event and then the average viewership across the evenings telecast. And I think it is remiss of you to that have not acknowledged 1.75 million as a far superior number to all the other fighters that you have mentioned. I also don’t think it’s relevant to talk about what happened three years ago When fights were virtually being given away for free in time buys. But we can agree to disagree

  18. Paul Magno 09:07am, 05/25/2018

    DaZone…you clearly have a horse in the race and I don’t….That;s fine, but the numbers are the numbers and it’s clear that the same (or similar) numbers are being painted as different pictures by biased individuals…Lomachenko is a revelation and a blockbuster crossover star with the same numbers that are painted as merely adequate when applied to another foreign, lower weight fighter like Santa Cruz…the hype is glaring and blaring…and it’s been happening for years…Golovkin ratings were reported as outstanding and as signs of his true market value while Andre Ward, who had produced similar numbers, was labeled as having disappointing numbers…really…the same TV ratings, reported by the same reporter for the same publication…there’s no denying the aggressive bias towards certain fighters…Nobody is crossing over these days and nobody is having “incredible success” unless success is considered as merely playing to the already-sold base…what strikes you as unfair in my pieces is merely actual, fair, universal truth being applied to everyone to the same degree…there are no sacred cows here…

  19. DaZone 10:16pm, 05/24/2018

    It is true that that thus far boxing Is not doing very much better than both sports in expanding their fan base; in fact it might be doing worse. However, comparing Leo Santa Cruz fight from 2015 to Lomachenko’s fight a week ago It’s truly an example of cherry picking… And trying to compare apples to oranges. Whar PBC did when it was literally biting air time ....., and still had OPM to do it…...three years ago has nothing to do with the rather incredible success of the Ukrainian and Kazakh fighters on TV today.  Nor frankly can the fact that some managers/promoters are using smaller formats be used as an excuse for them or smaller viewership. That is simply a function of the deals that they have made. Better deals with bigger outlets are better for boxing fans. That is simply the state of boxing/media today

  20. Paul Magno 07:44pm, 05/24/2018

    @DaZone…comparing a premium cable channel with 24 million subscribers to network TV or even to a basic cable station with a reach of 91+ million households is apples and oranges….What we CAN compare, however, are the PBC shows on ESPN of a similar weight to the Top Rank counterparts….Santa Cruz-Mares averaged 1.217 million viewers and Danny Garcia-Paulie Malignaggi averaged 1.073 million…As I state over and over again—NOBODY is impressive with the audiences they can generate these days…. As for Kid Blast—guys like Lomachenko can energize the base when it comes to boxing fandom, but nobody is bringing in new fans…nobody is expanding beyond the audience that is already sold on boxing, anyway…That’s my point…it’s not “hate.” No matter how much we appreciate a fighter or how much we read fawning media praise, the numbers are the numbers and these guys are NOT doing well when exposed to mainstream audiences…With very few exceptions, NOBODY is…

  21. DaZone 06:19pm, 05/24/2018

    If you don’t subscribe to the peak viewership numbers, be consistent and make sure you report the shitty numbers that Spence does (horrible) and the other PBC Showtime fighters do. And then I’ll give credibility to your comment. Nonetheless, do Ukrainian fighter is outperforming all of the Americans and that is something you are simply going to have to get used to his kid blast has wisely said.

  22. Kid Blast 12:16pm, 05/24/2018

    Paul, I guarantee you that when Loma fights next—even if it’s against Beltran—-many fans will be eager to watch. He is the BIG thing right now and you had best get reconciled to that.

    GGG is not far behind in interest either.

    It’s an Eastern EURO THANG!!!!!

  23. Paul Magno 08:30am, 05/24/2018

    @DaZone….average viewership is the stat to be watched as it is the stat that tells you about the viewership of the entire bout and not just a 15 minute clip where any number of factors could’ve been at play—including people randomly flipping over to see what’s on and then moving on to something else…peak audience BS is spin…Let’s see the total breakdown, then…because if it peaked at 1.75 and averaged 1.024, then even fewer people were watching for the majority of the fight…

  24. DaZone 06:00am, 05/24/2018

    Kid Blast has the beat.

  25. Koolz 04:52am, 05/24/2018

    We can all agree that there most likely too many belts in too many divisions.

  26. DaZone 04:47am, 05/24/2018

    At least try to get your facts right. The viewership peaked at 1.75 million which is the highest of any fight so far this year

  27. Paul Magno 08:44pm, 05/23/2018

    I deeply, deeply disagree with the old boxing nerd lament of “multiple world champs are killing boxing”...If anything, the multiple world champs model has been the only bit of promotion that HAS worked to help grow the sport…it has definitely facilitated international growth of the sport…Multiple world champs have always existed in boxing, so none of this is new…I’d bet there’s not a single soul out there keeping away from boxing because they’re not sure who the “real” super bantamweight champ is…right now, having multiple champs is beneficial to both the fighters and the sport in general…

  28. Bruce Kielty 07:57pm, 05/23/2018

    There are multiple reasons for boxing’s steady decline in the US and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to stop it or even slow it down:
    1)  The issue of concussions and their long term effects is moving to the forefront every year.  It is a tough argument to tell a parent that their son or daughter will enhance their life expectations by being punched in the head.
    2)  MMA offers more violence and gore than boxing.  Boxing is tough enough, but the image of humans being put into a cage to batter themselves speaks volumes about our depraved society.
    3)  The self-appointed sanctioning bodies have eroded any semblance of credibility with their bogus ratings and multiple champions.  If there were four Super Bowl Champions, would anyone really care?
    4)  For years, boxing’s #1public figure Muhammad Ali was seen as existing in a stupor.  When I managed an amateur gym, I wish I had a dime for every mother who said, “God, I hope my son doesn’t end up like Ali.”
    5)  Amateur boxing across the US is on life support.  Mandatory headgear, mandatory shirts and asinine rules killed interest and attendance.  There will also be less opportunities for boxers to compete in the Olympics due to reductions in weight classes, etc.
    6)  Major sports like the the NFL, NBA and MLB are operated by business professionals, who see the big picture.  Boxing promoters, by and large, do little to elevate the sport.  For example, boxing has a declining fan base among younger people.  What does ESPN do?  It creates a pay service ESPN+ so even less of the younger generation will give boxing a second thought.

  29. raxman 07:53pm, 05/23/2018

    that should have read “interest in the sport amongst mainstream SPORT fan”, not fight fan

  30. raxman 07:44pm, 05/23/2018

    Ollie DB - your early post re too many champs/too many division hit the nail on the head. When the change happened in the 80s when the IBF took hold and became a legit player there was still an interest in the sport amongst the mainstream fight fan. In the 80’s we had Tyson but then when Tyson lost in Tokyo, and although we didn’t know at the time, for the casual sports fan tuning into a fight, that was the beginning of the end for the sport of boxing. in truth it had finished before that we just didn’t realise because of Tyson’s charisma .
    And those of us who like combat sport in general are on the verge of watching the same thing happen with Mixed Martial Arts - for years the UFC has been MMA so the fact that it really was just a promoter - think golden boy or top rank - but with its own belts, wasn’t really a factor; but as other organisations resist being bought out by the UFC we are close to having the same situation we have had for 40+ years in boxing, where the best wont be fighting the best, where the Heavy weight champ will be more than one person! And as MMA has done all its growth at the speed of light, its not likely to take the 40 years boxing has to crash and burn

  31. Ollie Downtown Brown 05:17pm, 05/23/2018

    Joe Frazier told Marvin Hagler he had three strikes against him when Hagler was an up and comer, one was that he was Black, number two, he was a southpaw and number three, he was too good. I have a feeling that the Lomachenko haters are hating him for his race,  his ethnicity as well as he is just too damn good for the competition. We have seen the same thing with the Klitschko brothers, G-three, and now Lomachenko.  ESPN all but dropped reporting on heavyweight boxing during the Klitschko brothers decade long domination of the division. The low ratings are because the sport of boxing is declining not because of Lomachenko, who is clearly dominating who they put in front of him. The fighters are just as talented, in some cases better than before, but it just doesn’t create the same interest as it did years ago.

  32. Koolz 04:49pm, 05/23/2018

    you guys that are personally not impressed with Lomachenko are morons.
    Are you trying to say LInares isn’t impressive fighter?  Lomachenko just beat his ass! 
    and I have watched Linares even before his 3 losses he was one of my still is favorite fighters.
    well Loma controlled that fight and showed a style that leaned I briefly(unfortunately) and that is using your feet to keep an opponents weapons from you, this can be done with swords or any weapons it’s part of Akido and the way of the Sword.
    I remember the master telling me to attack him and I just couldn’t hit him the only way you could beat him is by taking him down to the floor.
    so that is where a lot of the whole MMA benifit comes from.

  33. Teodoro M Reynoso 01:21pm, 05/23/2018

    Loma handlers have been obsessed with statistics primarily his 396-1 record in the amateurs, his current pro run that made him the fastest to win three world titles in as many divisions in just a dozen fights.
    But boxing fans generally are more discerning and discriminating to fall easily for such statistics.  We could see into such numbers. Personally, I am not impressed by the quality and caliber of the fighters he has fought and mostly beaten thus far, with very few exceptions.

  34. Teodoro M Reynoso 01:05pm, 05/23/2018

    When a boxer accomplished 396-1 record in the amateurs topped by gold medal finishes in the Olympics but hardly created a ripple outside of perhaps his homer country, what are the chances that he will be readily embraced by fans when he plies his trade in pro boxing?
    Even in this digital age and tech savvy generation, fans would want to be identified with boxers as humans not as some manufactured fighting machines who do not seem to have any weaknesses or frailties or normal personal lives of their own.

  35. White Al Haymon 11:43am, 05/23/2018

    PBC is in it’s third year and their most recent show barely got half a million viewers. Every HBO or Top Rank fighter who left for PBC is getting half the ratings they were doing before. Haymon is doing much worse than the old guard. The only thing they have going for them is inflated purses.

  36. Lucas McCain 09:20am, 05/23/2018

    What was the competition at that time period?  The Loma-Rigondeaux fight on ESPN was reported at over 1.7 million.  Something’s off here, since this was a more attractive fight.

  37. Paul Magno 08:42am, 05/23/2018

    @Kid Blast….You mean, like these articles: http://www.boxing.com/vasyl_lomachenko_and_the_hype_hate_dynamic.html and http://www.fighthype.com/news/article33469.html

    You have to understand that the presence of cold, hard fact is NOT hate…although we’ve been conditioned by the publicity machine to think of anything non-fawning as hate speech…Lomachenko being a great fighter doesn’t change any of the facts…I don’t “hate” anyone…why would I? I have no stake—financial or personal—in any of these guys…this stuff only seems hateful when stacked up against others who do nothing but play cheerleader and do publicity-as-analysis…I have stronger case for flipping the script and asking why nobody bothers to do anything beyond stroke at the hype machine…

  38. Kid Blast 07:43am, 05/23/2018

    Paul, when are you going to write something positive about Hi-Tech?  Your dislike of him—implied or blatant—is becoming annoying and may trigger a backlash. Come on, you can do better.

  39. Your Name 05:45am, 05/23/2018

    Over one million viewers is a good number. Especially considering the weight class.

  40. Koolz 05:39pm, 05/22/2018


    This article should be about the Amazing Matrix!!!
    Even MMA can’t believe how incredible he is.

  41. Ollie Downtown Brown 05:13pm, 05/22/2018

    The reasons that the average boxing fan has abandoned boxing and why the general sports fan doesn’t take it serious, if they even think about it at all,  are pretty easy to recognize. Too many divisions and WAY TOO MANY SO-CALLED WORLD CHAMPIONS. There shouldn’t be more than 9 divisions with 9 “world champions.”  Champions fighting only once or twice a year, horrendous decisions that stink to the high heavens, over the top hyped up matches that never deliver,  don’t help matters either. Might help the sport to take the high road and start broadcasting title fights and showcasing up and coming fighters on network television like they did back in the horse and buggy days. Even most boxing fans have abandoned the practice of dipping into their wallets and shelling out bucks for a fight on pay per view.

  42. Lanre Adebayo 04:46pm, 05/22/2018

    This is an awesome article, Boxing is such a beautiful sport that it’s a shame that the powerbrokers within the sport aren’t able to properly attract more people into it. I believe introducing more stats into the sport could be an awesome way to get new fans involved. The modern mainstream sport needs a very healthy statistical culture because that is one of the most important ways fans discuss sports.

  43. Koolz 04:30pm, 05/22/2018

    if the ring girls start wearing thongs and PlayBoy comes back and promotes boxing you bet your can get another million watchers!

    right now Boxing is explosive!  But I don’t think it’s ever returning to the hay days of old.

  44. Ollie Downtown Brown 03:02pm, 05/22/2018

    I don’t know if boxing will ever return to its former status as a top tier sport in America. During the Ali era, a heavyweight title fight was an event on par with the 7th game of the World Series and just a notch below the Super Bowl. The Fab Four, Tyson, and the once in lifetime comeback of Big George Foreman kept boxing alive for another decade or so, but after that, bleh. Even when boxing was a major sport in America, the average sports fan, didn’t have that much interest in smaller fighters with the possible exception of an elite few like Duran, Leonard, etc.  I could be wrong but I don’t see boxing regaining its former popularity anytime soon, at least not in America.

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