Lomachenko Stops Linares

By Robert Ecksel on May 12, 2018
Lomachenko Stops Linares
We’re unaccustomed to seeing such excellence in the ring at the same time. (CBS Sports)

Vasyl Lomachenko stopped reigning and defending WBA lightweight champion Jorge Linares at 2:08 of round 10…

Saturday night at New York’s Madison Square Garden, two-division champion Vasyl “Hi-Tech” Lomachenko (11-1, 9 KOs), the sensational southpaw from Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Ukraine, stopped reigning and defending WBA lightweight champion Jorge Linares, (44-4, 27 KOs), “El Niño de Oro” from Tokyo, Japan, by way of Barinas, Venezuela, at 2:08 of round 10.

At the time of the stoppage it was anyone’s fight. One judge had it 86-84 for Lomachenko. One judge had it 86-84 for Linares. One judge had it even, 85-85.

Fighting out of the blue corner in blue trunks with yellow trim, Lomachenko made history tonight as the first fighter to win a world title in three weight divisions in only his 12th fight.

Linares, fighting out of the red corner in black and gold trunks, dropped Lomachenko in round six, but he was fighting one of the all-time greats and more than held his own before a body shot ended it.

Unlike Lomachenko’s last four challengers, Nicholas Walters, Jason Sosa, Miguel Marriaga and Guillermo Rigondeaux, all of whom quit in frustration at their inadequacy, Linares was determined to go out on his shield and his wish was granted.

“Linares is a great champion,” said Lomachenko after the bout, “and the fight was good for the fans and everybody. It was a great fight.”

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  1. raxman 06:09pm, 05/13/2018

    Lucas McCain - yeah I love the Modern Martial Artist - he’s just a kid but he really knows his stuff. I recommend everyone watch his 2 part breakdown of Roberto Duran. This kid does great breakdowns/analysis of fighters style and goes a long way to showing why they are what they are

  2. raxman 06:06pm, 05/13/2018

    if anyone had any doubts as to Lomo’s p4p bonafides this fight should put them to rest. Linares was a top level lightweight - a division that is probably to lomo what welterweight was to Mayweather ie a weight class he walks around in - Lomo ‘proper’  weight is likely 130 just as both FMj & Pac could have stayed at 140 - but in all cases the $ opponents were bigger (and the tradition of an original 8 weight class prob appeals too)
    Lomo has now beaten a top guy, a bigger guy in his prime. If Lomo had an advantage of size over Riggondeaux the opposite occurred here.
    Now all Lomo has to do is beat an elite fighter - A win over Mikey Garcia is imperative but without any other elite opponents near his weight class for Lomo to be cemented as an ATG he will then need to spend the next 10 fights beating title holders at 130&135; because Mikey Garcia (at 135) is the only truly elite fighter campaigning in the neighbourhood. Other than Mikey all that Lomanchenko can do is take out the title holders at 130 & 135 (Davis & Berchelt at 130 & hype job Easter at 135)  - and maybe a 140 pound champ if the right one can be found (the Pacman school of match making where a catch weight and the right style of opponent is key). Talent wise the best opponents for Lomo are the guys that have already avoided him at feather weight - but those guys were young then - they’ve matured and got experience now and as such there is no reason to think that Santa Cruz, Frampton, Selby, Warrington, Joe Diaz and Oscar Valdez fighting up at 130 couldn’t give Lomo a better challenge than any of the guys at 135 - especially given every 2 fights Lomo becomes a year older

  3. Balaamsass 03:49pm, 05/13/2018

    Koolz is the Cat’s Pajamas!

  4. Lucas McCain 02:09pm, 05/13/2018

    Thanks, Koolz.

  5. Lucas McCain 02:05pm, 05/13/2018

    For those curious about Loma’s father sending him to Ukranian folk dance classes, you might like this on Youtube: 
    You might also out the guy called Modern Martial Artist on Youtube for his lectures on Lomachenko’s style.  You may not agree with all his explanations, but as with his studies of Archie Moore, Robinson, Pep, they are like interesting music reviews.

  6. Koolz 01:56pm, 05/13/2018

    Lucas McCain

    There is no need to worry about that Loma listens to his father and his father has not intention of having Loma go up in even more weight.
    He wants to either unify at that weight or go back down.

    now I going to give you something…jar2 com


  7. Lucas McCain 01:49pm, 05/13/2018

    I get the desire for drama and seeing greatness tested, but I really don’t want to see Loma go up any heavier looking for Garcia, Crawford etc.  He’s extended enough at 135.  I know Duran went up to middle had a good go with Hagler and great one with Iran the Blade, but Loma is 30 already.  The reaction is as much aesthetic as it is ethical:  I don’t want to see him ruined.

  8. Koolz 01:19pm, 05/13/2018

    Ali vs Munguia

  9. Koolz 01:14pm, 05/13/2018


    What a fantastic FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. don from prov 10:34am, 05/13/2018

    LMAO at Teddy being quarantined.
    I would want some distance from him too.

    Very good fight anyway.  The ending—
    I don’t think Linares was at a point where he had to stand in there for those shots instead of stepping off, but I’m not him.  Liver shot was nasty/ beautiful

  11. Balaamsass 09:26am, 05/13/2018

    Scoring skewed/screwed once again where Linares gets extra credit for making a fight of it just as Jacobs did with GGG! The two times that Linares got off his five punch combos he pounded the shit out of Loma’s gloves, arms and shoulders….still…. that right hand was picture perfect and was a true learning moment for Loma!

  12. Ten Count Toronto 07:59pm, 05/12/2018

    I must object to Jason Sosa being lumped with the other “quitters” when in fact the scenario was completely different. Sosa never asked out of the fight nor stopped trying to compete - the corner wisely stopped the fight because Sosa just didn’t have the means to credibly compete or protect himself despite trying his best round after round and eating more punishment than the other 3 opponents combined. Getting pulled out of a fight in which you can do nothing but serve as a target that refuses to go down s not the same as quitting and the corner is given the authority to stop the fight specifically to address those situations. 

    Linares certainly put up a valiant effort, rebounding for discouragement of the 4th & 5th to score that knockdown in the 6th and then enduring Lomachenko’s rally in the 8th with his own best round in the 9th before the sudden ending in the 10th. 

    Other than the complete absence of infighting, the bout had a pleasing display of hand and foot skills.

  13. Lucas McCain 06:35pm, 05/12/2018

    Camera angle wasn’t the best as Linares rose, but he looked like a rag doll, not ready to continue despite his interview complaint after.  He was lucky it was stopped.  But a good night for both guys nevertheless. 

    It was funny how Teddy is being quarantined from the other guys.  He needs to see his doctor about his diet though.  He’s getting up into Tony Galento territory. Not good for the heart or the arteries.

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