Lomachenko’s Debut: Sensational

By Ted Sares on October 13, 2013
Lomachenko’s Debut: Sensational
Vasyl Lomachenko could well be destined for superstardom. (Chris Farina/Top Rank)

‘‘He reminds me of the Olympians from the ‘76 and ‘84…They were ready to face established pros from Day One.’’—Carl Moretti (Yahoo Sports)

“… the best fighter coming out of the amateurs since Sugar Ray Leonard. He fights like a professional, has great reflexes, speed and he’s heavy handed, everything he you want in a fighter.”—Bob Arum

“That was a lot of fun to watch.”—Max Kellerman

“He has experience and power.”—Jose Ramirez

“Lomachenko is special.”—Roy Jones Jr.

It’s not often that a fighter will live up to the hype, but Vasyl Lomachenko did that and more tonight at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

Despite Jose “Negro” Ramirez WBO International featherweight championship credentials, he was no match for the speedy and technically crafty two-time, 25-year-old Olympic gold medalist, The Ukrainian Lomachenko, one of the greatest amateur boxers in recent decades (reportedly amassing an amazing amateur record consisting of around 396-1), put on a mini clinic in this his first professional fight. He used perfect distance and separation, incredible movement, solid defense, and an offense that included four- and five-punch combinations and crunching body shots. In fact, he floored “Negro” twice with body shots and once with an invisible head butt. The last body blow delivered late in the fourth round put Ramirez down and out. Referee Russell Mora waived it off immediately.

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the purist style of boxing. Vasyl Anatoliyovich Lomachenko combines it with obvious power.

Lomachenko has let it be known that he wants to be the greatest boxer the sport has ever seen. Given tonight’s debut performance, he could well be destined for superstardom. Look for him to seek a world title fight in his next fight and I’m betting the opponent just might be the winner of the Battle of Orlandos, Orlando Salido.

There is even talk of a fight with Guillermo Rigondeaux, another two-time Olympic gold medalist and the current super bantamweight world champion down the road, and that one would be a purist’s delight indeed. Said Bob Arum, “…if he fights Rigondeaux down the road, it will take place at 126.”

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Василий Ломаченко vs Хосе Рамирес / Vasyl Lomachenko vs Jose Ramirez (13.10.2013)

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  1. Ted 02:49pm, 10/14/2013

    Koolz has the beat

  2. Koolz 02:11pm, 10/14/2013

    Raxman Golovkin goes down in weight if Sanchez says he goes down.

    But honestly after the Stevens destruction that will happen on Nov the 2nd and who ever he fights in January, I can just see everyone ducking him like crazy no matter if he is at 154 or 168.

    He will probably stop Stevens in 3 rounds.

    Lomachenko will be to fast to slick for Salido and will win the fastest World Title by a fighter.

  3. Koolz 02:00pm, 10/14/2013

    Him and Golovkin will rule all in there weight divisions!

  4. Tex Hassler 10:14am, 10/14/2013

    I will have to admit he looks like the real thing and that is what boxing needs now.

  5. Ted 09:29am, 10/14/2013


  6. dollarbond 08:03am, 10/14/2013

    I think Raxman may just have your number. lol

  7. Ted 05:35pm, 10/13/2013

    ok ok

  8. raxman 05:17pm, 10/13/2013

    ted - there is no way he goes down. even as an amateur he was heavier than 154 pounds. he moved up to middleweight in the amateurs around 2002-2003 - and I know its same day weigh in and hold the weight for the whole tourney but still - if he couldn’t get under 152 pounds for the duration 10 years ago its unlikely he could do 154 even for a day before weigh in now. if he could he probably would’ve started his pro career at that weight. no I think 168 is his future and as you say there are plenty of fights there. although I remain sceptical about him fighting a decent challenger until he actually fights one.

  9. Ted 05:09pm, 10/13/2013

    no no, the issue is that the division is too weak for him. He needs to move up. He already has wiped out the division on a virtual, basis. After he ices Showtime, he should move up where there will be some serious money.

    Start with Robert Stieglitz or Abraham to get a grounding and then go after Kessler.

    He has the body that could put on 8 pounds, His trunk is massive and he has very little body fat.


    He could go down to 154 and fight someone like Lara or Canelo. But that doesn’t seem very likely. Thing is, he has options that should be guided by where the most money is, And the answer is Mayweather or Ward.

  10. raxman 04:56pm, 10/13/2013

    ted -  the problem is Golovkin’s fans are going to join the circle jerk no matter who he fights - and that’s wrong. he should be looking to dominate the division and should be trying to embarrass Martinez and Quillan into fighting him.  I know that Martinez is on the way out. so force him to retire or take the fight - he can’t be allowed to sit at the top of the tree and not fight the other champions. as for barker - he’ll prob fight sturm in the uk where he is bound to get the decision and then fight one of the other brits for an all England pay day. there is no upside this early in his reign to fight GGG. i’d like to see GGG move up and fight ward but its evident that the golovkin camp don’t want to know about anything that vaguely resembles a challenge. so until that changes i’d like to actually watch him beat the other champions at 160 if you don’t mind

  11. Ted 04:52pm, 10/13/2013

    If Bute beats Pascal, look for GGG to maybe move up and fight him.

    Murray is another possibility.

  12. Ted 04:49pm, 10/13/2013

    Of course Barker must get by Sturm.

  13. Ted 04:47pm, 10/13/2013

    GGG would slaughter Martinez like a butcher slaughters a chicken. Martinez is on an elevator going down. GGG’s is going straight up. The inflection point is bad for a guy long in the tooth who has been known to get decked a few times.

    Quillen won’t fight GGG, but I think Barker would be an interesting opponent until he gets waxed. Maybe even Geale if he can come back with a nice win.

  14. raxman 04:41pm, 10/13/2013

    ted - who says no one wants to fight him? and what about what he wants? does he really want an easy victory over stevens?  he just wants all his fans to go “oooh! another knock out. he’s a beast” what about what he wants I reiterate - coz he should be calling out Martinez to make him fight him. and don’t give me its not his style. its what he should do. be the man by beating the man. same as Bradley should be calling out Floyd. but at least Bradley will probably fight a top level opponent next. golovkin probably won’t. and that is a shame.

  15. Ted 01:38pm, 10/13/2013

    K ok. I have to eat. I’ll be back later.

  16. Ted 01:36pm, 10/13/2013

    es , it’s all about money. This guy may just be the greatest amateur boxer in history. If so, he needs to get the coin now before he suffers some kind of injury. It’s the new business model. The most bangs for the buck with the least amount of risk.

    He is no Pete Radamacher. He is the real deal with the most incredible ring movement you will ever witness.

  17. Ted 01:33pm, 10/13/2013

    raxman , power type stopped me cold, but the I read on to your well-documented displeasure with Rios. Well, if he beats Manny, I’ll remind you of that. And if Bute beats Pascal, I’ll be there to bear witness. And Canelo was and is a veteran fighter despite his age. In fact, I believe (without checking) that he beat a future world champion in his first fight and then repeated it later on. Come on, Rax. I know more than you think about these guys. GGG had a great amateur career and having such in Eastern Europe means something very special to me. As for that world series of boxing, yeah I know all about that, but 10 years from now, Vasyl’s first fight will be recorded as being against this midget.

    So good, we agree on Lomachenko. But if so, why not on GGG? I get the disproportionate hype issue but I also get that no one wants to fight him.

  18. es 01:18pm, 10/13/2013

    Whatever happened to “gaining ones spurs” ? Why ru$h the guy ? Seems to have a good range of punches. If he has a chin. He will go a long, long way. Reminds me of someone but can’t put my finger on it.

  19. raxman 01:17pm, 10/13/2013

    Ted - are you kidding? i’m starting to believe i’m right and that you don’t read my posts beyond the first line at which point you power type your objections - how many keyboards have you finger smashed replying to me exactly??? for the official record… i’m the biggest lomachenko fan there is. his era of amateur boxing is when I followed it closely. I’ve been screaming about how his debut is the way these amateur guns like Golovkin and ward should debut. straight into it. like rigondeaux did. four or five fights to acclimate is what I’ve always said - but as lomachenko fought in the world series that was as good as having a four or five short pro fights, so the ten round debut was more than appropriate. my problem with golovkin is that he should’ve been fighting top tier opponents after maximum of 10 pro fights (even mundine with no amateur experience did that). and now he should be calling out Martinez every chance he gets. its like Bradley not calling out mayweather the other night. ridiculous. you want to be the man you beat the man. and you can’t expect the man to come looking for you - he’s the man! oh and I was proven right about Bute. and I’ve never said a word against kovalev. and canelo has now fought 2 decent opponents - he’s 1-1. the other one I criticised as being overhyped and we argued about was rios - I stand by his failure to make weight twice as undisciplined and unprofessional. I love him, so don’t label me a hater. I watch everything I can with him it. the radio Rahim interview re having ariza as a trainer was bam bam gold. but he’s just a banger/brawler that pac will stop inside 3rounds.
    for the record and final time my problem with GGG is the level of hype is out of proportion to the quality of opponents he has beaten.  you know I don’t subscribe to the how him beats not who beats philosophy. and you of all people should see this as we were in the minority who favoured Garcia over Matthysse. its a totally different story when the guy opposite has a skill set to rival yours. and its impossible to gauge GGG level until he clears that hurdle. personally I think he will but I refuse to jump on board the hype train until he does so.

  20. Ted 01:12pm, 10/13/2013

    Eduardo, me amigo, he had almost 400 amateur fights. He is very ready. As for Medicare, I hope it survives the maniacs in D.C.

  21. Ted 01:10pm, 10/13/2013

    Ching-Yin Lee, also great to see my Facebook buddy here. Welcome to Boxing.com.

    Yep, Negro just won a big one in the Philippines.

  22. eduardo gomez 01:09pm, 10/13/2013

    whatttt only one fight now is going to fight for a world title fight.bob arum should retired going home to take medicare card

  23. Ted 01:08pm, 10/13/2013

    Es, great to see you post my great mate from London. Yeah, he looked big but Ramirez looked even short for a midget.

  24. Ching-Yin Lee 01:04pm, 10/13/2013

    And against a top 10-er . Wow!

  25. Es 12:54pm, 10/13/2013

    Nice article. Guy looks great. I’m a bit out of touch these days. Super fast hands but can he take a punch ? Enlighten me. Looks big at the weight too. Kudos Ted Sares. Still da man.

  26. Ted 12:47pm, 10/13/2013

    CG, That one went way over my head.

  27. Ted 12:45pm, 10/13/2013

    I think that father thing is an old thing. Lots of fathers have been successful in the recent past. Case in point: Angel Garcia.

    Plus his father is gradually turning the reigns over to a seasoned pro trainer.

    That said, I waiting for Raxman to put this guy in the same peapod with Bute, Canelo, Kovalev and GGG.

  28. Clarence George 12:19pm, 10/13/2013

    Used to have incontrovertible evidence that Ramirez threw the fight, but had to sell it after the Crash of ‘29.

  29. FrankinDallas 11:41am, 10/13/2013

    Matt, Ted…hey he looked great don’t get me wrong.
    Like you Matt I think he needs a few more bouts before
    he gets in there with top ten guys. What’s the rush?
    But I do get concerned when I see a guys’ father in there with him, considering guys like Mosley whose father had no clue regarding strategy
    when things weren’t going well in a particular fight.

    Then again, Calzaghes’ pop didn’t do too bad….

  30. Matt Mosley 11:27am, 10/13/2013

    Frank - It was his debut fight as a pro. You are judging him as if he was a seasoned pro fighter. I’m sure he will iron out the wrinkles.
    I think they are moving him a little too fast (at his own behest), but i’m sure he will get to where he is aiming for.

  31. Larry Link 10:07am, 10/13/2013


  32. Larry Link 09:59am, 10/13/2013


  33. Dan Cuoco 09:40am, 10/13/2013

    FranklinDallas, thanks. I just watched him on youtube. I was very impressed. He is definitely worth watching going forward.

  34. Dan Cuoco 09:31am, 10/13/2013

    I didn’t buy the fight, but from what I heard from several friends that did purchase the fight they were really impressed. Thanks for the update.

  35. Ted 08:33am, 10/13/2013

    FD, This guy has no weaknesses that I am aware of. 396-1 amateur record. He will beat Salido and become a world Champion in his second pro fight. Bet on it.

    Yes, the Tats do suc major pole.

  36. FrankinDallas 08:10am, 10/13/2013

    Full fight is on youtube. The knockdowns via right hand
    were so quick you had to back it up and see it in slow motion
    to catch the punch.

    Couple chinks in the armour: first, he doesn’t seem to be able to
    throw punches while backing up, so on paper all you have to
    do is keep backing him up (on paper!), second, his father is his trainer;
    sometimes that doesn’t work in the pros, and third, he has terrible
    tattoos….they look like giant birth marks.

    I’m just saying.

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