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By Robert Ecksel on December 25, 2012
Long Distance Information
Each of us is entitled to his or her own quest, no matter how reckless and wrongheaded.

If there was ever a time for the 43-year-old future Hall-of-Famer to gracefully retire from the ring, it would appear that time is now…

“What’s past is prologue.”—William Shakespeare

From the outside looking in, Roy Jones Jr. never had it so good. With the untimely passing of Emanuel Steward, HBO has asked Roy to step into his shoes. He has been given the platform of platforms, and is being handsomely paid, to talk about that which he knows best. If there was ever a time for the 43-year-old future Hall-of-Famer to gracefully retire from the ring, it would appear that time is now.

But not so fast.

The perennial pound-for-pound former champion has no intention of calling it quits. In fact he hopes to return to active duty on March 2 against TBD in Memphis, Tennessee. This being boxing, the date, venue and opponent are subject to change. But as of this writing, Roy’s quest for the Holy Grail, as doomed as it seems inevitable, is not. Each of us is entitled to our own quest, no matter how reckless or wrongheaded, and as much as we might like to do otherwise, this is one quest we cannot ignore.

We know how little success Roy has had in the ring since he fought Antonio Tarver in 2004. He has won just seven of 14 contests. He has also been KO’d four times, and received several beatings, as his once superlative skills have eroded over time.

But listening to reason has gone the way of the dodo bird. Telling an old fighter he no longer has it is like telling a former beauty queen that she’s lost her looks. Videotape and mirrors speak the truth, unlike the voice in our heads that whispers lies followed by damned lies, but rarely if ever statistics.

Statistically speaking, Roy is playing with fire, and those who play with fire sometimes get burned.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen to Roy Jones Jr.

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  1. bk don 07:10pm, 12/26/2012

    Well, the one positive is that if the fight is in Memphis or anyplace like that it’s probably going to be against a club-level tough man type opponent.  As of a year or two ago even old man Roy could still clown those types of guys. He definitely needs to stay away from anyone with a pulse. I really do wonder what is the reason roy wants to continue with his career? I mean, unlike holyfield he has found a good income stream and something he does moderately well post boxing. Is he really fighting b/c he think he can be center stage in the boxing spotlight again?

  2. Juicy Peach 09:54am, 12/26/2012

    Get out now Roy Jones, Jr. HBO is paying you handsomely so you don’t need the money that bad to keep fighting to get yourself hurt! You are very handsome and got the function of all of your joints and limbs; let that be the way you walk away. I was told I wasn’t fast at work anymore and I thought they were lying until a younger person showed me up. I mean it was like I was on display; then I took a long look at myself and realized it was the truth. Walk away Roy before you get a permanent injury. It’s no use saying: if I had just walked away I wouldn’t be in this situation. Trust me, there other things you can excel in and be as great as you were a boxer! You have the gift of gab; call the fights on the outside of the ring instead of inside the ring.

  3. the thresher 09:11am, 12/26/2012

    But how many “last” battles is he going to engage in? He is as done as a burnt steak at Ruth Criss’s. He has it made. Give it up and smell the roses while you still can. I no longer think it’s about money because he now has a great job. No more sympathy or pity. If he gets whacked out, he owns it.

  4. bikermike 07:26am, 12/26/2012

    Just like the rest…..the lion will defend his turf…or die trying…..not too many old lions floating around….cuz they’re dead Go back to Jack Johnson…Ray Robinson..Sonny Liston..Iran Barkley…Leonard…Camacho…Holmes…Cooney….Norton…It is better to go out on the shield…than just retire without that last battle. 
    Not smart…but understandable

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