Love Boat

By Clarence George on May 11, 2013
Love Boat
I unfortunately can't attend—have paint of a nondescript beige I have to watch dry.

A priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a bar. What’s this, says the bartender, a joke?

Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, an actor knew he’d reached the nadir of his career when he wound up a guest star on The Love Boat. A boxer today has sunk to his own low-water mark when he finds himself in the ring with WWE reject Richard Carmack. Tonight’s special guest star: Vinny Maddalone.

Granted, Maddalone is no Wladimir Klitschko. Hell, he ain’t even Derric Rossy. But 324-pound Carmack? Really? Adding delusion to embarrassment is Maddalone’s “This is a terrific opportunity for me.” No, it isn’t.

“There are numerous fighters making names for themselves,” the Queens resident continues, “Tyson Fury, David Price, and Tony Thompson among them…why can’t that be me?” Oh, I don’t know, perhaps because you’re fighting Carmack?

Thirty-nine-year-old Maddalone (36-8, 1 NC, 27 KOs) turned pro in 1999. He won his first 15 bouts, 10 by TKO, before losing to Alfred Cole by unanimous decision in 2002. His no-contest was against Julius Long in 2006.

Maddalone’s most recent fights were last year, stopping Chris Koval by fourth-round TKO in May, losing to Fury by fifth-round TKO in July, and stopping Byron Polley by third-round TKO in December.

Carmack, 24 (12-0, 1 NC, 10 KOs), first graced the ring with his presence in 2006. The aptly nicknamed “Silverback” had two fights in 2012—a no-contest against Polley in September and a first-round TKO of Carl Davis in November.

Tonight’s 10-rounder is scheduled to take place at the Paramount Theatre in Huntington, New York. I unfortunately can’t attend—have paint of a nondescript beige I have to watch dry.

Oh, Vinny: You coulda had class.

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2012-07-07 Tyson Fury vs Vinny Maddalone

richard carmack's fight

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  1. Clarence George 05:53pm, 05/12/2013

    Much appreciated, Michael, thank you.

  2. Michael Hegan 04:53pm, 05/12/2013

    can’t get excited by the fitness ....cupla blubber butts on the playback.

    No disrespect to the author..but it is hard to get HW fights between ...‘tight and trim ’ HWeights nowadays.

    Most HW goals are to mangle their way into the top ten….???? and land a match with one of the K brothers….

    Nobody wants to win….they just want a high paying purse…win or lose

  3. Michael Hegan 04:37pm, 05/12/2013

    I have always enjoyed the articles of Clarence George….Keep ‘em coming , please

  4. Michael Hegan 04:35pm, 05/12/2013

    Two guys in the ring….each time…..and a referee…..

    Can’t always blame the referee…
    Somebody wins….somebody loses…..

    ART OF WAR reads….the ‘match is won or lost’ before the battle…..Preperation is everything

    wonder what was on the mind of the ‘match maker’ for this bout

  5. Mike Casey 02:31am, 05/12/2013

    Yes, Clarence, pretty sad!

  6. Clarence George 02:10am, 05/12/2013

    He was even less involved last night, Mike—Maddalone handed him his first defeat, by third-round TKO.

    I wish Carmack well, but he has no business in the ring, given that he doesn’t know how to box or brawl.  Based on last night’s performance, he’s not even willing to throw the occasional punch.  He’s not even a journeyman, which would be respectable—he’s had only 13 fights in seven years.

    I like Maddalone, but getting into the ring with Carmack is a sign that he should hang up the gloves and open a pub. After all, he’s had a decent career and he’ll turn 40 this year. 

  7. Mike Casey 01:49am, 05/12/2013

    He looks quite overwhelmed by the sheer excitement of it all.

  8. Clarence George 05:56pm, 05/11/2013

    Carmack looks very much like Bill Murray in “Caddyshack” in the above photo.

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