Lucas Browne Stripped and Suspended

By Robert Ecksel on May 12, 2016
Lucas Browne Stripped and Suspended
Browne asked why a heavyweight would need to use a weight reduction drug. (WA News)

The WBA Championships Committee, in accordance with its rules, has stripped Lucas Browne of his title and suspended him for six months…

Lucas Browne (24-0, 21 KOs) became Australia’s first world heavyweight champion when he won the WBA World heavyweight title by stopping Ruslan Chagaev (34-3-1, 21 KOs) via 10th round TKO on March 5 at the Colosseum Sport Hall in Grozny, Chechnya,.

It was a terrific performance by “Big Daddy” that was jeopardized when Clenbuterol, a weight reducing drug, was detected in Browne’s “A” urine sample after the fight, according to the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA).

No immediate action was taken until the “B” sample confirmed or repudiated VADA’s original findings.

Those findings have been released and the “B” sample has corroborated the initial results.

The WBA Championships Committee, in accordance with its rules, has stripped Lucas Browne of his heavyweight title and suspended him for six months.

When that six-month period is over, Browne’s status will be reconsidered, depending on whether or not he intends to return to the ring.

In the meantime, Chagaev, who presumably retired after the loss to Browne, will have 120 days to negotiate a fight with Fres Oquendo, who by court order in the U.S. is entitled to this bout. Oquendo is the mandatory opponent of the winner of the upcoming title fight between WBA interim heavyweight champion Luis Ortiz and #3 ranked Alexander Ustinov.

When the result of the “A” sample was first revealed, Browne expressed disbelief. He asked why a heavyweight would need to use a weight reduction drug, an excellent question, and said that it must have been something he ate. There is no way to determine if that is true or not, but the WBA has stated repeatedly that the boxer and his team are responsible for whatever enters his system, whether it’s by eating, drinking, or other means.

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  1. Shlomo Shekelbergstein 05:57am, 05/16/2016

    What’s up with this Asher troll?

  2. Akt 01:57pm, 05/15/2016

    I see nothing anti-Semitic about what Eric has written. Am I missing something?

  3. koolz 05:44pm, 05/13/2016

    Russia sports administration is already going to be doing something about all this.
    I love how the crazy public relations brainwasing propaganda magazine NY TIMES
    Just goes right out there and puts a target to their chest and people still don’t get it.

    Wish Fury played chess.  In this game you have to make the other make mistakes,
    Wether by wit or conjecture.
    If you make the first move it must be to set a trap.
    He should speak like he boxes. 
    In any case we have not heard the last of the made up doping scandals.

  4. koolz 04:08pm, 05/13/2016

    Look most of you just aren’t very intelligent to know what is going on on the world.
    The banned substance scandal is complete bs!
    You need to see the anti propaganda behind against Russia to understand why it’s bs.
    Who runs what?  We live in an enlightened time where some people have huge balls!
    And now i see they are attacking Fury because he has called them out.
    The replies against Fury prove to me the social structure of most countries
    Are filled with sheep.

  5. Asher 11:30am, 05/13/2016

    Eric, do you have any original thoughts, you Jew-hating-Swastika-saluting piece of shit, or do you merely regurgitate snippets you glean off various websites, then come in here and pawn them off as your own ‘views’?

  6. Eric 06:33am, 05/13/2016

    The use of PEDs in professional sports is prolific, and they keep coming up with more and more sophisticated drugs that are harder to detect. I equate what goes on in sports with the war on drugs in the “civilian” world. Every once in awhile some athlete will get busted, but we all know that just about every single top notch athete is taking some sort of PED. Same thing out in the real world, there is a token effort to stop illegal drugs but that is about it. Back in the 40’s and 50’s, Americans dominated the world of Olympic weightlifting, then before you knew it, Eastern Europeans were crushing the competition, it wasn’t because of the Russians sophisticated training programs or vitamins. And not every PED makes you look like the Incredible Hulk, case in point, cyclist Lance Armstrong or baseball slugger, Rafael Palmeiro. Maybe Mr. Browne wanted to shed some useless blubber that roadwork and gym work wasn’t taken off fast enough. Ali was a heavyweight and he took some form of weight loss drug before he fought Holmes, the weakened Ali blamed his performance on losing too much weight.

  7. Blair Fraser 08:20pm, 05/12/2016

    To quote Tyson Fury: “I smell a stinker…”

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