Luis Ortiz vs. Derric Rossy: That’s Entertainment

By Robert Ecksel on March 30, 2017
Luis Ortiz vs. Derric Rossy: That’s Entertainment
Ortiz's TKO of Bryant Jennings, who gave Klitschko fits, was satisfying. (Naoki Fukuda)

Derric Rossy is more tough and rugged than he is good. He’ll need a Buster Douglas kind of night if he hopes to pull an upset…

He has the makings of a champion. At 6’4 and 230 pounds he’s the right size for a heavyweight. He is undefeated at 27-0 with 23 knockouts. He’s a product the Cuban boxing system, having fought his way out of Camaguey to sunny Miami.

It looks like he’s got what it takes. A heavyweight contender with knockout power in both hands, the only drawback is he’s this 38-year-old southpaw’s clock is ticking. He has had some memorable fights. His December 2015 TKO of Bryant Jennings, who gave Kltischko fits when they fought eight months earlier, was great. But he struggled somewhat when he fought Malik Scott, who makes everyone looks bad, despite dropping the Philly cutie in rounds four, five and nine.

But times have changed. Ortiz is under new management. Things are looking up and it looks like the sky is the limit.

On Saturday, April 22, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, in a fight televised live on Showtime Championship Boxing, Luis “King Kong” Ortiz will make a splash. He is fighting trial horse Derric Rossy (31-12, 15 KOs), the 36-year-old club fighter from Medford, New York, in a 10-round special attraction on the undercard of the main event between Adrien Broner and Shawn Porter.

The casual fan will watch Ortiz do what he does best. They may not know Sonny Liston from Sonny Corleone, but they know a knockout when they see it.

Rossy is on a win streak. He won his last fight, stopping 362½–pound Richard Carmack in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in the second round of a scheduled six-rounder. Before that he had lost seven of his last nine bouts.

At Thursday’s press conference at Gallagher’s Steakhouse in Manhattan, the fighters and their teams met the press.

“I’m not a man of many words,” said Ortiz, “but yesterday was my birthday, so with that extra year of experience, I’ll speak a little bit more.

“I’m ready to fight right now. I’m waiting for the opportunity to fight the winner of Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko. They better get ready, because ‘King Kong’ will be waiting for them.”

A fight between Ortiz against Joshua or Klitschko is appealing. But we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

“My plan is to become the heavyweight champion of the world,” Ortiz said. “I feel like I’m with the right team now that will open those doors for me. Whoever they put in front of me, I will take care of them.”

There’s a third fighter on King Kong’s radar.

“I would love to fight Deontay Wilder,” said Ortiz. “We’re both big, tough fighters. These are the kind of fights that people want to see. I know that my time will come.

“Once I get past this bout, it’s on to bigger and better things.”

Derric Rossy is not complacent. A contender to the ender, he’s been toiling in the hinterlands forever. He has had some fights on the big stage, at the Garden early in his career, at the Blue Horizon in Philaselphia, at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. But Rossy is a road warrior. He fought in China and Yonkers. He fought at a community college and raceway. He fought at the Morocco Shrine Temple in Jacksonville. He fought at the M2 Ultra Lounge in New York City. He fought at Club Destiny in Orlando.

Rossy, to his credit, is that kind of fighter.

He won the Golden Gloves at heavyweight and played college football before he turned pro. But Rossy is not a natural. He moves well for a big man. He goes the distance. He gives the fans their money’s worth.

“When they brought the fight to me, I said let’s do it,” Rossy said. “This is a real fight. The fans are who pays us and they want to see a legitimate fight. This is going to be a quality matchup.

“You can’t ask for anything better than this kind of fight. I think our styles match up well. He throws his hands well and I think I do the same.”

But who has Rossy fought? Audley Harrison, Vyacheslav Glazkov, Bermane Stiverne. Who has he beaten? Joe Hanks in 2014. Axror Muralimov a year later.

That’s about it.

“I’ve fought a lot of really good heavyweights,” Rossy said. “We’re both top-notch heavyweights and we’re going to go at it. All I know is that he’s tough, rugged and good.”

Rossy is more tough and rugged than he is good. He’ll need a Buster Douglas kind of night if he hopes to pull an upset.

Ever the optimist, Rossy said, “I’m going to win this fight and it’s going to set up some big things. I’m in this business to get a world title. I have to go through Luis Ortiz to get there.”

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  1. Your Name 04:22pm, 04/07/2017

    I didn’t like Wilder when I first saw him.  But he looks to me as if he is getting better bout by bout. I just think he is way too long for “King Kong” Ortiz. I can’t see him getting inside for his punches against Wilder.  That said I think
    he is a pretty good fighter.  I think he’d have a good chance against Joshua who is obviously big and strong.  But the big Cuban has fast hands, see the tape that accompany’s this article.  I can see him getting close to Joshua and giving him real problems.

  2. peter 02:34pm, 04/07/2017

    What wasn’t mentioned here is that Rossy is a smart fighter. He is a smart fighter with enough quality experience to pull off an upset. My heart is rooting for Rossy.

  3. Don from Prov 04:45am, 04/01/2017

    “Rossy is on a win streak”—

    gave me a good laugh, Mr. E; the fight won’t though

  4. nonprophet 05:40am, 03/31/2017

    Sweet science for me all day, everyday..  You want to see crude, animalistic brawling?  Head out to the street.  Plenty to see there.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:14am, 03/31/2017

    Dang! Wilder wanted Derric next! What’s sporting about picking who you can beat up next….starting to think that the dyed in the wool fans of this clusterfuk called professional boxing just like to see guys getting beat up….forget all this claptrap about the “Sweet Science”!

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