Maidana Stuns Soto Karass

By Robert Ecksel on September 15, 2012
Maidana Stuns Soto Karass
Both men were deducted points in a beautifully ugly fourth round. (Tom Casino/SHOWTIME)

In an incredibly rough-and-tumble welterweight war, Marcos Maidana (32-3, 29 KOs) and Jesus Soto Karass (26-8-3, 17 KOs) threw everything at each other but the kitchen sink, and everything but the kitchen sink landed.

The fight was as filled with fouls as it was with punches. Both fighters were deducted points, at the same time, in a beautifully ugly fourth round. It looked like Soto Karass had gained the upper hand over the surprisingly disciplined Maidana. El Chino was deducted a second point for hitting on the break in round seven.

Maidana was not deterred. He turned things around when he dropped Soto Karass with a right hand dripping with bad intentions before the bell.

Maidana smelled blood and went for the juggler. He trapped Soto Karass along the ropes and landed a fusillade of punches. The referee stepped in and waved it off at :43 of round eight.

The stoppage may have been premature. An outstanding fight like Maidana vs Soto Karass could have gone on a little longer. A more decisive end was called for.

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"Chino" Maidana vs Soto Karass - Título intercontinental del AMB.- "Chino" Maidana Campeon 2012

Marcos Maidana talks working with Robert Garcia, an talks Soto Karass fight [TRUE HD]

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  1. the thresher 03:23pm, 09/17/2012

    Well, how about something else in Providence? Or Rhody? Or, the Peruvian place probably does have an excellent steak. I’m open to anything.

    I’ll time it with my Ring 4 Lunch in October.

  2. Don from Prov 03:17pm, 09/17/2012

    I’m not going to pick the Capital Grille—

    These are little bets for fun: That place = $$$$$$$
    Plus, you take bets that you might not 100% believe just because I am so charming and, like everyone else, you want to treat me to a nice dinner.

  3. the thresher 12:06pm, 09/17/2012

    Santa Cruz is dynamite. He does everything right. He put on a clinic on how body shots should be thrown.

  4. the thresher 12:04pm, 09/17/2012

    OK, Where is there a Capital Grill in North Attleborough. BTW, Martinez kicked the kid’s ass for 11.5 rounds but I don’t plan to write about it, nor am I interested in a rematch.

    If not Capital Grill, you pick, Florian Hall has nice cuts.

  5. Don from Prov 10:30am, 09/17/2012

    Oh!  I thought it was the Capital Grille either way—

    My bad!
    Maybe I was wrong about who was almost KTFO in the 12th too
    Because you had Sergio by KO and I thought it was he who was hurt…...

    You old string pulling bastard.  Shrill indeed.

  6. the thresher 09:56am, 09/17/2012

    Don, did I lose the bet? Was it Martinez to win by a ko or just to win? If I lost, we can do the steak dinner at the 99 or maybe the Longhorn. If I win, I would prefer to do it at the Puruvian Steak House in Alleborough or at Alba’s famous steak house in Quincy. Maybe even the Russian place. Your call. :twisted:

  7. THE THRESHER 09:00am, 09/17/2012

    I knew the “shrill” would get you bonkers and react like Chavez Senior while his son is taking a butt whipping. LMFAO.

  8. Don from Prov 06:07am, 09/17/2012

    P.S.  I liked watching Santa Cruz more—-

    And seeing the estimable Dick Flaherty sitting at ringside!

  9. Don from Prov 06:03am, 09/17/2012

    Give me a break with the “shrill” bullshit—

    And the slur about hating Argentina.
    The fact is I disagree with you.  Period.  Which is, I guess, a crime in your mind.  As I said, I used to tire of the winging rights, and then—Nada.  Again, I enjoyed Marcos a whole lot more the other night but his reactions to body shots does not, in my opinion, bode all that well for him in the future.  And he was certainly wearing down before he landed the big right.  He was in a good fight filled with good action and I liked watching it.  Geez.

  10. the thresher 05:26am, 09/17/2012

    Value for money-wise, is there a more (almost) consistently satisfying fighter punching today?

  11. the thresher 05:22am, 09/17/2012

    The shrill post of a stubborn die hard hater of Chino and Argentina in general—not to mention Mexican American trainers. Geez.

  12. Don from Prov 05:14am, 09/17/2012

    Was me, and I stick to it:  In the past—

    I got tired of him winging rights, and that = the whole script.  He’d be out of ideas and wouldn’t do all that much at times.  Yet, he brought a lot more game last night and I did enjoy watching him.  I saw a much steadier fight.

    ON the other hand, he had practically started to tackle Soto Krass to avoid body shots before his big right turned things around.  Maidana’s reaction to those body shots will not bode well for him in his new division—and you continue to overrate Garcia AND who was it said Martinez by knockout??

  13. Pete The Sneak 04:35am, 09/17/2012

    Great scrap…Best fight of the weekend IMHO…Yes, you called it Ted. The always ‘exciting’ Maidana indeed. Have to also say I enjoyed Malignaggi’s commentary in the Showtime Broadcast. That Brooklyn accent seemed to blend in pretty good with Bernstein, Kenny and the rest of the crew there. Peace.

  14. the thresher 06:59am, 09/16/2012

    Robert Garcia shines once again. Chino was slipping and sliding and using jabs like an old pro.

  15. the thresher 05:41am, 09/16/2012

    The Maidana fight was awesome. Maidana looked like he threw more jabs in that fight than his whole career. And who was it who said he is not exciting?

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