Man of Steel

By Clarence George on June 26, 2013
Man of Steel
I didn't ask Abel if Macklin would prove to be Golovkin's Marcel Cerdan. I didn't have to.

I told Abel Sanchez what an admirer I am of his fighter and how much he reminds me of my all-time favorite middleweight, Tony Zale…

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”—Coco Chanel

Beverly Murray, the bewitching wife of Abel Sanchez, beautifully emblematizes Coco Chanel’s observation. I should know, given that I had the pleasure of chatting with her throughout the press conference hosted by DiBella Entertainment, K2 Promotions, HBO, and Foxwoods Resort Casino at Gallagher’s Steak House on Manhattan’s West 52nd Street this afternoon.

The presser was designed to drum up some last-minute publicity for the 12-round championship bout between WBA and IBO middleweight titlist Gennady Golovkin, whom Sanchez trains, and Matthew Macklin at the MGM Grand, Foxwoods Resort, in Mashantucket, Connecticut, this Saturday, June 29.

Golovkin and Macklin were as gentlemanly as they had been when the match was officially announced two months ago. What a stark contrast to the recent unpleasantness between Paulie Malignaggi and Adrien Broner, both of whom succeeded in reducing the venerable practice of trash talking to the nadir of guttersnipery.

I overheard Malignaggi tell someone (perhaps Lou DiBella, who patted me on the stomach for some reason) that he had a reputation to protect. Really? As a boxer? Commentator? Class act?

Beverly is of course rooting for Golovkin, but wholeheartedly agreed with me that both he and Macklin are gents through and through.

We were interrupted at this point by a large character who wanted to know if I was Mr. Burman.

“I need to speak with Mr. Burman,” he said. “I want to speak with Mr. Burman.”

“If you’re looking for Clarence Burman, he’s no longer with us,” I said. “But I’m Clarence all right, Clarence George, and I’m glad to meet you.”

“Naw,” he said. “I don’t want to meet you. I want to meet Burman.”

Ah, a worthy graduate of the Adrien Broner School of Charm.

The spell broken, however temporarily, Beverly busied herself with one of those newfangled phones that I find so awfully intimidating, given that my idea of high-tech is a retractable fountain pen. So, over bites of my Caesar salad and second steak sandwich, I spent a moment or two reviewing the fighters’ stats.

A seven-year pro, 31-year-old Golovkin (26-0, 23 KOs) has already scored two victories this year, stopping Gabriel Rosado by seventh-round TKO in January and Nobuhiro Ishida by third-round KO in March.

“GGG” had two fights last year, stopping Makoto Fuchigami by third-round TKO in May and Grzegorz Proksa by fifth-round TKO in September.

Macklin, also 31 (29-4, 20 KOs), is a 12-year pro. His most recent fights took place in 2012, retired in the 11th by Sergio Martinez in March and stopping Joachim Alcine by first-round KO in September.

“Mack the Knife” suffered a controversial split decision loss to Felix Sturm in his only fight of 2011. His other two losses came at the hands of Andrew Facey in 2003, losing on points, and Jamie Moore in 2006, losing by 10th-round KO.

The presser broke up at this point, and Abel came over to reclaim his wife. Beverly introduced us, and the trainer gave me his hand. Mine is that of a butcher boy, but it completely disappeared in his.

I told Abel what an admirer I am of his fighter and how much he reminds me of my all-time favorite middleweight, Tony Zale. The trainer thought this an astute comparison, that Zale’s ring moniker of “Man of Steel” is Golovkin to a tee.

I didn’t ask Abel if Macklin would prove to be Golovkin’s Marcel Cerdan.

I didn’t have to.

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  1. No10Point 10:54am, 06/28/2013

    People talk about the “European” style.
    One thing the don’t mention is that most fighters outside the US fight as if they like to fight.  So sometimes it makes it seem they are “hittable”.
    Golovkin isn’t straight up. Has loads of World experience and has proven his “chin”.  And has 1 punch power. Not many other people in boxing to have the same power ( Matthysse, Bailey, ...)

    The MW division has a good field of potential fights.
    Coming up we have Geale Vs Barker. Which will eliminate 1 contender.
    After that we have Quillin, who I see as Golovkin’s most dangerous possible opponent.
    Then we have Chavez Jr. - Will he be back at 160 after all this?
    Chavez Jr fighting either Golovkin or Quillin makes for an interesting fight.
    And as far as Martinez goes.
    He should wait for a MEGA fight. Stupid money type. He is past his prime and his body is telling him that. Also he is a natural 154lb fighter. Maybe fight the winner of FM Jr Vs Alvarez?  Much better than either Kolovkin/Quillin - both natural 160. Though Quillin could definitely make 168.

    These with other division possibles should make the next year or 2 really good.

  2. Clarence George 11:25am, 06/27/2013

    My prediction:  Golovkin by eighth-round TKO.  And I agree that “he can handle anyone,” including Martinez, Geale, and Quillin.

  3. Mike Casey 08:22am, 06/27/2013

    Yes, Clarence, I can’t see Mack the Knife getting too much joy out of this one! Golovkin is beautiful to watch and I suspect that he can handle anyone.

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