Manny El Desperado

By Johnathan Lee Iverson on September 23, 2014
Manny El Desperado
Pacquiao now finds himself much like all others, languishing at the foot of the throne.

Calls for Manny Pacquiao to fight none other than Floyd Mayweather have become uncharacteristically, well, desperate…

Once upon a time Manny Pacquiao reveled in adulation akin to the great Joe Louis. Easily the most exciting and beloved boxer of his era, no one ever paid to see Pacquiao lose. For on those mighty diminutive shoulders he bore a people, an entire nation whose storied poverty and disenfranchisement found hope in the tale of the Filipino orange peddler turned international icon.

But that was then; and this is now.

Still collecting himself after that near murderous Marquez right hand, he’s been relegated to grappling desperately for that glory he once knew. Gone are the days when he could simply defer to his famous promoter as to what the future might hold during those post-fight interviews.

The little giant from General Santos has fallen.

At present, Manny Pacquiao is desperate, desperate for a victory that will reignite the public’s once ravenous excitement for the Filipino strong man, desperate for a significant payday as rumors of his eroding fortune mount, desperate as Father Time mercilessly closes in on an otherwise epic career. As such the calls for him to fight none other than Floyd Mayweather have become uncharacteristically, well, desperate.

It’s rather prophetic if you’re Floyd Mayweather as he is fond of reminding all within earshot, that “all roads lead to Mayweather.” Suddenly, those questions that once dogged him at every conceivable turn, “Are you going to fight Manny…What’s it going to take to get you and Pacquiao in the ring…?” have all but faded away. Thus, the finality of the most jarring moment in all of sports, the knockout, not only does it alter one’s physical state, but, in an instant may alter the very trajectory of one’s existence. Once positioned to legitimately argue for handsome terms, Manny Pacquiao now finds himself much like all others, languishing at the foot of the throne with his band of loyalists and of course his famous promoter attempting to make a case for an encounter whose time has long past.

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  1. galvar 05:27pm, 09/26/2014

    Pete the Sneak, I’m with you about the Pacman Superfan.  I have seen some ridiculous things out there.  Maybe 4 or 5 years ago it was acceptable to claim Pac could take on King Kong and walk on water but they need to accept that Pac got old and isn’t a dominant force anymore.  I’m a fan of Cotto too.  I think he deserved a rematch with no catchweight.

  2. Pete The Sneak 04:47am, 09/26/2014

    Galvar, you’re right on with your comments about Boxing and fans supporting their own. Heck, if you break it down, Boxing owes it’s very existence to such nationalistic support. It’s what the sport is made of. Yes, we Boricuas root for our Island guys, as well as our Mexican brethren rooting hard for their heroes and the list goes on and on. Boxing would not exist without this type of fan bases and any halfway decent boxing promoter would know that. It’s the nature of the beast…I actually admire Pac fans for their blind loyalty to Pac (I’m a fan as well, even though he beat my guy Cotto), it’s just that sometimes that blind Pac loyalty manifests itself into some very ridiculous, inane and flat out nonsensical blather dusguised as commentary on some of these boxing boards. But hey, I don’t blame Mr. Iverson for writing about a Pac/FMJ fight. When things are slow, what better way to get hits and interest than to rile up millions of Pac die hards who it appears to me vigilantly scour boxing websites to see if any derogatory blogs, commentary or negative mention of their idol has been made and thus if so, go on the offensive to set everyone straight as to how wrong you are. Yes, it’s a successful recipe. Like selling sex for a movie…Peace.

  3. Galvar 10:59pm, 09/25/2014

    And, to procopy.  I’m with you.  Both of them are pretty much done in boxing.  I can’t really see anymore “wow” fights coming from them even if they fought each other.  I think Manny’s worse off.  His defensive skills composed of fast reflexes and uncanny footwork.  Both he’s definitely lost.  He’s prolly going to have a hard time with Algieri (not sure most would agree with me but Algieri can box and Manny has a hard time with boxers).  I’m still hoping though that maybe they can pull some surprises out the bag like B-Hop did.

  4. Galvar 10:01pm, 09/25/2014

    Eric, not sure where you were going but my comments were had nothing to do with racism or xenophobia.  I was stating something true.  Most people support their own nationality.  Puerto Ricans support Cotto.  The English supported Hatton (they flew over to see him fight Pac).  Cubans support Rigo.  We can keep going and going.  I don’t think anyone English person (majority caucasian) said Hatton’s fans were racist when they rooted for him agains Pac or Mayweather.  “it’s me” said Filipino people supported Manny because he was pinoy.  Not sure why that would be a headline news.  It’s natural.  Then “it’s me” went on a rant about blood and blah blah and I set him straight.  They didn’t want his blood because the culture in the Phil is that of corrupt people in general.  Trust me, I know, don’t ask why, I just do.  As for the comment about if Mayweather beat Manny in his prime then people would say Manny was too small, you’re prolly right.  Point is, Mayweather didn’t fight him.  Hence Mayweather will never be able to prove he would have beat Manny, period.  You can’t turn back time so Mayweather will always be on the losing end of this argument.  And I am a fan of both Mayweather and Manny, so I’m not simply rooting for Manny, just stating fact: Mayweather lost his chance to prove anything.

  5. procopy 07:45pm, 09/25/2014

    both guys are desperate to keep their careers afloat and to show people that they still matter in boxing. after those previous mediocre fights with a one dimensional fighter, money may will just be contented in bringing in more money to his pocket by engaging in few more mediocre fights till he retires. there are a lot of fights that you could waste your money on, not just seeing old farts punch each other (or maybe one old fart try to punch while the other runs and hugs) when they could have done it years ago.

    and by the way, regarding the Pinoy’s attitude, the Americans taught them well Brit buddy.

  6. The Barker 06:59pm, 09/25/2014

    No GALVER, if he beat Pac in his prime they’d say he was too small. Funny how many hits this so called worthless article has gotten from MayHaters and Pac Disciples:)

  7. Critical Beatdown 06:51pm, 09/25/2014

    Like the 10,000 identical articles before it, this one preys on the false dichotomy of Floyd v. Pac. It’s like saying the whole world is divided into believers and infidels. More than anything, throwing these bones to the all-too-willing masses is just a means of getting hits on your article and website. I expect more from Everyone’s gotta eat, yeah, but leave this bating of simpletons to the other boxing sites. Add something new. Please. Trotting this old whipping post out just makes look bad. Executive Editor anyone? Hello?

  8. Eric 06:34pm, 09/24/2014

    @it’s me…Can you imagine if something like that happened in the States or Britain? Imagine the outcry? Of course if “our” countries are so terrible, why is it that everybody and their brother want to keep coming here? The amount of duplicity and hypocritical behavior out there is amazing.

  9. Eric 05:45pm, 09/24/2014

    Galvar, If an American told a third world “invader” to “get used to the culture or get out,” how long would it take before that third worlder dropped the R-word? Or how about the other PC constructs like xenophobic, nativist, bigot, blah, blah, blah…. Personally, I like Manny and find him to be a decent, humble man, at least from his public persona. Of course we never know if that is an act or legit. I find tribalism among the races to be quite natural,  and it is encouraged. Well, it is encouraged as long as the other race isn’t Caucasian of course. I don’t think you see many people from first world countries flocking to third world countries by choice, but you sure as hell see third worlders flocking to the United States, Europe and Australia.

  10. Galvar 05:24pm, 09/24/2014

    No matter anyone says, Mayweather will be on the losing end of this whole situation.  If he beats Manny they’ll say he waited too long.  If he loses, then he loses.  He should’ve fought Manny at his prime this way there’d be no doubt.  As for Manny worried about his glory, ummm news flash, the guy is an International star and is a government official (not the best government but he’ll prolly still get a limo with those flags on them if he wanted).  He’s met with the president for goodness sake.  As for the whole Filipino people liking him because he’s pinoy well duh.  All races and nationalities like their own.  Not sure what that whole blood babble was about.  The reason they didn’t want the blood was because they couldn’t make money out of it.  It’s a third world country with a corrupt government.  Get use to the culture or get out.

  11. its me 04:56pm, 09/24/2014

    The reason why mannys followers follow him blindly is simple because he is a pinoy. Im a brit living in the philippines & they actually think the pinoy is better than anyone else. Ill give an example, a friend was going to have a caesarian birth & needed someone to donate 2 pints of blood. The pinoys she knew wanted paying for their blood so i said i will give my blood. At the hospital i filled in all the papers & after about an hour of being moved here & there they said i couldnt donate my blood as i was to old. My wifes cousin worked in the hospital & i found out from her it was because im a foreigner that is why they wouldnt take my blood. If it was a foreigner needing my blood thats ok. They are jealous of floyd that he is so successful & hate it he earns more than their man. Its that simple.

  12. Pete The Sneak 03:11pm, 09/24/2014

    LOL…Jack, you never miss a beat, do you…Great observation…Good to see you back on the case…Peace

  13. Eric 02:52pm, 09/24/2014

    Darrell, It has to be “a Catholic thing” because we all know that race is just a social construct and nobody roots for a fighter or votes for a political candidate just because of their race anymore. Two things will never ever happen in this world. Number 1 is I won’t win the Powerball Lottery, and number 2 is the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather bout will NEVER EVER happen. Matter of fact, I have a better shot at hitting the Powerball Lottery than a Pac vs Mayweather bout happening.

  14. Jack 01:58pm, 09/24/2014

    5-6 years ago, I liked Pacquiao to be able to pressure Floyd enough and win a MD. Today, Floyd wins at least a MD. What’s with the artist rendering, they are in opposite stances from how they box!!! I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice, Pete, I know you did!!!

  15. The Barker 09:44am, 09/24/2014

    Gotta love all these Pac Disciples. Look out Johnathan they might crucify you.

  16. Pete The Sneak 04:36am, 09/24/2014

    Darrell, you’re correct…I’ll leave this one to the ‘Pac nuts.’...Happy reading!...Peace.

  17. Darrell 10:43pm, 09/23/2014

    How very true Mr Iverson, how very true.

    It will be fun for me to read the other comments…...the Pacman’s devotees brook no criticism of their icon.  Must be a Catholic thing….....heh.

  18. reyocs 05:42pm, 09/23/2014

  19. slp 04:35pm, 09/23/2014

    it’s all a set up. floyd knows that he will kick mannys tail. he is playing all of us, which is to continue to hand pick fights then beg for manny. he will knock out manny’s free swing tail just becasue he’s a great counter puncher. manny is too wild for floyd and he knows it. he’s not scared of manny, just setting us up for a $50 million payday. mark my words, i said it first.

  20. Alex 02:58pm, 09/23/2014

    Mayweather will continue to dodge Pacquiao because he wants to keep his “0” record. I have no idea why he claims to be “TBE” when he is ducking opponents. Also, Julio Cesar Chavez was 87-0 prior to losing his first fight, and he did not duck anybody. So, Mayweather, quit using the “TBE” until you have earned it!

  21. Bardagul 11:47am, 09/23/2014

    If you like boxing, avoid watching duckweather’s fights even if it’s free if he chooses a fighter other than pacquiao.

  22. Bardagul 11:29am, 09/23/2014

    Espinoza of showtime and scamweather should be more desperate. He they think ploy would fight next that would interest the ppv buyers? They are running out of options now, there are two more fights left on the contract. The fans are tired of watching lousy, unexciting amateurist matches these conmen uses. Enough is enough…no pacquiao, no ppv…

  23. Alex 11:18am, 09/23/2014

    Alex Ariza pretends to know everything. He wants people to believe that he knows what’s going inside Top Rank. I don’t believe that Arum ever talk to him at all. He is nobody. Pacquiao became great because he is Pacquiao and not because of Ariza. If those conditioning coaches really make fighters great then 8 division champions would have been very common.

  24. dan 10:18am, 09/23/2014

    I guess Mr Iverson is guy with a very narrow perception. The little guy from general santos city is not desperate of anything, He is not just a wealthy man, But a man with so many talent and options, unlike your idol gayweather…. Mr Iverson please write relevant stories and realistic opinion.

  25. rebeldick45 09:50am, 09/23/2014

    You really believe Ariza,,he’s gonna kiss anybody’s ass just to give him a job… it will make sense if Pac is still n he’s 20’s he’s about to retire so why will Arum protect him, he’s career is almost over.
    and for the genius that wrote this it’s not just Pac who want’s to fight him it’s the whole boxing world… so next time write something that make sense…
    or are u trying to kiss mayweather’s ass so u might be included on the payroll?? just asking.

  26. usoundlykmeweder 09:44am, 09/23/2014

    Mr. Writer your writing is like somebody who’s being paid just to side with another party.Its like a political propaganda and you sound like the quakiefloydie youre hiding behind a name but in reality youre him. full of excuses.

  27. Lee 09:38am, 09/23/2014

    Johnathan Lee Iverson must be a brotha. Horribly written article. The only ones who don’t want this fight are the wife beater and his fans. Protect that “0” at all cost my brothers.

  28. daniel 09:26am, 09/23/2014

    No sensed about wrinting,intead blowing and. the hell you become collumnist,

  29. Antonio 08:55am, 09/23/2014

    Alex Ariza just confirmed as of today via an interview with FightHype that Arum’s intentions have always been to never let his fighter (Manny) fight Floyd. I like to think that the majority of people who closely follow boxing already knew this but now I’m just glad that an insider has finally officially publicly announced what was/is stopping the mega fight.. Bob Arum.

    Arum knew the whole time that once Floyd beats Manny, the interest around Pac will disappear just like everyone else Floyd beats. By promising fans that Pac vs Floyd will happen for as long as he possibly can, he keeps everyone paying a lot of money to tune in to Pac’s appetiser fights…

  30. LIto Dacer 07:57am, 09/23/2014

    Its nice reading stories from Mars…
    Good job mr. author….
    Hope you could have some relevant stories to tell
    coming from earth… factual, unbiased and not
    just the garbage opinion of yours.
    Anyhow, it just wasted several minutes of my
    reading time… no fuss about it…

  31. Mike Casey 07:13am, 09/23/2014

    It’ll be a case of ‘Let’s get ready to hobble’ if they leave it any longer.

  32. Magoon 06:12am, 09/23/2014

    Mr. Iverson is right - Mayweather-Pacquiao is an “encounter whose time has long past,” which is exactly why it no longer deserves any write up at all.

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