Manny Overboard

By Robert Ecksel on August 15, 2016
Manny Overboard
I thought being a senator was Manny Pacquiao’s main job, but it appears I was mistaken.

Pacquiao retired after beating Bradley, ostensibly to focus on his political career. But the lure of boxing is the stuff of legend…

Top Rank’s Bob Arum has been dreaming about a big fight in Dubai for as long as anyone can remember. Las Vegas is big. Beijing is big. But a fight in Dubai, with Manny Pacquiao as the main attraction, is as big as it gets.

There are a couple things everyone can agree upon. One is that Manny’s retirement was short, even by the standards to which we’ve grown accustomed. Another is that his return to the ring on November 5 against WBO welterweight champion Jesse Vargas (27-1, 10 KOs) will not be in Dubai, it will be at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

“Yes, the fight is on,” said Pacquiao. “I have agreed to a November 5 fight with reigning WBO welterweight champion Jessie Vargas.”

A fight against a young gun like Jessie Vargas won’t be as difficult as a fight against Terence Crawford. Nor will it be as formulaic as another fight with Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao has nothing to prove. He can win another title. Vargas may not be the preferred opponent, but he wants Manny’s scalp.

“We’re all set for November 5,” Arum said. “He’s gonna fight for the welterweight championship against this tough, young Mexican/American, Jessie Vargas. He is not an opponent who goes into his shell, who’s a defensive fighter. He’s very, very offensive. He is beginning to really punch with authority. Hopefully, if he beats Vargas, there’ll be some other big fights available next year. And I’m pretty sure enough will be enough, and by 2017, we will be seeing the end of Manny’s brilliant boxing career.

Pacquiao retired from boxing after beating Bradley in April, ostensibly to focus on his political career. But the lure of boxing is the stuff of legend.

“Retirement doesn’t suit Manny right now,” his manager Michael Koncz told the Los Angeles Times. “Boxing is in his blood. When he trains, it’s like a pressure-release valve.

“You can see a dramatic difference in his mood… he’s happy. It’s amazing what training and fighting does for him.”

Not only does boxing act as a pressure-release valve for Manny. It also pays the bills.

“Boxing is my main source of income,” Pacquiao said. “I can’t rely on my salary as a public official. I’m helping the family of my wife and my own family, as well. Many people also come to me to ask for help and I just couldn’t ignore them.

“I will do my best for the fans. I can still show how competitive I am even if I’m busy. Boxing is my passion and I just can’t let it go. I can still fight and that’s my main job.”

I thought being a senator was Pacquiao’s main job, but it appears I was mistaken.

Arum, in the meantime, with his attention having shifted from Dubai to closer to home, is focusing, none too surprisingly, on another fight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, even though the latter appears extremely happy not fighting at the moment.

“Mayweather may be a possibility,” Arum told Rappler. “You know Mayweather’s making noises about returning and going to a 50th fight, and let’s see. With a fully healed shoulder, I think Manny would give a lot better account of himself in that fight.”

Manny would give a “better account of himself” if he could punch with authority using both hands. But that was true prior to the first fight, the fight where Arum and Manny’s trainer, Freddie Roach, both predicted a Pacquiao knockout.

But hope springs eternal, something it has in common with myopia.

“I thought it was a very close fight,” said Arum. “I thought Manny could have won that fight. When they fight again, if they fight again, I have no doubt Manny will win.”

The money may be too good to pass up and may lure Mayweather back into the ring. But the first fight wasn’t close. It wasn’t even close to being close. And when they fight again, if they fight again, I, unlike Arum, expect the same result.

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  1. Eric 01:41pm, 08/31/2016

    White power baby. Nothing I like better on a Saturday night than taking out my robes and dancing around a fire. So what was wrong with slavery??? It put a lot of people to work. Free labor is what made this country great. Hell, if it wasn’t for free labor by black slaves ripped out from their culture and from their families and brought forcibly by white men at gunpoint in slave chains to this country by white owned slave ships and worked to death on white owned plantations for starvation rations, this country might have never gotten off the ground. Sure I enjoy some soul food once in a while and Motown made some great music. I just don’t enjoy having to pay for it. It should be free. Damn Lincoln. Who told him he could free the slaves??

  2. Eric 05:48am, 08/19/2016

    Critical Beatdown is the REAL TROLL. I’m on here almost daily, MOSTLY talking boxing, but when the subject drifts off to another topic, I will discuss it gladly, especially when it comes to distorted history or just plain LIES.  We could talk about the Barbary Slave Trade or other instances in which Whites have been enslaved by other people or the simple fact that Blacks were enslaved by Blacks, then sold to Arabs and transported on Jewish ships to America. We could talk about the fact that less than 2% of Whites were actual owners of slaves in America. Sorry, but men like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Tesla, Marconi, and others made America the most powerful country in the world. These men were like a second set of Founding Fathers. haha. YOU know absolutely nothing and can’t debate anything I say, but instead offer nothing but the USUAL infantile attacks. haha. Someone like you debating me on history, is like a little league team going up against the 1961 Yankees. I actually laugh at how moronic the trolls on this site are about history.

  3. Critical Beatdown 08:04pm, 08/18/2016

    Galvar, Eric The Neo-Nazi Computer Viking trolls these pages baiting people into these kinds of arguments, then tells his internet wing-nut version of history in an attempt to key-stroke-bludgeon people into submission. Like this one: Europeans built this country. Errr…yeah…rich Europeans….with slaves…and other poor immigrants…and poor whites….and by dividing and conquering through fictions like racial purity and equal opportunity…beware, Galvar, a white supremacist web site, left its barn door open and Eric escaped. Now he’s sitting up in the rafters like a crazed owl, shitting on hapless visitors who walk through the door.

  4. Eric 07:44am, 08/18/2016

    Galvar…NOT joking at all. FORCED ASSIMILATION IS A FORM OF GENOCIDE. America was largely built by Europeans. America might be a tad bit different story than Europe, but America was about 90% White up until the early ‘70’s, so that tells me that America was largely built by those same people. I actually love diversity, Japan should be for the Japanese, China for the Chinese, India for the East Indian, etc.,  so why should the West be the only region of the world to destroy its culture and identity? You can bet other nations are looking at the West and wondering how can they be so stupid. Regarding Trump, as I said, I disagree with him on many issues, but he beats the alternative. Trump is actually gaining most of his support from the white working class, that being said, I don’t look at Trump as the be all candidate, I actually consider him a bit lame, but what the hay. As a white male, I WILL look out for my best interests and my people. Why should I be denied the same rights as people of other races? Do not Blacks, Asians, and hispanics vote for their interests? BTW, the Donald is probably controlled by the same people that control Hillary, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Also, I’m probably the least “racist” person you will ever meet, I’m just honest enough to speak the truth. I would no more want to see Japan and the Japanese people destroyed by multiculturalism than I would the West.

  5. Galvar 07:00am, 08/18/2016

    Eric, I hope you’re joking.  We’re all immigrants in the USA.  Without immigrants there would be no USA.  No railroads, no large scale agriculture, and a crap load of other advances.  An influx of immigrants has actually been proven to raise the quality of production in countries (read a book or search the internet that you created by proxy).  Trump doesn’t represent America.  He represents white, wealthy and the privileged.  And if you don’t believe that just picture him as a person of color and see if you’ll still vote for him.  BTW, I am member of the NRA, voted for both Reagan and Bush Sr., thinks welfare is a waste of taxes, and served in the US Navy.  I still say F@&$ Trump!  F, Hillary too.

  6. Eric 05:22am, 08/17/2016

    “But it seems the Donald is not so happy seeing Pinoys and Mexicans in the U.S.” Funny, I have NEVER heard Trump bring up “Pinoys” at all, and he only talks about ILLEGAL immigration when it comes to Mexicans. Would “Pinoys” have a problem with THEIR country being flooded with Europeans or how about millions of Japanese? WHY is it the ONLY countries that have to be multicultural are Western nations? IF it wasn’t for the West, the world would have no internet, no television or radio, no modern medicine, no planes, trains, or automobiles, etc., etc., Yet somehow, we have to flood our countries with people who have no loyalties to our culture, no appreciation of our history, no intentions of assimilating into our culture, etc. WE’ve heard the grievances and the utter hypocrisy, but where is the gratitude? The truth of the matter is that massive immigration from the third world to Europe, Australia, and North America doesn’t benefit us in the least, in fact it only brings destruction to our countries. NATIONALISM IS BACK!! TRUMP 2016!! AMERICA FIRST!!

  7. procopy 12:55am, 08/17/2016

    Well, 16 million Filipinos (myself included) just gave Philippine oligarchy the middle finger and elected Duterte as president. Now all you see in the news are scattered corpses of drugs peddlers and him threatening to kill high ranking government officials and businessmen in public.
    But it seems the Donald is not so happy seeing Pinoys and Mexicans in the U.S. Too bad nobody will wipe his ass when he gets too old. lol

  8. Eric 06:25am, 08/16/2016

    “The U.S of A might have that exact kind of president soon.” IF you are referring to Donald Trump, I hope so, not that The Donald is my ideal choice, but he’s certainly better than the alternative. The election process could very well be “rigged,” and it may have been rigged for decades. We know that Papa Joe & Company shafted Richard Nixon in the 1960 election. Nowadays, our votes might not even count at all, and there is good reason to believe that our POTUS is merely chosen or bought by “people” with names like Saban, Soros, Adelson, etc.

  9. procopy 10:08pm, 08/15/2016

    The U.S of A might have that exact kind of president soon

  10. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:17pm, 08/15/2016

    “When I take Viagra it stands up!” ( President Rodrigo “Duterte Harry” Duterte of the Philippines.)

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