Manny Pacquiao Who?

By Ted Sares on August 25, 2015
Manny Pacquiao Who?
"He gave us a good fight. His opponent kept on running around." (John Locher/AP)

Manny suddenly might become yesterday’s news, as fickle and/or fed up fans turn their attention elsewhere…

“He (Mayweather) was running away all the time. I was making the fight by stalking him, and I believe that I deserved a victory.”—Manny Pacquiao

“He’s (Mayweather) is an astute fighter who doesn’t have the so-called sense of fair play.”—Pacquiao

“An excuse-making, poor loser, who insults the intelligence of the fans with some silly ‘miracle cure’ story is bound to turn off a healthy portion of his fan base.”—Tony Deebs describing Pacquiao (Boxing Tribune)

“… Or, maybe, his fan base is so loyal and so devoted that they will never leave his side under any circumstances.”—Deebs

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”—Pacquiao, (Psalm 119:11)

“I respect the decision of the judges and I accept my defeat.”—Pacquiao

As GGG, Ward, Thurman, Kovalev, Lomachenko, Wilder, Povetkin, Fury, Mayweather and even motor-mouth Amir Khan continue to stay in the headlines in a quasi-positive way, Manny Pacquiao, with denial, excuses and contradictions, no longer seems to enjoy that kind of endearment—except perhaps in the Philippines.

At some point, insulting the collective intelligence of the boxing fandom will approach the law of diminishing returns and that means that as soon as you see Manny’s name in the title of an article, you might just pass it. In short, Manny suddenly might become yesterday’s news, as fickle and/or fed up fans turn their attention toward new and more emotionally grounded super stars like Anthony Joshua, Roman Gonzalez, and Japan’s Naoya Inoue. Freddie Roach’s inputs have not helped matters. See:

Conversely, Roland Purificacion, a 45-year-old pedicab driver who watched the fight on a huge television screen outside the Quiapo Church in central Manila, was disappointed but spoke for many of his compatriots when he said Pacquiao “is still the people’s champ. He is still our hero.”

Chief of Staff Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang congratulated Pacquiao, a lieutenant colonel in the army reserve force, as follows: “He gave us a good fight. Unfortunately his opponent kept on running around.”

Said one fan: “Pacquiao is worshipped like a hero in the Philippines. He is a congressman, a basketball player, a devout Christian, and donates millions of dollars to charity. He’s always been humble, as his early life started from nothing into all of the above. I never heard one Mayweather fan say anything bad about Pacquiao other than accusations he was on steroids that is why he avoided Money. Morality wise, Manny’s an angel.”

Time will tell.

PostScript: Manny Pacquiao made $120 million in 36 minutes of boxing.

Ted Sares is a member of the Ring 4 Boxing Hall of Fame (New England) and a member of Ring 10 (New York). He is one of the oldest active powerlifters in the world and competes full power raw in the Grand Master Class.

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  1. KB 09:07am, 08/27/2015


  2. strongman 05:06am, 08/27/2015

    If Mosley would of retired after he upset Margarito he would of been in the all time great. The boxining press gave him a free pass on his P ED use and admitted Balco client..Once Mosley becamee a steppingstone for guys like Canelo I knew he was going to be another Holyfield and I heard him speak and it is tragic also him claiming his x Jin marriage was never legal and deserves every cent back sounds like he is broke and desperate .

  3. Pete The Sneak 04:09am, 08/27/2015

    I saw Shane Mosley live in the studio on Sports Nation Promoting the farce, I mean fight, last night. His speech is already slow and hard to understand, and when you ask him a question, it’s almost like those coast to coast 6 second delays CNN reporters experience when they ask each other questions on broadcasts. He has to take a long pause before the question registers and then he responds and you can barely understand him… this guy should no longer be fighting. Is he really that broke? Did his Ex really fleece him that bad?...PPV my arse…Peace.

  4. John aka L.L. Cool John 11:02am, 08/26/2015

    KB: Amen re Don King.

  5. KB 07:57am, 08/26/2015

    Right! This one involves two totally shot fighters who will go after one another in slow motion until one quits on the stool from stamina issues. Sickening. I’ll watch this farce on YouTube. PVV = not in my lifetime. The only good thing about it is that the thug, Don King, could not prevent it thereby sealing his fate as a nobody in boxing. Hit the road King, and never come back no more no more.

  6. strongman 07:53am, 08/26/2015

    What is more insulting is this Mosley vs Mayorga pay per view rematch where do they get the balls to put this on let alone charge for it.

  7. KB 07:17am, 08/26/2015

    Darrell has the beat

  8. KB 07:16am, 08/26/2015

    Kid At Last, I just don’t much care for Manny’s “angst” over the outcome when he has pocketed 130 million bucks for a piss-poor performance that was generated by an “injury” that he failed to report so that the fans knew what was going on going in.

  9. Darrell 01:02am, 08/26/2015

    Well, seeing as Arum backed his cash cow out of the ‘09 dance it was somewhat gratifying to see it all happen at last.

    Floyd would’ve boxed the pants off that midget at any time…..never a follower of the pilipino weight drainer/power pellet popper anyway, so I’ll take the advice of the article…..and pass him by.

  10. Kid At Last 11:46pm, 08/25/2015

    Ted, The torodal story is a the irony or joke of everything that has ever been written, argued, and/or used to support the intensification and enforcement of performance enhancing drugs not only brought to the public’s attention by Floyd and his favored testing agency, USADA, but by everyone involved in this cynical arguement. I know Dr ElAttrache, have spoken to him at length and I know exactly what the exemptions were that USADA and the NSAC approved throughout training and that the Torodal was but one of them. And all parties knew it openly and equally. To me, the fact that it was so widely known and approved as commonplace is evidence that no one really cares and that all the talk is just that; Talk. I would go so far as to say that given Floyd’s camp’s total knowledge and approval, they also used treatments of various sorts that the Pacquaio camp approved. As well as NSAC and USADA. The Toradol shot was fully anticipated and signed off on by USADA. The fact that the NSAC made an arbitray decisiion on fight night….forget about the previous months of training….tells me that they don’t really give two hoots about the protocols or use as a general rule. They only cared about their arbitray power on a given night. These are the same people that had a open hearing with Floyd about use of marijuana in Showtime’s All Access and just looked the other way. In other words, corrupt as always. And pretentious

  11. Kid At Last 11:25pm, 08/25/2015


    You know as well as the next person, better in fact than most, that if and when Manny fights next, whether it be Khan or Crawford or anyone of caliber, all will be forgotten in the promotion of his return. Boxing fans are and have always been more about what you have done lately and/or about to do or fight and with the deservedly enormous reservoir of passionate good will for the tremendous achivements of Manny Pacquaio, he will be lauded for his return. And for once again challenging a serious opponent. His resume has very few misses and many serious greats who he chose to fight not onc ot twice but in some cases three or four times. One loss, particularly in an abysmal and forgetable effort IMO by both men…a cynical affair….will not blemish a truly incredible career

  12. Balagtas 06:56pm, 08/25/2015

    You cannot compare Manny achievement in boxing as he is the only 8 division champ ever climb in the ring. So all boxer enthutiast will always remember him as a great fighter and no one can ever take it away from Manny.
    Please instead of telling that Manny lost the supports of many boxing so called expert why not see the replay in slowmotion and decide if indid Manny lies. I think by watcching the replay in slowmotion you can say that how vegas casino conspired to make you believed that Manny truly lost, including the compubox and judges irresponsible counting infavor of Fraudweather.

  13. Anonymous 06:54pm, 08/25/2015

    Here come the Tards

  14. hatecrusher 06:39pm, 08/25/2015

    American idiots to their idiot boxer…whattaf*ck,Dude? protecting your coward cock to the only 8 Times World Division Champion the world ever had?...To Tony Deebs,you’re just another asshole in the boxing world…you sound like a fan and not a boxing window. The world is not America and the majority of the world sees what’s really goin’ on regarding boxing in American soil…scam, scam, scam etc. etc. etc. lick your Momma’s butthole,Dude if you’re only a one-sided or if you’re a clear-eyed blind. If you have some doubt about the other side? let them rematch cause that last May 2 was really scam as what the world saw….period

  15. KB 06:08pm, 08/25/2015

    Laurena, Manny must be careful from this point forward with regard to his legacy. If he fights somebody like that kid from Omaha, he could well tarnish it with a bad loss. Frankly, I’d like to see him fight JMM a 5th time and catch him as he gets old.

    What we will probably get is a borefest against motor-mouth Khan.

  16. Laurena 05:31pm, 08/25/2015

    I disagree with a lot of Manny Pacquiao’s personal views, but I hope that he will be remembered as a great fighter. He has done more good than bad for boxing, and certainly for his people.

  17. tyleradams 05:09pm, 08/25/2015

    I agree with you Eric, Quarry always had excuses after the fact.  None the less, he always mixed it up even when it was against his best interest.  He quit against the washer woman George Chuvalo, then tried to act all surprise when the ref stopped it.  His two biggest wins were probably Shavers and Mac Foster, two big hitting up and comers.  The loss to Jimmy Ellis was the most pathetic, because he would never get an easier opponent for the title.

  18. KB 03:24pm, 08/25/2015


  19. fraud gaywetwear 03:21pm, 08/25/2015

    wow why mainstream media including this writer suddenly is trying to discredit manny pacquiao?  why you media seem to be of the same page for eliminating manny pacquiao from the limelight?  is it because pacquiao is Christian that they fear he might spread the CHRISTIAN DOCTRINES? 

    and Floyd is being hyped more than ever.  is it because Floyd is the EVIL PERSONA that the power elite would like people of the whole world to emulate?

  20. KB 03:20pm, 08/25/2015

    Unless I’m mistaken, Manila time right now is 7:20 am. As soon as the Pinoys awake, I may catch some incoming. I’m ready.

  21. strongman 03:15pm, 08/25/2015

    I never considered Quarry a whiner the Chuvalo fight ZackClayton was confusing on his prefight rules and Quarry was always livid the rematch never went through.The Ali fight he did lace Quarry up to cut that delicate skin .And many times it was Quarrys dad Jack that instigated alot of problems he started the rival ry between him and KennyNorton that became ugly in75 .Quarry always gave Fraizer his due saying he was the toughest sob he ever fought and going toe to toe was a dumb move when you hit him he enjoyed it.

  22. KB 02:46pm, 08/25/2015

    Got it

  23. strongman 02:40pm, 08/25/2015

    That’s my point Manny never complained with JMM when he had every right to it was so obvious he was juicing even LarryMerchant said it was so obvious.My point is toradol is the last drug any boxer would want to be given because it would make you lethargic its not cheating I am accusing Manny of I am saying I don’t believe the fight was on the line period and now the anger and guilt is setting in because Manny was never a cry baby or a sore loser the Bradley fight and the juiiced JMM ko Manny took very well when he had both reasons to cry.

  24. Tex Hassler 02:28pm, 08/25/2015

    Pacquiao is a great fighter. I hope he retire while he is on the top. All fighters are just one fight away from serious injury or death. Young fighter always thing this is what happens to some one else. Great article Dr. Sares.

  25. KB 02:16pm, 08/25/2015

    Yes John, I almost did it with my own article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. KB 02:15pm, 08/25/2015

    Srong, I don’t condom Manny for using Toradol. Especially since JMM looked like Arnold Scwarzegger when he put Manny’s lights out. That was so obvious I screamed at the monitor. He even had pimples for God’s sakes.

    I can spot a user a mile away.

  27. KB 02:12pm, 08/25/2015

    Yes Will, he is very clever and he should be complimented for that trait,  actually, Floyd Sr, when you cut away the crap, is no dummy either. These two have propelled a monster enterprise and given Senior’s background, he make Don King look pitiful. To get to where he is from where he was is a story waiting to be written about.

  28. will 01:51pm, 08/25/2015

    Floyd is clever he had to duck Manny 6 years ago, before he agreed to fight Manny, when Manny was not as he used to be and had injury. If they had fought then, after Manny knocked-out Hatton or after fight with Cotto, Manny could have won vs Floyd.

  29. strongman 01:40pm, 08/25/2015

    My biggest red flag was the Manny camp requesting a Toradol shot the night of the fight and claiming he was using it all week for one the drug makes you so loopy almost narcotic like no boxer could fight on it and to be in that much pain you where getting it administered the whole week this is a surgical drug and not to be given more than 5 days tops it has so many side affects long term just makes no sense.

  30. will 01:21pm, 08/25/2015

    Floyd is very clever, he had to duck Manny 6 years ago, before he agreed to fight Manny, when Manny was not as he used to be. If they had fought then, after Manny knocked-out Hatton, Manny could have won vs Floyd.

  31. strongman 01:12pm, 08/25/2015

    Yes a kind of pre arrangement not to get hurt we are talking about a fight that should of happened in 2008 then it would of been a all time great but all we got was excuses from the Mayweather camp then they meet in this drama filled NBA game last year and its on too much drama that I never bought and Mayweather alone was too receive almost a quarter billion dollars there is nothing on the planet that would of stopped that money from happening .

  32. John aka L.L. Cool John 01:12pm, 08/25/2015

    “At some point, insulting the collective intelligence of the boxing fandom will approach the law of diminishing returns and that means that as soon as you see Manny’s name in the title of an article, you might just pass it.”
    I almost did with this piece. I’m glad I didn’t ... Nice coverage, Ted.

  33. KB 12:56pm, 08/25/2015

    Well, Mayweather did say after the fight something to the effect, “we both made a lot of money.” I can’t imagine that on that level it could have been pre-arranged, but there could have been a tacit agreement to go easy on one another. We will never kn. I do know that Mayweather won the fight rather easily once Floyd Senior to get his butt in gear. Super fraud—no. Super fight-absolutely not. Just an all-around mucky situation that further secures boxing’s red light district reputation

  34. strongman 12:40pm, 08/25/2015

    Mayweather vs Manny is smelling worse I am believing both fighter s made a deal with each other so not to lose the biggest payday in sports history I believe the fight was orchestrated yes a rotator cuff injury would of postponed the fight over another year and now Manny is crying grapes .

  35. KB 12:32pm, 08/25/2015

    Very true

    Holmes had a big chip on his shoulder and only now seems to have rid himself of it.

  36. Mike Casey 12:20pm, 08/25/2015

    There was a funny side to the Chuvalo-Quarry ending. When Jerry complained about ref Zack Clayton’s count, Chuvalo commented: “It must have been a good punch if Jerry couldn’t tell the difference between nine and ten.”

  37. KB 10:47am, 08/25/2015

    Eric, I knew Jerry on a personal level and complaining about a fight being stopped too soon does not qualify as whining in my book. Quite the contrary, JMM complained about decisions., not stoppages. Jerry’s fights seldom ended in decisions. Major difference. Respect,

    Roach is a Hall of Fame whiner. Just plain disgraceful.

  38. Eric 10:41am, 08/25/2015

    KB…They don’t come any tougher than Quarry, but I think Quarry had some “whiner” in him. He “whined” about the strange ending to the Chuvalo fight, but it was Quarry who allowed himself to be counted out. He also whined about the fight with Frazier I & Ali I being stopped too soon. He said he was out of shape and didn’t have enough time to train for Norton, his back was injured for the Ellis fight, etc.The back injury was valid, and perhaps Quarry was out of shape and past it for Norton, no disrespect to Jerry, it is what it is, he’s still one of my faves, like Duran.

  39. KB 10:08am, 08/25/2015

    Eric, correct except for Quarry who had not one ounce of whine in his body—no pun intended.

  40. Eric 09:58am, 08/25/2015

    Roberto Duran is one of my favorite fighters of all time. However, Duran is probably one of the top 5 “whiners” of all-time, if not the biggest “whiner” of all time. Another “whiner” of note was Larry Holmes.  Jerry Quarry had some “whiner” in him as well. Tyson always took defeat well, no lame excuses.

  41. KB 09:51am, 08/25/2015

    Me too and those class action will go straight down into the sewer. His future is o longer of any interest to me.

  42. Dollarbond 09:42am, 08/25/2015

    Manny who is right?  He owes me some money.

  43. KB 09:38am, 08/25/2015

    Manny now Joins JMM and Glen Johnson as a first class whiner. What makes me irate is that he is a very rich first class whiner thanks to chumps like me.

    Same for Roach whom I no longer respect. Taking a selfie on the walk-in sad it all. .

  44. KB 09:33am, 08/25/2015

    Ivan Goldman, one of my favorite writers thinks like me or maybe that’s the other way around.

  45. Sean Ness 09:31am, 08/25/2015

    I will for ever be a fan of Pacquiao despite the result with Mayweather. You’re bang on the money Ted in regards to scrolling past an article in relation to Pacman and despite being a fan, I’m no fool. His injury and recovery hasn’t washed with me.

  46. FrankinDallas 09:26am, 08/25/2015

    Manny is a hero in the Philipines because he was never captured by
    the enemy. He’s lost my respect by his post fight whining.

    Personally I’m a little tired of Freddie Roache’s tirades.

  47. Don from Prov 08:39am, 08/25/2015

    I liked Manny as a featherweight—

    and in sporadic moments since: won’t really miss Pac or Floyd

  48. Tyler Adams 07:16am, 08/25/2015

    He had the injury and normally would have postponed the fight but because of the monstrous amount of money involved and knowing he would never get Floyd again, he proceeded with the fight and defrauded the public.  Floyd did exactly what the film showed he would do,  run, shoulder roll, and move, nothing new in this fight.  The Hagler/Leonard fight was way closer than this, a split decision, and Hagler complaining was way more legitimate than Pacquiao.  Leonard did wait until Hagler had faded some just like he did with Hearns II and Macho Camacho,  where he got KTFO.

  49. Mike Casey 06:52am, 08/25/2015

    Have always been a fan of Pac, but he didn’t beat Mayweather and really shouldn’t have engaged mouth before brain by claiming he did. Mind you, it’s a great shame that both boys had to frig about for an eternity before agreeing to get it on. Leonard and Duran put them both in the shade in more ways than one!

  50. Eric 06:48am, 08/25/2015

    Reminds me a great deal of Hagler after the Leonard fight. Leonard, like Floyd, waited until his opponent had slipped enough and became beatable. Hagler’s whining and complaining even convinced some fans that he actually won the fight. How anyone thinks Hagler won that fight is beyond me, and I was rooting for Hagler. This fight was talked about for so long and Floyd was the guy that Manny had to beat to become the greatest fighter of his generation. This fight will probably haunt Manny a long time, like the Leonard fight did Hagler. Had the Floyd-Manny fight taken place a few years earlier, the outcome could have been different, same with the Leonard-Hagler fight from years ago.

  51. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:04am, 08/25/2015

    Ted Sares-One word that describes your work is fresh….which reminds me….I can relate to the Filipino people idolizing Manny….better him than Ferdinand and Imelda. Strictly from a boxing standpoint, I am in awe of the way he has come back from his crushing and devastating KO loss to Marquez. BTW do you think for a minute that the Mexican boxing fans give two shitz that Marquez was juiced to the gills when he did the deed….he’s their guy baby and he won and that’s all that matters.

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