Manny Pacquiao’s Core Business

By Ted Sares on June 5, 2012
Manny Pacquiao’s Core Business
Like streams that flow from a single river, every Renaissance man needs a core activity

“The fight was not that hard for me but I was having some family problems…I was in 100 percent physical condition for that fight against Marquez but I did have some family issue that I had to deal with I also underestimated him.”—Manny Pacquiao

Between being a busy congressional representative from the Sarangani province to a less than compelling singer/musician, Manny (54-3-2) has now added a new dimension to his many facets. The family man/boxing legend has now embraced the Bible making The Good Book his path for living life. He even “contributed,” albeit a bit sanctimoniously, to the debate on same-sex marriage.

However, like streams that flow from a single river, every Renaissance man needs a core activity and in Manny’s case, that activity is boxing and winning. If he doesn’t do that, the streams will dry out.

Timothy Bradley’s confidence has been sky high but that might be false bravado. Still, Manny must focus on his core business. This means purging himself of issues related to the now jailed Floyd Mayweather Jr. and matters related to possible camp dissension.

Bradley (28-0) has been a world champion since 2008, but outside of hardcore boxing fans, he has pretty much flown under the radar. This is his once in a lifetime opportunity.

Can Bradley, who has been known to be a billy goat at times, beat Pac-Man or will we see the old Pacquiao again? The thinking here is no way can Bradley win. Heck, he is the same guy who eked out a victory over Junior Witter and most recently beat a totally shot and possibly high Joel Casamayor. He also got decked twice by Kendall “Rated R” Holt in 2009.  Between 2007 and 2011, “Desert Storm” had ten fights and only his last one (in 2011) ended in a true stoppage. 

Manny’s last fight was against Juan Manuel Marquez. Marquez is no Casamayor. And Marquez is no Kendall Holt. Look for Pac-Man to stick to what he does best and enter the ring with the focus of someone who knows what his core business is all about.

More later.

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Pacquiao’s Core Business

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  1. The Thresher 11:59am, 06/05/2012

    Tex, that’s what I think as well.

  2. TEX HASSLER 06:17pm, 06/04/2012

    Bradley is tailor-made for Pac Man’s style and will probably not last too long. It is great to have confidence but it is better to have great skill, speed and punching power. Pac Man has more than an edge there. Great article Mr Sares.

  3. raxman 05:22pm, 06/04/2012

    don from prov -exactly! how do you underestimate the guy who has been your greatest nemesis by far. the guy who has won more rounds against you - then you against him.
    there is no old or new manny. he is the same fighter he has always been. match make him against fighters that stand their ground or come fwd and he’ll destroy. hence the regular matching of that sort of fighter. if bradley comes at pac he’ll be beaten up. if he uses his boxing skills and fights off the back foot a lot of the fight Pac will have a tough night.
    JMM’s last outing provided a blueprint for beating pac. as close as the other two fights were this one clearly illustrated how to disarm the pac arsenal. i can’t believe the bradley camp wont follow that blueprint to the letter.

  4. The Thresher 03:00pm, 06/04/2012

    “Bradley’s no killer, but he tries hard,” Roach said, according to the Associated Press. “Manny should eat him up as he comes forward. I think Manny should look really good in this fight.
    “If he looks bad, he retires. At least I’ll tell him to. And he may be the first one who will listen to me.”

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 11:04am, 06/04/2012

    Robert Ecksel-“billy goat”.....ah yes….but a technically brilliant billy goat….there’s a big difference there….at least for some.

  6. Don from Prov 09:03am, 06/04/2012

    Dear Mr. Manny—
    Your problem with Marquez was…Marquez.

    Same as it was before
    And same as it will be if you fight again.

  7. dollarbond 07:24am, 06/04/2012

    Bingo.  You hit it on the head-no pun intended.

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