Manny Steward on Maravilla

By Robert Ecksel on March 18, 2012
Manny Steward on Maravilla
"It was fantastic. The way he made his adjustments and came was totally phenomenal."

With Madison Square Garden still abuzz after Sergio’s 11th round demolition of Matthew Macklin, HBO’s troika took to the floor to answer questions. I saw Manny Steward and made my way through the crowd to ask what he thought of Martinez’s performance.

“I thought it was a fantastic performance,” he said excitedly. “The way he made his adjustments and came was just totally phenomenal. To me that was his best performance. Forget Williams, because that was one punch with both of them punching at the same time and one guy had a better angle on his head. But I think Macklin brought the best out of Sergio and made him live up and show his championship qualities. I’m very, very impressed by his performance.”

Even though he was on the losing end, Macklin gave a good showing of himself.

“Macklin fought a good fight, but after three or four rounds he was mentally exhausted. I could see that, more so than even physically. The movement, dancing in and out…even though he was doing good, he was mentally drained.”

The excitement in the Garden was palpable, even as the fight was fading from view. I asked Steward where he would rate Martinez pound-for-pound after his great performance over Macklin.

“When you look at the kind of guys he’s been fighting, he’s got to be up there. But I would have to say, based on consistent performance going back the last seven years, I’m going with Manny Pacquiao, because he’s been with the best. Maybe he didn’t look so great in his last fight with Marquez, but everybody has had one style or fighter that gave them trouble. Ali had the same thing with Kenny Norton and Joe Frazier. But overall he’s been fighting the best. So number three is where I think Sergio should be.”

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  1. FrankinDallas 08:01am, 03/19/2012

    This is why champs need to pick good challengers….so that they get challenged! This brings out the best in champs….always has.

  2. the thresher 04:49am, 03/19/2012

    CharlieN’s dad was a great fighter back in the day and participated in one of the greatest Pier 6 brawls in boxing history.


  3. Don from Prov 04:45am, 03/19/2012

    Enjoy seeing these reports from “out live in the world”: They add to the prestige of the site IMO.  Good stuff, Mr. Ecksel!

  4. Robert Ecksel 03:59am, 03/19/2012

    Thank you CharlieN. It’s much appreciated.

  5. CharlieN 08:10pm, 03/18/2012

    Great Job,Robert !! on getting a comment from Emanual Steward after the fight. Forget the chuckleheads Merchant & Lampley on HBO—the only way HBO stays on even keel is by bringing in the great experts from the Ring. Steward has always been spot on in his analysis of fighters coming into the Ring. Though one might have to wonder how much shilling he has to do for the network-he seems to be speaking from his brain and what his boxing years have taught him. One has to consider Steward the prime catch for TV analysis-whatever show he is on, and your piece has brought out good info on the fighters and where Martinez stands today. Great job to head in the other direction rather than get the cliches from the fighters camps.

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