Marcos Maidana unanimously outpoints Adrien Broner

By Ryan O'Hara on December 14, 2013

Marcos Maidana overpowered and overwhelmed Adrien Broner to snag the WBA Welterweight title, knocking Broner down twice, and cruising to a unanimous decision points victory Saturday evening. at the Alamodome.

The build-up to the fight, was clearly the trash talking. Adrien Broner, once again, provided the trash talking. Broner knew of Maidana’s convincing punching power coming into the bout. Broner, described this fight, as, “His biggest fight.” However, Broner, also said, “I can’t really trash talk with someone who doesn’t speak English. All I can say is that I hope he is at 100%. I never get the credit I deserve. And when I win this fight December 14, which I will, I don’t want any excuses. The guys Maidana has fought, he’s been able to hit; he’s got to me first.”

It sounds like a younger Floyd Mayweather Jr., does it not? Adrien Broner proved tonight that he is certainly no Floyd Mayweather. We have that pretty much set in stone. Marcos Maidana was dominant, handing Broner his first professional defeat in his 28th professional bout. Broner, unfortunately, did not stick around for post-fight interviews. After the judges’s scores of 115-110, 116-109, and 117-109 were read, Broner quickly left the ring with his team, to a loud chorus of boos. The boos were well deserved, but Broner is still a young fighter. He still has plenty of fights left. A true champion, as Floyd Mayweather said on Twitter this evening, “can take a loss and bounce back.”

Maidana (35-3), immediately came forward at Broner. Broner, notorious for showboating the first couple of rounds, quickly found himself in trouble, as Maidana slammed Broner with 26 punches in the first round, while Broner was only able to land 6. Maidana’s overhand right landed with immense impact, as Broner, stumbling and confused, struggled to survive the first round.

Broner, found himself in a very unfamiliar position, trapped against the ropes and being pounded by powerful combinations, at the hands of Maidana. The second round was more of the same. However, Broner got caught napping, as Maidana landed a swinging left hook, that landed flush, sending Broner crashing into the ropes.

According to Showtime punch statistics, Maidana landed an incredible 57 punches in the opening two rounds. Broner only managed to land 13, which means he only landed 7 punches in the second round alone. Maidana landed 31 punches in the second round.

As Maidana tried to regain the energy he had exonerated the opening two rounds, Broner began to find his rhythm. Well, sort of. Broner was trading punches with Maidana for the next five rounds, but also was frequently clinching. It seemed to me that Broner didn’t really want to be in the ring at this point of the fight.

In the eighth round, Maidana went on the attack, hitting Broner with a strong left to the midsection, followed by another overhand right, which caught Broner once again, sending him to the floor for the second time of the fight.

Things then got interesting, but not in a good way. Adrien Broner faked a headbutt, in a move that made Clint Bowyer look like a potential Oscar winner, and rolled on the canvas repeatedly. As the crowd booed, Broner remained in a corner for the next three minutes before action would resume. As Paulie Malignaggi put it, “He was looking for a way out.”

It didn’t affect the way Maidana was fighting. Maidana, once again, caught Broner with another vicious combination, as Broner showed an evident flaw with his defense all night long. Many analysts, including myself, scored Round 9, a 10-8 round. Broner was getting pounded and not punching back. Broner was able to recover in the 10th round, but was not able to land anything significant.

With the loss, Broner falls to 27-1 and his future is certainly up in the air. With the way he acted following the fight, it doesn’t seem like Adrien Broner is taking the loss too well. In the end, this may be a life-changing lesson for Adrien Broner. We all certainly hope so. His antics in the ring, especially the dry humping that occurred earlier in the fight, was simply disturbing. I tip my hat to Marcos Maidana. He is a classy guy. Maidana has no problem with granting Broner a rematch, although, I think the fans would be open to the idea of Maidana fighting either Keith Thurman (who stopped Jesus Soto Karass this evening) , Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao, or perhaps Danny Garcia. With the loss, Adrien Broner may might want to move down to 140 lbs. He didn’t look amazing in his fight against Paulie Malignaggi either and maybe, like Canelo Alvarez, was put in these big prizefight scenarios, too early in his career. It’ll be interesting to see what Broner has in store in the future. He is still very young. We all hope he can bounce back from this defeat and he certainly has the tools to do so.

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