Mariusz Wach on Steroids

By Robert Ecksel on December 3, 2012
Mariusz Wach on Steroids
"Wach did not fall easily," said Klitschko after the fight. "And I did everything I could."

When big, bad Mariusz Wach fought Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg on Nov. 10, he promised to blow the house down. He did not. He managed to last the 12-round distance and absorbed untold shots to the face and head. But the Viking Warrior to his credit didn’t fold.

“Mariusz Wach did not fall easily,” said Klitschko after the fight. “And I did everything I could.”

So apparently did Wach.

According to Bild, Thomas Puetz, President of the Federation of German Professional Boxing, “We investigated the samples of both boxers from the Cologne Institute for Biochemistry. We were notified that a sample is positive.”

That was the A sample belonging to Mariusz Wach.

Before the test results were announced, the German press were respectfully calling Wach “Kinn Kong,” which sounds better in German than English (“Chin Kong”).

There’s no telling what they will call him now.

Should the results of the B sample come back positive, Chin Kong faces a one-year suspension.

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  1. Eric 07:42pm, 12/06/2012

    Agreed that Wlad’s physique surely isn’t unusual for a professional boxer who trains constantly. Given Wlad’s genetics he would probably be slimmer albeit still lean and muscular even if he didn’t have to train like a Spartan. The Klitschko brothers unlike most boxers actually gain weight when training for a fight so their “natural” weight is actually lighter than their fighting weight.

  2. Jethro Tull 11:41am, 12/05/2012

    Holyfield weighed just over 210lbs at the best of times and that’s not a lot for a man of his height at just over 6 feet 2.

    His punching power, deadly at cruiserweight, wasn’t the greatest against big heavyweights.

    It’s not farcical in any way and neither is Wlad’s physique.

  3. Eric 01:12pm, 12/03/2012

    Judging by the photo that accompanies this article it looks like Wlad’s physique would be more suspect to steroid usage. One thing people need to consider is that a lot of boxers like football players, wrestlers, or MMA fighters are “natural” mesomorphs to begin with and that is one reason why they excel in “contact” sports. Look at some of the old-timers like Jim Jeffries, Tom Sharkey, or the 5’ 1 1/2” Joe Walcott who sported 16” biceps. These antiquated fighters trained back before steroids existed and when a fighter’s trainer would break his arms if he caught him near a weight room. Sure steroids have found there way in boxing but it’s getting to the point that anyone who sports a physique more impressive than a 12-year-old stamp collector is guilty of steroid usage somehow. Boxing has always had fighters with muscular physiques long before steroids or even weights were something used in a fighter’s routines.  I think Holyfield’s physique change wasn’t really that dramatic from a slimmed down light heavyweight to a chiseled 210lb heavyweight. You have to figure he was walking around at about 190lbs even when he was a light heavy and probably close to a natural “in shape” 200lbs when he fought as a 190lb cruiserweight.

  4. Mike Casey 08:46am, 12/03/2012

    How do we judge the honesty of fighters any more, Robert? You look at many of these guys, and no amount of gym work can add up to the amount of body bulk you see. Holy’s physical transition from cruiser to heavy was farcical. So how can we accurately judge his achievements as a heavyweight? We just can’t trust what we see these days. Perhaps they will all suddenly disintegrate in one great explosion of flesh and false padding, and then we can start again. But you’ve got to hand it to them - they’re really BIG!!

  5. the thresher 07:37am, 12/03/2012

    Wach should be used as a lab rat for other fighters to test their punching power.

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