Marquez Asks $20m to Fight Manny

By Matt McGrain on April 16, 2013
Marquez Asks $20m to Fight Manny
Pacquiao wasn't just beaten by Juan Manuel Marquez, he was very nearly decapitated.

Juan Manuel Marquez has demanded $20 million to face bitter rival Manny Pacquiao for a fifth time, according to Mexican newspaper Esto.

Fresh from his meat-cleaver sixth round knockout of Pacquiao, the Mexican legend has developed what some might say is an over-established sense of his own worth, but it is actually reasonably consistent policy for Marquez, all be it on a larger scale. He turned down a much smaller figure to box Pacquiao for a second time in 2005, choosing instead to go and box Chris John for a relative pittance in Indonesia in 2006, dropping a decision that remains the subject of some debate. Marquez has always been of the opinion that boxing Pacquiao was worth rather more than boxing mere mortals.

He will turn forty before any fight with the Filipino can be made and has been warily eyeing retirement under apparent pressure from his family, but Marquez still has that warrior look—it seems that the twenty million figure is something of a compromise, with his ego, with his wife, with himself. If they want him, let them pay, if they don’t, perhaps some other victim and then retirement. Certainly as far as “taking advice” goes, those days seem to be over.

“I will not allow myself to move forward based on what a promoter or other people say,” the 62-fight veteran announced recently, ahead of any possible meeting with Bob Arum. The new message is clearly that he can be led, but only for an astronomical price. Will Top Rank pay it? Well they paid Marquez $6 million last time around and Pacquiao is supposedly talking of a twenty million minimum himself. You don’t have to be an MIT graduate to know what that does to Uncle Bob’s bottom line and with cheaper options—including a less expensive Timothy Bradley, currently without an opponent, and the possibility (however slim) of a Robert Guerrero victory over Floyd Mayweather to consider—this fight certainly wouldn’t be the veteran promoter’s first choice. The answer probably lies in the answer to a different question, namely how well Manny Pacquiao is sleeping at night?

He wasn’t just beaten by Marquez, he was very nearly decapitated. In twenty years there will be two Pacquiao highlights indelibly burned upon the fight-fan’s consciousness, that of Ricky Hatton seemingly deboned by a Manny special, and Manny, knocked out just as dangerously and brutally by his definitive rival—a man many insist he has yet to beat clean. Pacquiao seems to be genuinely at peace with himself these days thanks to his discovering a new role for religion in his life, but it is hard to imagine such a devastating knockout loss sitting well with him. 

If he gets hurt, I can’t help but think that Marquez has earned it. That sounds ridiculous given the arch of boxing’s popularity and in the light of a wider western economy perched dangerously on the rim of a toilet, but if it is true for anyone it is true for Juan Manuel. He was chiseled out of the Barrera-Morales dynamic early in his career and made bad moves after his amazing draw in his first contest with Pacquiao and if there are tens of millions to be made, why should he not benefit to the fullest financially given the result of the last fight?

“Obviously Manny deserves more,” Freddie Roach told The Sweet Science last week. “Marquez deserves something but not fifty-fifty.”

At a guess, that’s a negotiation.

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  1. chris 01:48pm, 04/19/2013

    I read all these comments an you guys dont know shit about boxing economy…KNOCKING SOMEONE OUT DOESNT MEAN UR GONNA MAKE THE UPSIDE OF THE CASH, if you dont have the commercial appeal ur still gonna make 1-2
    Million at most….just fucking watch marquez vs bradley, marquez make 2 maybe 3 million, unlike pacquiao who will make regardless of opponent 15million +......ITS NOT ABOUT WIN LOSE RECORDS U MINDLESS FOS ITS ABOUT UR COMMERCIAL APPEAL GET UR MINDS RIGHT I REFER YOU TO MIKE TYSON TOWARDS HIS END OF CAREER MAKING 3X WHAT HIS OPPONENTS MADE WIN LOSE OR DRAW..

  2. chris 01:44pm, 04/19/2013

    Marquez fans can yap all they want,without pacquiao hes a 1-3million fighter….pacquiao can make 15+million without marquez so tell me how marquez deserves 20…regardless of the ko in the series its still 2-1-1, am not a judge nor is anyone here thats what it id regardless of opinions….marquez gonna fight bradley prolly make 2million….fight purses arent just about win loses ratio, its also about public appeal an commercial success just ask mike tyson who even when he was losing made twice what his opponents made….a lot of u yall dont kno shit about the business side of boxing purses are big when the fighter brings a lot of economics into the equation last i check floyd and pac still the biggest stars in the success….trash talk means nuttin marquez without pac isnt gonna make a lot so i dont see the point

  3. Don from Prov 01:51pm, 04/18/2013

    This = he doesn’t (as he has stated) want to fight MP again.
    He was being whupped and landed a bomb—

    Right thing to do is a rematch.

  4. Paul 04:18am, 04/18/2013

    milra puzcor, why would you call Marquez’s KO ‘questionable’. I just find it laughable that someone can leave a comment here questioning Marquez’s performance. This really is the self-entitled little world of opinions we live in isn’t it? And regarding PEDs, most pro-athletes use in some way or another, and Manny himself is no stranger to accusations (and sent many to the hospital through this period), so please, give a man his dues. I applause Marquez for finishing the 4th fight. Especially after he put in so much into the previous 3 (hardly getting outclassed, losing by only a margin, if at all). The 5th is so irrelevant that I can understand Marquez’s demand. And this is now Pacquiao’s obsession. Marquez knows that it means much more to Manny than it ever will to himself (he’s happy with the result so far). Manny has unfinished business, it’s all business after all.  People get so emotional on this issue. Marquez is a warrior. He’s almost 40 and still at it.

  5. milra puzcor 05:39am, 04/17/2013

    What? After a very questionable one punch KO? Marquez was not able to knock down pacquaio after 3 fights without angel PED heredia. One thing’s for sure. Marquez is over pricing himself because he doesn’t want to undergo stricter drug testing before the 5th fight. Pacquiao can earn $20 or more even without Marquez. Marquez can’t earn that amount without Pacquiao even if he fights for 10 more years. Stop this nonsense.

  6. Michael 03:53am, 04/17/2013

    I really do not understand where Marquezes logic is. Pacquiao rose up in boxing out of his heart sweat and dedication and had been a boxing hero for his previous fights in different division. How come Marquez is now demanding more when he had not annihilate opponents like Hatton, Cotto, Margacheato (like him), Mosley and other names? He must first win with Chris John of Indonesia before he asks much. Pacquiao had beaten better fighters in his dreams and now he is dreaming to have a good payday out of “cheat” hahahahahaha. Wake up Marquez come to the world of being logical. At least know your worth and fight the best and maybe it will be building much more so that it will not be insane to ask more….... Oh you are already in the forties I guess so retire now for you are way too old to fight in this division now or maybe fight Pacman again…...

  7. regina 11:30pm, 04/16/2013

    Marquez beat Pacquiao just once while Pac beat the Power-pee drinker twice.
    Macau or Manila will pay 25M$ for Pacquiao regardless of scheduled opponent & would howl at Marquez to just go home & retire with his Trainer Ped Heredia.

  8. mar 11:20pm, 04/16/2013

    No, Marquez does not deserve 20M. People are watching the fight because of an explosive manny that could match marquez style. Nobody will watch marquez fighting the likes of timothy bradley same as clottey but pacquiao proved that he’s a superstar attracting legion of fans around the globe when fighting these fighters. Marquez-Diaz is a flop same as Marquez - Casamayor. So where in the hell marquez deserves a big slice of the pie?

  9. luvbrothel 08:40pm, 04/16/2013

    What would be best for boxing now is if all the Filipino fighters just disappeared, because once they lose, their fans unleash a torrid avalanche of slander and insults at their conquers like petty sore losers.  It’s truly disgusting. 

    Yes, Marquez deserves $20 million.  Pacquiao does not.  Pacquiao hasn’t looked good since he was a lightweight, and if memory serves me right, he got KTFO his last fight.  Why get rewarded for that?

  10. ethel 08:14pm, 04/16/2013

    No more Marquez-Pacquiao 5th fight. Pacquiao has to go in a different direction and not succumb to Marquez’s demands. Marquez is a very dangerous fighter right now because of Memo Heredia and whatever illegal they do will never be found out. So Pacquiao should fight other fighters his size as fighting big opponents in the past took a toll in his body. He is truly a small fighter who walks around at around 148-149. He is so much at a disadvantage fighting present fighters who fight in a much, much lower weight division to gain an advantage.

  11. boxmeister 06:54pm, 04/16/2013

    JMM deserves to demand 20 million.  He endeavored to defeat his perennial conqueror in Pacquiao who got very careless in his KO pursuit.  Although I am for Pacquiao, their next fight will result in the same KO and it will be over permanently for Pacquiao. who needs to retire before there is dignity left.

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