Marquez Defeats Alvarado

By Ryan O'Hara on May 17, 2014
Marquez Defeats Alvarado

Juan Manuel Marquez and Mike Alvarado, two boxers coming off tough losses, went to battle this evening at The Forum in Inglewood, California, for the right to challenge Manny Pacquiao for his WBO Welterweight title.

When they entered the ring, Alvarado appeared much bigger, but it was clear early on that Marquez had the superior boxing skills and the fans to back him up, serenading him. Marquez replied by landing several straight right hands in the first that sent the pro-Marquez crowd in a roar.

At the beginning of the third round, the counter straight right hands began to land for Marquez, who made Alvarado look silly. Alvarado was fighting at a slower pace, missing wildly with his right. At this point, Marquez had begun to dominate Alvarado.

In the fourth round, Alvarado began to come forward at Marquez. Marquez, being the defensive master that he is, countered Alvarado’s hooks with blistering combinations. Whenever Alvarado managed to land something meaningful, Marquez could take that away in a heartbeat. At one point, Alvarado finally was able to get Marquez into the corner. Hesitant to land a punch, Alvarado was unable to capitalize, eating a three punch combination, as Marquez spun away from danger.

As each round progressed, Marquez seemed to only get better. In the sixth, Marquez capitalized on a stationary Alvarado, snapping his head back with powerful uppercuts and combinations.

It seemed that Marquez was on cruise control, biding his time. In the eighth round, Alvarado seemed to be getting better, before Marquez landed a crushing straight right hand that sent Alvarado crashing into the ropes. As Alvarado got back onto his feet, he seemed baffled, confused, and lost.

Marquez began the ninth round on a furious onslaught, banging shots against the face of Alvarado. It seemed that Alvarado was going to head to another stoppage loss, but things got interesting! All of a sudden, a straight right hand put Marquez on the canvas, reminiscent to Paul Williams-Sergio Martinez I, as both fighters traded knockdowns in the fight. An infuriated Marquez landed a 5 punch combination to the head of Alvarado in retaliation and finished the round strong.

Despite the knockdown, Alvarado was still far behind on the scorecards, needing a knockout to defeat Marquez. In the final three rounds, Marquez landed the harder, crisper punches.

Alvarado seemingly took the the final round off. I scored the bout 117-109 in favor of Marquez. Two out of the three judges also scored it 117-109, with the third judge scoring it 119-108 in favor of Marquez. Overall, it was a fantastic fight.

Bob Arum said after the bout that Manny Pacquiao’s next bout will be in China and Marquez will be offered the fight if he wants it. What do you think? Will Marquez take the fight? In my opinion, I think Marquez wants that WBO belt before he retires. Pacquiao-Marquez V The Final Frontier seems to be in the works! It should be an electric bout.

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Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Mike Alvarado: HBO World Championship Boxing Highlights

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  1. JuicyPeach 12:17pm, 05/19/2014

    Marquez was fighting like the champ he is. It truly was a great fight. Alvarado was a warrior; but was not able to get off like he should. I think Alvarado may have trained too hard and was looking for the one-punch knock out. Mile High absorbed way too many punches. I hope he will go to the doctor to make sure he is alright. He took way too many head shots. His face took a pounding and it showed greatly.

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